slcw, to DadBin avatar

This is unacceptable. I hate as much as anyone, but his minor is off limits, just as we would demand for the child of one of our . We are better than Trump and his moronic , but shit like this makes us no better than them. If you find yourself seething with as you type a threat or attack on a —any minor—step away from the and take a walk.

Anxious_Agender, to mutualaid

Alright I hate making these but here we are >.<

Semi-urgent | For those who don’t know a bit of a back story for you guys here; My parents are divorced and most the time i’m forced to live with my father (Also known as the “Void demon(s)”), he’s transphobic and an abusive piece of crap. Back in (early) 2021 he had taken my phone and had paid someone to hack into it (He now keeps it in his safe; no way to get it back though) all because CPS got called on him, due to those things I had lost all contacts with friends, family, important info, photos, literally everything (Including gmail accounts) and it even fucked up my school email account (Thankfully one of the only thing I was able to recover other than my lioden and wolvden account), and since then I haven’t had a phone/wasn’t allowed to have one due to his shit. I have been able to get a new phone (Had one once but my mother took it cause she broke her phone, later, she broke my phone also.) I’m transfering school districts now and have a high potential of losing all stuff again after turning in my chromebook (This includes but is not limited to: Fediverse accounts, Potentially discord for a long while, Email accounts (Except my main account), social medias, downloads, etc… all over again. I’d be able to hide a phone and my mother said she doesn’t care if I get a phone as long as i’m paying for it [This time since I was able to buy it she won’t be able to use it as her backup phone. Yay]. Once the school computer is returned I will only have access to Fedi, etc.. through the library computers the few times I am able to go (While my mother is gone). I sadly cannot afford a phone, yet alone basic human needs. I am a minor and do not have a job (Too young, hopefully getting one when I get back here and in school.) If I can at least get a phone this will safe the hassle of losing everyone (again for the second time) and be able to have emergency contact with people (I am a minor who walks to and from school, I walk to the store with my brother and other places, we are both minors and all I have for “protection” is a knife and an angry 14 year old)

If anyone could help that’d be amazing, even a boost helps! :QueerCatHeart_Agender:

I’m going to need roughly around $90 just for 3 months of service and a phone.

I do not have PayPal and/or any other way to accept donations right now other than Walmart gift cards so please bare with me :’c



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