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Law professor explains 'dynamite evidence' first witness brings to Trump criminal trial

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Chris Mason: Ministers spoiling for a scrap over Rwanda bill

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New Zealand plans to put big developments before the environment. That's dangerous | Nicola Wheen and Andrew Geddis

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Law Roach declares Challengers-inspired tennis-core the bisexual fashion statement of spring

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Monday, April 22 opening statements in the criminal trial of the biggest criminal in American history.

Trump’s part in the hush money scheme was a crime,
Trump knew it was a crime,
Trump falsified the documents, and
Trump falsified the documents with the intent to cover a crime.

#law #crime

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Resists U.S. Plan to Bring Sanctions Against Israeli Unit

After months of inaction, Secretary of State Antony is poised to bar U.S. aid to an unit accused of human rights abuses.

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On Thursday, the will be hearing arguments where lawyers for the criminal defendant are arguing that all former presidents are forever immune from criminal prosecution for any official acts done in office.

Failure to respect the election of a new President, is the ultimate crime against the people, who are the basis of government. The President, by constitutional design, should have no role- official or unofficial-in the determination of the people's
vote. Immunity for the crimes here alleged would be most abhorrent to the Framers, because immunity would upset the constitutional scheme and aid a President in overriding the people's power over him.

The Framers would also have been appalled that Trump, despite having left office, seeks permanent immunity. As a Federalist wrote for the Maryland ratifying convention:

It seems, however, that the president may possibly be continued for life. He may so, provided he deserve it.

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If not, he retires to obscurity, without even the consolation of having produced any of the convulsions, attendant usually on grand revolutions. Should he be wicked or frantic enough to make the attempt, he attones for it, with the certain loss of wealth, liberty or life.

The Founding Generation sought to ensure that, unlike a king, the President would not acquire any special status that would carry forward after the end of his term. Instead, the President would be "elected from the mass of the people, and, on the expiration of the time for which he is elected, return to the mass of the people again."

Former President Trump evidently does not wish to bear the burdens of "the mass of the people" again. That's understandable; no one enjoys being held to account. But Founding Era history provides former President Trump no solace in his efforts to evade the ordinary operation of law.


Information from Amicus curiae brief to scotus.

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How Screwed Up His Lawyers’ Ability to Do Their Jobs

The ex-president’s penchant for intimidating witnesses now means his legal team won’t have advance warning on who’s testifying for the prosecution each day.

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I had dismissed the Foreign Commerce Clause as the source of federal immigration power, but the constitution’s Importation Clause, as originally understood, indicates a disturbing connection between immigration and “commerce,” when the context of slavery is taken into account. Like so much of the constitution, the deep logic of the immigration power returns us back to the nation’s original sin.

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“This is a moment where I think there has been incredible clarity from our community about what they expect from the police department and from a police chief.”

From the archives: Our 2020 interview with Travis County's progressive prosecutor José Garza ...

Do you feel he's delivered on his promises to the community?

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Thursday, April 25th Immunity case before #scotus. Americans, we have to keep watch over this corrupt court.

#law #court #justice

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A man set himself on fire on Friday afternoon near the Lower Manhattan #courthouse where #JurySelection continued in the #criminal #trial of #Trump.

The man doused himself w/a liquid around 1:35PM ET in Collect Pond Park, across the street from the courthouse. Onlookers screamed as bright orange flames engulfed the man. It was unclear what motivated his action.

#extremism #radicalization #law

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People rushed over to try to extinguish the fire, but the intensity of the heat could be felt several hundred feet away.

After a few mins, dozens of police officers rushed over & tried to smother the flames. The man, who appeared to be alive, was loaded into an ambulance & rushed away.

The man was in an area of the park that was cordoned off for supporters of .

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The man threw multicolored pamphlets in the air before lighting himself on fire.

It took several mins for officers to rush to the scene. A detective who was early to arrive tried to smother the man — who had collapsed — w/his coat to extinguish the flames. Soon, officers swarmed the scene & used a fire extinguisher.

The man was still moving as officers knelt beside him & asked his name. He was loaded into an ambulance & taken away.

#criminal #law #Trump #extremism #radicalization #TrumpTrial

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A high-ranking PoliceDept ofcl identified the man as #MaxAzzarello, 37, of St. Augustine, Florida. Mr. Azzarello had appeared outside the courthouse on Thurs w/a sign displaying the address of a website where the same pamphlets were uploaded. The top post of the website says, “I have set myself on fire outside the #TrumpTrial.”

The pamphlets he threw into the air & published online before the incident espoused AntiGovernment #ConspiracyTheories.

#criminal #law #Trump #extremism #radicalization

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In an interview that day, he said his critical views of the American govt were shaped by his research into , the techn billionaire & political provocateur who is a major campaign donor.

said he had planned to protest at Washington Square Park near NYU but thought that w/the cold weather, more people would be outside the courthouse.

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“Trump’s in on it,” said on Thurs. “It’s a secret kleptocracy, & it can only lead to an apocalyptic fascist coup.”

People who witnessed the fire said they were in disbelief as they saw Azzarello, who was in an area of the park reserved for supporters of , toss the pamphlets into the air & then flames shoot toward the sky. Azzarello, who was wearing jeans & dark gray T-shirt, fell to the ground amid the fire.

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Some of the pamphlets referred to NYU as a “mob front” & also mentioned fmr Pres George W. Bush, fmr VP Al Gore & the lawyer David Boies, who represented Gore in the 2000 recount. Another pamphlet contained anti-govt conspiracy theories, though did not point in a discernible political direction.

Al Baker, a spox for the court, said the schedule would not be affected, though one court officer was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.

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Everything About the Bond -Is A Lie.

dt is being bought right in front of our eyes and there’s no pushback from , major media?

"I sell bonds. I’d ask underwriting to price it at 1%. Contract surety scales down as the bond gets bigger.Don Hankey & Ahmet Shah have no clue wtf they’re doing. They’ve own Knightbrook that’s admitted in CA. Not authorized to do NY bonds. No T listing. I’d ask them to provide 20 examples of bonds they’ve issued, much less paid claims on."

The is not properly collateralized & this is a borrower who just admitted to a court that no bank on Earth will lend to him, an adjudicated FRAUD.

No one but Knight would post an obligation amount over their T listing. Hankey & Shah are clueless as to what they’re doing. The Bermuda company is a way to take advantage of tax law on captives.

Knight Insurance Co, in Cayman is a 831(b) for Hankey related business.

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NEWS: New York #AG says $175 million Trump fraud bond isn't properly backed, must be voided

Donald's fraudulent bond in the trial where he was adjudicated to be a fraud, is a fraud.

How many deadlines does one person get to post a bond? Faulty paperwork, no signatures, no state license, not enough collateral, missed deadline, missed deadline, missed deadline. It's outrageous.

#law #crime

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"[The insurer] is only worth $138 million, which is smaller than the size of the bond, and alleging it is using a “shadow” company in the Cayman Islands to “appear more financially stable than it actually is."

The attorney general also said that Knight relies on risk transfer practices that work to "artificially" bolster its surplus. James also argues that Knight's management is untrustworthy, violating federal law "on multiple occasions over the last several years

#bond #fraud #law #crime

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