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Goddess, pilot, surfer, Marine | Aviation, Intell, Military analyst | photographer | Facts are sexy | Justice for Ukraine 🇺🇦 | #Antifascist

Post updates from sources in Ukraine, from active military and citizens in the country.

#aviation #science #weather #wx #Intelligence #military #CivilLiberties #legal #law #justice #politics #uspol #osint #Ukraine #nato #EU

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KGB Stasi fluffer Vladimir Putin was a Russian spy, here he is in East Germany from 1985-1990. He learned a few psychological warfare methods over the years.

What words best describe, to better understand him?

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What best describes Vladimir Putin?

skykiss, to Ukraine
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24-hour: 1,210 dead invaders 🙌

Russian losses, 24 Feb 2022–19 May 2024:

492,290 personnel dead
7576 tanks
14630 APVs
12687 artillery systems
1074 MLRS
803 air defence systems
354 aircraft
326 helicopters
10155 UAVs
2204 cruise missiles
26 ships/boats
1 submarine
17251 vehicles/fuel trucks
2077 special equipment

#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine
#arrestputin #warcrimes

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#MagaMike Johnson was the chief whip for Donald Trump.
#Maga Mike Johnson led the efforts to overturn our election. He is anti-choice. He blocks our border security. He lies for criminal Donald Trump. He supports conversion therapy. Mike Johnson is a deranged white christian nationalist aka American nazi.

Johnson’s insane dominionist Christian nationalism, aka fascism dictates that the bible should drive decisions in government and white supremacists will rule over you and our treasury.

#StopMagaExtremism #whitesupremacists #fasism #vote #election


skykiss, to Ukraine
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Did putins' psychological warfare conquer you?

skykiss, to Ukraine
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‘Hunter Biden’ Disinfolklore has convulsed Republicans for 4-years now. It’s Ruschia’s Main Axis / Access of control over American politics.

Now we learn from an FBI indictment of a Russian oligarch spreading lies about Hunter Biden: Hunter has never even been to Ukraine.

America needs to Take Back Control by arming Ukraine.

Ukraine has been, unbeknownst to those falling for Ruschist Disinfolklore, at the epicentre of American politics for a decade.

Trump was impeached for withholding weaponry from Ukraine. The House traitor Mike Johnson forced vacation to avoid arming Ukraine. 2016 & 2020 elections were hacked by Putin delivering a Trump victory in 2016.

Ruschia’s decades old ‘Don’t Poke Bear’ troll has haunted powerful policy, lawmakers for a decade - all aimed at helping Ruschia succeed in Ukraine by hacking the brains of powerful Americans.

Ensuring succeeds in expelling the Russian-Fascist=Ruschists from 100% of Ukraine is the means US of restoring Good Governance inside its own territory.


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Seditious "MAGA Biden impeachment witness indicted - he’s a Russian oligarch.

‘Hunter Biden’ troll was created by Ruschia to stop President Biden’s election AND to provide content to MAGA Republicans in their war against the United States.

US senators and congresspersons promoted evidence by Russian oligarch Smirnoff in its campaign to get Biden impeached.

Now Smirnof has been indicted by a Grand Jury after the Trump appointed Special Counsel found that Hunter Biden had never even been to Ukraine. Yet, Smirnoff alleged he’d seen Hunter Biden in Ukraine taking a bribe of $5m for his father. This was/is the basis for US Republicans in the Congress’s doomed attempt to impeach @potus.

America will never be free, until Ruschia is expelled from and defeated in "

🧵 from Decoding Trolls


The indictment alleges that in March 2017, Smirnov reported to an FBI Agent that he had had a phone call with the owner of Ukrainian industrial conglomerate Burisma Holdings, Limited concerning Burisma’s interest in acquiring a U.S. company and making an initial public offering (IPO) on a U.S.-based stock exchange. Inreporting that conversation to the FBI Agent, Smirnov also noted that Businessperson 1, Public Official 1’s son, was a member of Burisma’s Board, a fact that was publicly known. The indictment alleges that Smirnov provided no information.
Three years later, in June 2020, the indictment alleges that Smirnov reported, for the first time, two meetings in 2015 and/or 2016. As alleged in the indictment, Smirnov falsely claimed that during these meetings, executives associated with Burisma, admitted to him that they hired Businessperson 1 to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems,” and later that they had specifically paid $5 million each to Public Official 1and Businessperson 1, when Public Official 1 was still in office, so that “[Businessperson 1] will take care of all those issues through his dad,” referring to a criminal investigation being conducted by the then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General into Burisma and to “deal with [the then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General].” As alleged in the indictment, the events that Smirnov first reported to the FBI Agent in June 2020 were fabrications. In truth and fact, the defendant had contact with executives from Burisma in 2017, after the end of the administration when Public Official 1 had no ability to influence U.S. policy and after the Ukrainian Prosecutor General had been fired in February 2016. The indictment alleges that the defendant transformed his routine and unextraordinary business contacts with Burisma in 2017 and later into bribery allegations agains: Official 1 after expressing bias against Publica 1and his presidential candidacy. & justice.gov
As further alleged in the indictment, when he was interviewed by FBIl agents in September 2023, Smirnov repeated some of his false claims, changed his story as to other of his claims, and promoted a new false narrative after he said he met with Russian officials. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors. Court documents and information for this case is located on the website of the District Court for the Central District of California or on PACER= by searching for Case No. 2:24-cr-00091. An indictment contains allegations that a defendant has committed a crime. Every defendant is presumed to be innocent until and unless proven guilty iné Updated February 15, 2024 Y\ @ justice.gov @

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How MAGA Began.

Steve Bannon and Chris Wylie created Cambridge Analytica (CA) Funded by fascist oligarchs who share the same ideology of using fake "traditionalist"/family values tropes to gain power.

In 2014 Cambridge Analytica began setting up fb Groups using issues to lure unsuspecting punters who are high on the Neurotic and low on the Consciousness OCEAN psychological spectrum.

When a group was large enough, Cambridge Analytica brought the group together In Real Life. In communities all over America.

They used long-tested Ruschian combat propaganda techniques to ignite division in crowds of people who became hooked, and these are the people who form MAGA & invaded the Capitol on Jan 6th.

Kremlin loyal Firtash, awaiting extradition to the U.S. from Vienna where he was arrested in March 2014, who funded Trump Campaign Manager Manafort's ten-year-long pro Russia project in Ukraine sat on Cambridge Analytica's parent company board.


skykiss, (edited )
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Putin saw things differently: Ruschia launched its war against America because he felt he should have a frictionless journey to murdering or enslaving hundreds of millions of Europeans (including Ukrainians).

We have the receipts for when Ruschia began the entire Hunter Biden troll, for example. The Hunter Biden troll is one of Ruschia's main organising fictions that sucked in Americans and was supposed to deliver a second Trump administration.

The incantation "Hunter Biden" which led to Trump's first impeachment is 100% the product of a Ruschian combat operation.

It's now so solidly a part of the minds of many fascist-republican Americans you could be mistaken for thinking there's something magical about it: it's not magical. Just "Cause" and "Effect" working in diabolical symphony using Ruschist Disinfolklore injected into the bloodstream of America. Derkach the Russian agent who started executing the Hunter operation is under US indictment but he is still at large.


Putin kurva

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I recognise the family resemblance and MANA of Ruschist Disinfolklore in MAGA because as a diplomat I worked in Russia-occupied Ukraine for three years. My job was to collect and analyse what I now recognise as Russian Disinfolklore. It is identical to Trump-Brexit Disinfolklore. And I have invented "Counter Disinfolklore: Controlling War Magic" as an antidote to the nonsense. Counter Disinfolklore empowers us to see patterns in Disinfolklore, and to design Counter Disinfolklore. Like this. https://disinfolklore.substack.com/p/counter-disinfolklore

The result of this operation is what we see today in American GOP: them falling over one another to abandon the International Legal order introduced after the Holocaust.

American and Russian oligarchs are united in their cynical use of equality issues (women's right to choose; equal marriage; trans equality) as tools to provoke division, and win power through.

So, Ukraine is central to everything we see in geopolitics today, including the future prosperity of America.


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Excerpts from chrisinsilico mea culpa, Mindfuck. He was in the room when MAGA and all this nonsense began. What Unites Ruscism, Axis of Misogyny, Paleo-Conservative & Anti-Woke campaigns?

They want to destroy the post-World War II legal order.

The consensus that aspiration towards equality of opportunity for everyone is the ONLY legitimate goal for democratic societies.

Anti-Equality rhetoric's Other categories of humans: Women, Trans, Remainers, Immigrants, Ukrainians.

Then they use this Othering to win power to roll-back the legal order instituted after WWII.

These instruments are a total package. Any rhetoric proposing to unpick parts of this complex indicates ignorance or strategic goal of reversing the post-WWII legal order.

Genocide Convention.

Refugee Convention.

Laws of War.

Equality Conventions (ICCPR & ICESCR).

Human Rights laws.

Anti-Discrimination laws.

Putin's russian nazi apparatus is focussed on provoking division over the post-WWII legal order's preservation.

Putin suka khuylo

Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to B messages, to achieve maximum engagement. Now CA had users who (1) self- identified as part of an extreme group, (2) were a captive audience, and (3) could be manipulated with data. Lots of reporting on Cam- bridge Analytica gave the impres- sion that everyone was targeted. In fact, not that many people were tar- geted at all. CA didn’t need to create a big target universe, because most elections are zero-sum games: If you get one more vote than the other guy or girl, you win the elec- tion. Cambridge Analytica needed to infect only a narrow sliver of the population, and then it could watch the narrative spread. Once a group reached a certain number of members, CA would set up a physical event. CA teams would choose small venues—a cof- fee shop or bar—to make the crowd
feel larger. Let’s say you have a thousand people in a group, which is modest in Facebook terms. Even if only a small fraction shows up, that’s still a few dozen people. A group of forty makes for a huge crowd in the local coffee shop. Peo- ple would show up and find a fel- lowship of anger and paranoia. This naturally led them to feel like they were part of a giant movement, and it allowed them to further feed off one another’s paranoia and fears of conspiracy. Sometimes a Cam- bridge Analytica staffer would act as a “confederate”—a tactic com- monly used by militaries to stir up anxieties in target groups. But most of the time, these situations unfolded organically. The invitees were selected because of their traits, so Cambridge Analytica knew generally how they would react to one another. The meetings took place in counties all across the
Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to B United States, starting with the early Republican primary states, and people would get more and more fired up at what they saw as “us vs. them.” What began as their digital fantasy, sitting alone in their bedrooms late at night clicking on links, was becoming their new reali- ty. The narrative was right in front of them, talking to them, live in the flesh. Whether or not it was real no longer mattered; that it felt real was enough. Cambridge Analytica ultimately became a digitized, scaled, and automated version of a tactic the

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American fake christians, evangelical conservatives, oligarchs and extreme nationalists in England, France, Germany,... all are united.

They minimize the reversal of the legal order that was brought in to prevent another holocaust.

They say it's a "Cultural War."

No it's not. It's the restarting of the Second World War. They're trying to relitigate the peace settlement, in favour of today's most powerful humans.

Apart from everything else, their success in destroying the institutions which promote the realisation of equality of opportunity will entrench today's most powerful in position for perpetuity.

Or until a war.

Remember: Violations of human rights are trip-wire for conflict and war. Every war in history has been "justified" by human rights breaches. A more equal society is not just about culture. It's about a peaceful world.

Putin's Internet Research Agency created drove and initiated division in England and in USA that delivered Brexit and Trump.

"Brexit" was the Komromat.


Soviet active measures involving U.S. race relations during the civil-rights era took two forms: commissioning hate crimes and forging race-based hate letters. Both had the same strategic aim: to divide American society. Following violent riots in the summer of 1965 in a predominantly black district of Los Angeles, Andropov personally approved KGB active measures to exploit relations in other black communities in major U.S. cities. Taking inspiration from a similar KGB operation in West Germany,4? its New York residency paid American agents to paint swastikas
This Cultural War (Conservatives mystic traditionalists vs Transnational cosmopolitan elite) troll is used by Putin as War Magic: it conceals the base motivations for his war of pillaging and self-survival in labyrinthine layers of NONSENSE that earnest Putin-Understanders get trapped inside. They neuter themselves as they try to "understand" Putin's bogus history lessons. Putin laughs all the way to the torture chambers where he watches his torturers extricate toe nails from, say, Sri Lankan students or his soldiers castrating conscious Ukrainian soldiers.

skykiss, (edited )
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England's establishment was split into two by a Russian Active Measure operation. The pro-Brexit side became complicit in the conspiracy against English democracy that was constructed in Putin's IRA Petersburg troll factory.

The pro-Brexit side through Russian War Magic and its own complicity in the Great Brexit troll became willing to sacrifice England's constitution, cohesive society, reputation as creator and propagator of human rights and, even, its own food supply on the Altar of Putin's Brexit lies.

Similarly, Trump itself operates as the Russia-created kompromat in the USA.

Those who fell for the Trump Troll, rather than expose their own complicity in a Russian Active Measure, even today, defend the Jan 6th Coup and an criminal defendant, the biggest criminal in American history.

Americans were deceived by the Merchant of Death Putin's mind warfare. This highlights the weakness of Republicans, who succumb to the destructive forces of hatred & fascism.
🧵 8/

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General George S. Patton once said:
"The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, and therefore thinks deviously. From what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them." "In addition, the Russian has no regard for human life and is an all-out son of a bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk."

#RussiaIsATerroristState #ArrestPutin #RussianFascism

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Putin and the russian fascist Kremlin are greatly pleased by the fruits of their subversive labor.

They work to destroy America.

Nazi propagandist:

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"Do you see what is happening? Do you? Congressmen and women are going to New York for Trump to undermine our justice system and push MAGA to reject a guilty verdict.

Now they’re going after Merrick Garland…the US AG.

The coup is in motion. It never really stopped, but it’s running wide open.

They are conditioning the cult followers to cease believing that our judicial system…or our government, period…has any legitimacy. They are training them to reject law and order…and to disregard anyone but Trump and/or other MAGA leaders.

It’s all happening right now.

This…is not a drill."

Per jackhopkins

skykiss, to Ukraine
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Dispatch From an American in Ukraine:

My heart will always be with Ukraine and her people, I had the honor of sharing battlefields with some of the most courageous men I've ever known both from and abroad.

Some of whose faces and names you've heard me tell stories of, others whom will go unsung, many continue to fight, while some recover in hospitals, others are no longer with us. May we never forget those who gave all for what they saw as a better world. I will always raise a toast to those few men who run towards the fire, the terror, towards death, and not away from it. I commend all the women who are medics and those who fight, and I'll never forget the resolve and tireless work of these women. In the end, I just wish I had more power, I felt so helpless too often.

I watched a mother receive a flag for her only child I realized who really suffers the end, now millions of mothers mourn.

🧵 1/


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From an American in Ukraine, continued...

I saw many mass graves, driving by a Russian soldiers corpse face down in the mud feeling nothing, it was the job, a hard one. There was a need and those of us that came from different lands to help more often then not just wanted to fill that need, to help, to ease the suffering. To do rather then to speak of doing.



skykiss, to Ukraine
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In the Kherson region Ukraine, the invader Russians tried to land on the Dnieper islands. 7 occupiers became fodder for fish. 🙌



skykiss, to Ukraine
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From sunrise to 11pm on May 16, 114 combat engagements took place on the battlefront where fascist russia is invading Europe. Five of these battles are ongoing. Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operational information at 23:00 on 16 May 2024.


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BUTKER: Congrats on your useless diplomas, ladies now go be useful and pump out some babies

WOMEN: Once again this is why bears.

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A chilling curse to nemesis of humanity butker: May the shadows embrace him, and may his fate be sealed by the whispers of the abyss.


skykiss, to Law
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Why are we not enforcing the gag order?

Known liar Mike Johnson, Byron Donalds, Cory Mills, Doug Burgum & Vivek Ramaswamy hang around lower Manhattan to be trumps gag order gangsters.

Gag order prohibits trump from making comments about jurors / witnesses and also from causing others to make comments about the case, jury or court staff.

skykiss, (edited )
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Republican politicians who’ve appeared at the felony Trump criminal trial: “I see politicians running toward the sound of the sleaze because that's what their master is demanding them."

"You have to embrace the election denial, the lies, you have Mike Johnson using his position (House Speaker) to violate the gag order, to say things the Judge says, 'do not say.' You have to embrace the lies, you have to embrace the insurrection, you have to embrace the hush money to a porn star, the multiple affairs. You have to embrace the obstruction of Justice. You have to make yourself part of the obstruction of justice." "We need to remind everybody that this is not normal. This was unthinkable."

Republicans are a criminal organization. 🚨

#whitenationalist #fascism #crime #law #vote #election #2024Election

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Every move Republicans make at this point is aimed at undermining our justice system.

Several members of Congress from the Republican MAGA party, have traveled to NY to defend a man who's been charged with 37 counts under the Espionage Act, crimes against the United States of America.

They've gone to undermine our justice system. They are trying to impeach Merrick Garland, the US Attorney General, by calling his integrity into question while at the same time they are calling the integrity of our justice system, period, into question.

They are working diligently, feverishly, daily to prime their people to revolt in a bigger way than they did on January 6th in an even more violent way and in an even more widespread way.

Because when Donald loses the to President Biden, they want nothing but a “January 6th” on a massive scale because they are not going to accept the results of the election. They've told us so.

Nothing good is happening or coming from the Republican Party. It is the criminal party.

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"Elon Musk, David Sacks and their Russophile, Putin-loving friends want Ukraine to surrender. So do most Republicans.
So what does US intelligence say? It says Russia has lost 87% of the troops it started with. No wonder the GOP wants to defund Ukraine! How can it be assured of getting illegal foreign election assistance from the Kremlin for the third presidential election in a row if it doesn’t help Putin secure his genocidal colonial ambitions?
Never forget: Putin endangers the whole world." from-S.A.

Wanted war criminal Putin's destabilization tactics were working well in the US, now fully openly embraced by republicans.


#authoritarians #FascistGOP #putinstooges #coup

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War criminal Putin has made it clear he has only one plan for #Ukrainians, genocide.

In the video "10 Minutes of Hate: Russian lawmakers and propagandists explain what Russia wants to do to #Ukraine and Ukrainians."

The War criminal: "we will kill as many of you ..."

Next Russian war criminal says: "drown the children"

Remember the international court at the #Hague in 2023 issued an arrest warrant for vladimir putin for genocide of Ukrainians.


#ArmUkraine #arrestputin
#RussiaInvadedUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#RussianFasist #nazis

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    Boom. Jen Psaki just nailed it on the head on MSNBC, saying, "The real scandal is about the man who is currently second in line for the presidency."

    Listen to 's insurrectionist rantings and election lies. He is an election denier. He is a liar. He is a fraud. He is an insurrectionist.

    House speaker, has to go. This type of extremism has no place in public office. Let Americans see this fraud.

    The scandal is about the man who is currently second in line for the presidency." Listen to 's insurrectionist rantings and election lies. Mike Johnson is an election denier. He is a liar. He is a fraud. He is an insurrectionist.

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