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College Political #Anthropology Prof.
Sharing the Interesting. Not always my position.
Bees, Birds, Plants, or #kdrama slip in.
Argentine during World Cup.
Occasionally post in French or Spanish.
Migrated from the bird site in Oct ‘22 wave.
Avatar: Thinking Chimp
Header: Young Humpback whale diving in Montreal’s Old Port, first ever. 500 km off course. June 2020. Home: Tio’tia:ke, aka Montréal, Qc. CA

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AnnaAnthro, to TeslaMotors
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Elon #Musk sues #OpenAI for violating guiding principles in favor of profit after he invested in it.


AnnaAnthro, to Quebec
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Il n’y a pas vraiment 160 000 demandeurs d’asile au , affirme | Radio-Canada


AnnaAnthro, to random
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“Dune Genesis”

This essay was originally published in the July 1980 issue of Omni Magazine.

fans may not have had the opportunity to read Frank Herbert's description of creating his masterpiece.

And… Please… Watch Denis Villeneuve’s homage in cinemas. Feel the sound of the sandworms rumble through you!


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@fifilamoura Saw it in a big recliner in a cineplex vip theatre! Soooo worth the splurge!!!

AnnaAnthro, to Montreal
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AnnaAnthro, to ghana
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's ECG cuts electricity to parliament over $1.8m debt


AnnaAnthro, to delhi
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liztai, to television
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#Cdramas vs #Kdramas when new dramas are released.

#Kdrama watcher - Oh two eps of a new drama this week! Yay!
#Cdrama watcher 👇


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@liztai bwahaha!!! Truuuuth!!!

AnnaAnthro, to television
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Wow - watched the trailer for The Impossible Heir (Disney+) #kdrama and two of my fave up-and-coming actors Lee Jae Wook & Lee Jun Young are the MLs!!!

Parking this one at the top of the To Watch list!

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@EllenInEdmonton @whoosh oooh! Good news!!! Btw - how do u ‘joint watch’? My tech knowho is abysmal but love learning new ways!

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@s1m0n4 lucky girl!!!

AnnaAnthro, to Quebec
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Wild turkey that terrorized residents of small #Quebec town killed after mayor’s plea - #Montreal


AnnaAnthro, to random
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Montreal parents won’t give up fight to lower Quebec’s blood alcohol limit to 0.05


AnnaAnthro, to Russia
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Republic of Georgia's former president is in jail and in poor health. His mother blames .


AnnaAnthro, to TeslaMotors
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Judge skeptical of lawsuit brought by Elon Musk's X over hate speech research

“A federal judge in San Francisco appears poised to toss a lawsuit brought by Elon's 's X against a nonprofit that found the platform allowed hate speech to spread on the site once known as .”


AnnaAnthro, to Alberta
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AnnaAnthro, to random
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Brian , former Canadian prime minister, dead at 84


AnnaAnthro, to random
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Following up on @liztai fine recommendation list for by genres, I want to add some of my fave mysteries/detective series:

  1. The Bad Kids
  2. The Wind Blows From Yonxi (historical)
  3. Ripe Town (historical)
  4. The Long Night
  5. Black Coal, Thin Ice

and All the Judge Di films/stories!!!

pusakat, to random
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I finished watching "The Rise of Phoenixes" a week ago. Have been looking for something next. Any suggestions? newbie here.

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@pusakat What streaming sites do you on? Netflix? Viki?

Sollenbum, to random
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Have been watching "White Cat Legend" 🌸 with Ding Yuxi but will drop it now. I have made it to episode 12 and I really like his portrayal of the cat detective. However, I'm not loving the slapstick nature of the other detectives in the bureau.

The mysteries don't quite drive the plot forward enough for me to put up with their silliness + Li Bing's own story is drowning in the nonsense that is going on around him. So sadly, I'm dropping it. I wanted to like it!


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@Sollenbum ya… I’ve reached epi 18 and really growing irritated by the four support guys… I literally walk away as they come on…

I really like Ding in this role, and his gentle dynamic with his ‘Watson’ assistant, but may have to drop soon too. A shame.

It felt like two storylines done by two different directors were mashed together!

AnnaAnthro, to philosophy
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Why Julius Caesar's Year of Confusion was the longest year in history

“To tame a hopelessly disorganised calendar, Julius added months, took them away, and invented leap years. But the whole grand project was almost thwarted by a basic counting mistake.”


AnnaAnthro, to random
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How the world’s leap-day customs took hold, from evil omens to true love


AnnaAnthro, to France
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French Senate backs enshrining right to abortion in constitution


AnnaAnthro, to ghana
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's parliament passes an anti- bill that could imprison people for years.


AnnaAnthro, to Alberta
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Danielle Smith drops ‘uncertainty bomb’ on ’s clean energy future effectively banning & projects in oil and gas sector province


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