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My new headphones* arrived today! Just in time for a 3-day weekend.
My first duty was to evaluate sound quality and dynamic range - with what I consider a must when looking to purchase speakers or (over the ear) headphones.

My cans are advertised as 'professional studio headphones' (disclaimer: I'm not an audiophile but I play one on T.V.) Many might balk at this selection, but hear me out and back to my test.

I immediately pulled up a recording (via YouTube no less!) of Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 78, R. 176 aka: "Organ Symphony**" and oh my, my, my. I picked this symphony because of the range of orchestral instruments, all of the dynamics, and of course...a PIPE ORGAN.
I could hear every note at all levels. Lows, highs, and mids - all present - even Capturing the orchestral hall's reverb. Amazeballs.

I've currently moved on to one of my favorite jazz albums "Hank Mobley - No Room For Squares***" and it feels like I'm listening to the playback in the recording booth.

⟶ So the next time you are in the market to upgrade your audio speakers, pick music you know well, and that covers the ranges and dynamics you expect to hear along with what I've suggested above.

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Back in ’94 I had a roomate for around 3 weeks. He was a busker and performed in various pubs around Montreal. He was, to this day, without a doubt the best classical jazz flamenco guitarist I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. He would often play so intensly that he would pass/grey-out. I knew him simply as “Yanni” or “Yanny”. He played as cutaway 6 string classical guitar. He left while I was travelling and I never saw or heard from him again. (1/2)

outofcontrol, avatar

A few time while I noodled around on my six string he would come and sit and teach me some simple to play but great sounding little riffs and chord progressions.

My Friday ask, if anyone know him, or has any idea where he is, I’d love to see what he’s up to today, in the hopes he is still playing. Please retoot/share.


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Moin ihr Lieben 👋

ich spiele heute ab 21Uhr ein kleines DJ Set im @mojo_club Jazz Cafe in Hamburg. Downtempo, Soul, Afro, Electronica und Jazz. Der Eintritt ist frei, vielleicht sehen wir uns ✌️

#Music #Musik #Hamburg #MojoClub #Jazz #Funk #Soul #Afro #Electronica #DJ #DJSet #DJing #Mix #Friday #Downtempo #Downbeat #ElectroMusic

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Jimmy Smith
"I Got My Mojo Workin'"

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A.K. Salim - Afro-Soul/Drum Orgy @vinylrecords

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Flora Purim doesn’t have an exceptional voice, but she always surrounded herself with great musicians (both American and Brazilian), and created an interesting unique sound. This is one of her best from 1974. Love the track with Carlos Santana’s screaming guitar solo.

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#l8n8music#nowlistening to Standards by Bernie Worrell
I’ve known him from Parliament Funcadelic. But this shows how versatile he is.
#jazz #music

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Here's a digest of this week's #OPM writeups! 5 tracks from indie Fediverse #music artists to expand your musical horizons. Unusual ambient, wild ADHDcore, and more this week!

If you want the full, undigested versions (i.e. where I have more to say about each one than will fit in a single post) of these writeups, they are here:

Listen, fav and boost for good karma and a long life!


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Christian Pacaud – 2021

Lush, organic and cinematic, this is the sound of #jazz crashing into post rock while the ghost of #prog looks on with approval. Twisty, unusual rhythms and interesting harmonic movement realized by an array of impressive musicians, including both traditional rock/jazz players but also strings and more. Sounds like someone made a movie out of the weirdest dream you ever had and this is the score.


#PostRock #OPM

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Jack DeJohnette - Special Edition @vinylrecords

Worst typesetter ever ;^)

icastico, to vinyl avatar

Max Roach - Percussion Bitter Sweet @vinylrecords

Brilliant protest music that is unfortunately still relevant

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This is a sweet story that I never heard. Jimmy Carter hosted a jazz celebration at the White House. He requested that they play “Salt Peanuts.” Dizzy Gillespie agreed on the condition that Carter sing it. He did.

The story (via Dan Rather):

#Music #Jazz #DizzyGillespie #JimmyCarter #WhiteHouse

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Tete Mbambisa – Tete’s Big Sound

An often ignored classic of South African jazz, “Tete’s Big Sound” by Tete Mbambisa was released in 1976. Tete Mbambisa – "Tete's Big Sound" The album Tete’s Big Sound emerged during a golden age for local South African jazz recordings in the 1970s. Issued by the independent As-Shams/The Sun label in 1976, it was the […] …

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After some vicious pondering & wondering, I ended up booking a flat @ Łódź, for three weeks in August.

Main reason: it was cheap. But! I’ve also been meaning to do my pilgrimage to the Polish mecca for some time now.

Totally unrelated: any recommendations in Łódź? Both hipster-y joints & cheap but cozy dives interest me.

And to where should I head to hear there? , , , , … anything goes, really.

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"John Coltrane, one of jazz history’s most revered saxophonists, released 'Giant Steps' in 1959. It’s known across the jazz world as one of the most challenging compositions to improvise over for two reasons - it’s fast and it’s in three keys."

The most feared song in jazz, explained:

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good morning! #NowPlaying Miles Davis - We Want Miles #vinyl #jazz @vinylrecords

one of the records I grew up with, courtesy of my budding trumpet player older brother, and still one of my absolute favourites, so I got myself my own copy.

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Milt Jackson - Jazz ‘n’ Samba

Starting this LP and asking…”what’s all this about Samba, then, Milt?” is forgivable…because all of side 1 is the “Jazz”. The “Samba” kicks in with side 2 and you can’t blame Bags for wanting to cash in a little.

The liner notes are amusing: “…spoke of (samba) as ephemeral and predicted that overproduction would run it into the ground.”

RvG definitely turned the dials up to 11 when recording this one…maybe 12.

#nowplaying #vinyl #jazz #miltjackson #conniekay

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That full liner note graf:

“It is a curious and gratifying fact that although almost three years have elapased since Stan Getz decided to bring the jazz samba to North American audiences, the consequent commercial uproar did not turn out to be a nine-day wonder.” (Cont…)

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Recommandation du dimanche. Si vous vous êtes toujours demandé pourquoi cette musique sonne bien ou pas, Étienne a la réponse et c'est passionnant.
Je vous mets l'analyse de la musique du générique de Cowboy Bebop, mais il y en a bcp d'autres

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icastico, to vinyl avatar

McLaughlin, DiMeola, De Lucia - Passion, Grace, & Fire @vinylrecords

Bargain bin buy -a classic disk.

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The Lounge Lizards - Big Heart Live In Tokyo @vinylrecords

Cheap bin find. Nicely nostalgic

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