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"Help, community, support, connection: it IS out there for us. And the more we fight to access it, the more empowered we will become to make the changes necessary for trans joy – which means trans health – to become the rule, and not the exception." Fred

#TransRights #TransHealth #TransFamilies #TransMan #TransWoman #NonBinary #Transition #Trans #Transgender #Queer #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #LGBTI #LGBT #TransAlly

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Jester's Free Cheatsheet for your Essay

Title: Antisemetism vs transphobia

  • Pre-existing bigotry that was politicized and radicalized

  • Part of a broader hate agenda including racism and persecution of the left

  • Bioessentialism, pseudoscience, "scientific" realism

  • Obsession with anatomical features

  • Demand that the targeted group is demarcated and identifiable in public

  • Target group perceived as being against Christians endangering core family values

  • Segragation of public facilities

  • Scores of laws passed against the targeted group

  • Jewish billionaires accused of being behind devious plot to destroy western civilization

  • World leaders turn blind eye due to upholding prejudice themselves

  • Messianic leader with a persecution fetish promises will gas them all, no one pays attention or thinks they mean it literally

  • Institutional takeover with bigoted fanatics placed in key positions in political and medical instritutions

  • Mainstream news outlet spreading inflammatory misinformation, propaganda and hate towards the targeted group

  • Well funded AstroTurf grassroots groups operate on country, neighborhood, school level

  • Mobs of angry young men harass targeted group in everyday life, plus the left for being traitors in supporting the group

There are two kinds of people. Those unconvinced , who sit on the fence until they see mass murder being added to this horrible list, in order to be convinced.

And those who get that end stage capitalism leverages transphobia as a convenient gateway to fascism.

The time to take action is now.

(Licensing: Use this material as you think appropriate for the cause. Please don't modify it, without clearly signing the adaptations. And if you are kind enough, redirect some people to my profile, where I post some great pro-trans propaganda stuff.)

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I am a long time #poetry fan. I'm catching up on Poetry Magazine podcasts while I'm traveling. Really enjoyed this interview with #trans poet, torrin a greathouse. They read their poems and describe their creative process in such a visceral way. It was well worth an hour of my life to listen in.

#transgender #transpoet #poems

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Write for TransActual. We're looking for perspectives from sex workers, pieces about trans joy, articles about parenting and starting a family, and the experiences of people's lives as a trans person within your local community.

If you've got an article to pitch for our website, take a look at the info on our website:

#TransRights #TransHealth #TransFamilies #TransMan #TransWoman #NonBinary #Transition #Trans #Transgender #Queer #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #LGBTI #LGBT #TransAlly

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Thank for a great weekend everyone, we handed out so many flyers and are going to be naming the 13 unnamed sharks / Blahaj soon. Stay tuned :3

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Lastly, we now have Finn who is asking for help fundraising the money in order to medically transition.

Donate if you can, share if you can't. Click this link to donate:

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Second up on the Funding Sunday shoutouts today is Noah, who's asking for help funding their Top Surgery.

Donate if you can, share if you can't. Click this link to donate:

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It's Funding Sunday and we're got quite a few to get through. First up today is AJ who's asking for help funding their Top Surgery costs.

Donate if you can, share if you can't. Click this link to show support and donate today

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If you're trans and have got questions about transition related surgery, TransActual are here to help. Check out our 'What Do I Need To Know About Transition Related Surgery?' resource at

#TransRights #TransHealth #TransFamilies #TransMan #TransWoman #NonBinary #Transition #Trans #Transgender #Queer #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #LGBTI #LGBT #TransAlly

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Don't lose your vote! 🗳️ ✅ Register to vote by the 18th June and make sure that your voice is heard. Don't forget to bring on the day of the election, otherwise you won't be allowed to vote. Register now at:

More info at

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Okay. Over the course of several weeks, an essay kind of shaped itself, based on discussions with several others here (Thanks, @Impossible_PhD , @JoscelynTransient , @SymTrkl !). After some recent discussions today, I realized it was past time to release.

Be warned, I talk about some sensitive things here - things like surgeries and gender and identity (I really should put warnings on my essay, now that I think on it). But... here it is.

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I will most likely be taken them to get names from the LGBTQIA+ community at @transpride 's stall at Pride in the Park Tomorrow :3

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We're working for a world where our organisation doesn't need to exist, but for now we're very much needed. If you're not already signed up as a monthly donor, you can join our group of monthly donors by going to the link in our bio, finding the 'support TransActual' section, clicking 'donate to TransActual' and clicking the donate button at the top.

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A federal appeals court panel on Thursday ordered that eight of 17 books that had been removed from a Texas library's shelves over conservatives' complaints that they were inappropriate must be returned.

#transgender #trans #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #pride

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Surprisingly educational TikTok about Vermont with tons of fun facts.

TIL that we are the least populated state, because we're mostly mountains, & have the 52nd smallest economy. It's smaller than Puerto Rico's!

We vote blue (except in the Northeast Kingdom) and choose very liberal policies.

folks looking for a new home should consider us.

Alas, we're ~90% white, which means the food options suck outside of Burlington.

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“Trans people aren’t a threat to anyone; hate born by ignorance is. All trans (including non binary) people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter who we are and where we are at with our medical and social transition. Look beyond the hype and fear-mongering in the press. Become the representation you want to see yourself.” Fox Fisher

#TransRights #TransHealth #Transition #Trans #Transgender #Queer #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #LGBTI #LGBT #TransAlly

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The UK is currently entrenched in a troubling anti-trans discourse. Individuals claiming to defend women’s rights are, in practice, excluding and causing harm to transgender individuals.

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Illustrator unknown.

Side note, i love that there's a subreddit entirely devoted to #transgender star wars meme images.


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From the archives, 2022: ”We know now from decades of clinical practice, and now over the last couple of decades of research, that the earlier that we affirm someone, the better outcomes they have in terms of mental health and physical health.”

#MentalHealth #trans #transgender #LGBTQIA+ #Pride #healthcare #news #politics #USpol #science #health

KrissyKat, to Indiana

Northwest Indiana's representative, Frank Mrvan, gives a speech recognizing Pride Month.

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All the flyers put together weighs 25KG, where’s a trans masc when you need one.

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