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to Standards by Bernie Worrell
I’ve known him from Parliament Funcadelic. But this shows how versatile he is.


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My own miracle morning boost.
Imho Listen as loud as possible ( not ok if your stomach dont vibrate with the bass )

One of my oldest lp acquisition, under the recommandation of a friend.
It took me time to dig in and get a glimpse of this strange and radical music. Incredibly violent and beautiful. Dont fade with time, gets better.

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Friedrich Gernsheim (1839 – 1916)

"Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3"
[Symphony No.1 in G minor, Op.32 (1875)
Symphony No.3 in C minor, Op 54 (1888)]
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz/Hermann Bäumer
(CPO 2013)

"Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4"
[Symphony No.2 in E flat major, Op.46 (1882)
Symphony No.4 in B flat major, Op 62 (1894)]
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz/Hermann Bäumer
(CPO 2016)

#NowListening #ClassicalMusic #music #musique #ChamberMusic #symphony #GermanComposers

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Salomon Jadassohn (1831 – 1902)

"Symphonies Nos. 1-4"
[Disc 1
Symphony No. 1 in C, Op. 24 (1860)]
Cavatine for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 69
Symphony No. 2 in A Major, Op. 28 (1863)
Disc 2
Symphony No. 3 in D Major, Op. 50 (1876)
Cavatine for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 120
Symphony No. 4 in C Minor, Op. 101 (1888)]
Klaudyna Schulze-Broniewska – violin
Thomas Georgi – cello
Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Howard Griffiths
(CPO 2015)

#NowListening #ClassicalMusic #music #musique #symphony #GermanComposers

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George Enescu (1881 – 1955)

"Symphonies Nos. 1-3 & Romanian Rhapsodies 1 & 2"
[Romanian Rhapsody No 1 in A, Op 11 No 1 (1901)
Romanian Rhapsody No 2 in D, Op 11 No 2 (1901)
Symphony No 1 in E flat, Op 13 (completed 1905)
Symphony No 2 in A, Op 17 (1912-14)
Symphony No 3 in C, Op 21 (1916-18, rev. 1921)]
Orchestre National de France/Cristian Măcelaru
(Deutsche Grammophon 2024)

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[Jazz] [Cool] [FUCKING Cool]
Herbie Hancock - Oliloqui Valley

shut up and listen to this


#music #nowplaying #nowlistening #jazz #stank

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Radio Wave Studio Session

00:00 Ei niin kovin suuri city
03:57 Näkymätön Anna
08:05 Syntynyt suruun ja puettu pettymyksin
12:06 Tein kai lottorivini väärin

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William Horne (b. 1952)

"Chamber Music of William Horne, Vol. 3"
[Sonata for French Horn and Piano (2021)
Mollie Pate, French horn; Xiting Yang, piano

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2022)
Walter Puyear, alto saxophone; Joonghun Cho, piano

Trio for Flute, Alto Saxophone, and Piano (2023)
Brandon LePage, flute; Walter Puyear, alto saxophone; Joonghun Cho, piano]
(Blue Griffin 2024)

#NowListening #ClassicalMusic #music #musique #ChamberMusic #ContemporaryClassical

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"Ristningar I Ginnungagap"
(Grimfrost Records 2024)

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Just bang the rocks together, guys! #NowListening Steve Reich - Music for Pieces of Wood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4JQD0cy87I

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Stanisław Moniuszko (1819 – 1872)

"The 2 String Quartets"
[String Quartet No. 1 in D minor, ISM 60
String Quartet No. 2 in F Major, IMS 61]
Warsaw String Quartet
(Alexandre Bak - Classical Music Reference Recording 2022)

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Mário Laginha – piano

Bernardo Moreira – double bass
Alexandre Frazão – drums

(Edition Records 2022)

#nowlistening #jazz #music #musique #JazzMusic #PortugueseJazz

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Enjoying this a lot at the moment, very much that nuskool breaks sound (which is of course, old now)


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Today a whole MISSIO album dropped too


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