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Is there a vendor where I can get customized key caps where I can decide which text goes on the single keys?

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WWWOOOOWWW! Wohoo! Just discovered that control+Option right or left arrow will scroll my Mastodon advanced UI right or left on the iPad I am airplaying to a monitor and keyboard. Game changer!

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There will be a whole mini-industry of keyboard key sticker-making in the years to come.

In part, because of nonsense like this:

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I just hit a new highscore of words per minute in @bragefuglseth's Keypunch! (83 wpm, by the way) ⌨️

#keyboard #keypunch #GNOMEApps #TypingTest

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johnmacintosh, to keyboards German avatar
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Am I the only one who hates the giant escape key on newer Macbook Pro? It pushes all the function keys to the right, and it really throws off my muscle memory! Also Logitech thinks it's a great idea on MX Keys S. I just got older Logitech MX Mini for this reason. :(

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Inside this unassuming box, lies something special...

retrotechtive, avatar

But will it work? 🤔

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Dann lasst uns über Tastaturen reden.

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Someone’s cat walked on the keyboard while they were making this instruction booklet…

It’🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈s no toy!

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I'm looking for an old IBM type M Keyboard QWERTY US layout.

If you have some and you are in E.U. please contact me in PM.

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johnmacintosh, to keyboards German avatar
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What I wish Apple had is a Magic Keyboard that works as a folio. That way I could use a Pencil to write on a flat surface, and still have the ability to use a keyboard.

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Hello 🤩!

I finally did it and moved to a more appropriate "home realm" for a enthusiast. Thanks @stefano for offering this!

Moving followers worked flawlessly, restoring all my settings was pretty quick, but of course all my old toots are left on 🙈

So I guess I'll introduce myself here by writing a little thread, adding a few of my works that someone might find interesting. But first a bit of "who am I":

I'm a "professional" software architect/developer (mostly platform in the day job), FreeBSD hobby-admin and ports committer, fan (and occassionally coder and even musician), and apart from computers also interested in music (playing a few instruments myself), traveling, cooking, sometimes sports, sometimes politics ... but probably won't toot about any non-technical stuff (or, very very rarely).

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Let's start with my most recent opensource dev-project:

is an . Although it uses for its GUI, the mechanism to "type" emojis is pure X11. This means any X11 client can receive them (whether that client can correctly display them is an entirely different issue 🙈) ... not even awarenesss is needed.

The mechanism to inject fake "emoji keyboard events" is quite hacky and dirty, but it works!

Not sure whether I should add it to ports, but if you want to try it, here's a patch for the ports tree:

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johnmacintosh, to keyboards German avatar
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🚦🚥 ... ok it works 🌋

A super-simple keyboard for .

Well, I did have to fiddle with the keymap.

And I had to add delays 🤯👹 (otherwise there are races between keymap changes and keyboard events).

And I had to misuse the extension, cause applications ignore "synthetic" events. 🫥😣

But hey, it works 🕺

Now needs some basic, uhm, "features" (like recently used, like search by name).

zirias, avatar

v0.7 released!

This brings several improvements, mainly in the build system, but the major change is support for localization, with translated Emoji names imported from . I added a German translation, see screenshot. Once again, I'd appreciate more translations, the process to translate is documented here:

Updated FreeBSD port:

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