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Frosch, Vexillologin, Möchtegern-Autorin, Sockenträgerin, Emoji-Influencerin, Kaworu-Simp, dopaminfreie Zone, 11037% Danganronpa-geschädigt, kann /⁠θ/ nur auf Spanisch.

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MegaMichelle, to random
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What the hell is the deal with the "soon" emoji 🔜 . How did that get into the standard? It's got text in English fer chrissake. Who needed this so badly that this symbol was in sufficient circulation that they had to standardize it?

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@MegaMichelle People using Docomo phones from 1999 onward. https://emojipedia.org/docomo/2000/soon-arrow

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 I like the final version, maybe even more so than the triband design that was butchered to create this one, but I don’t think I necessarily would have supported it if it had been an option from the start.

Maybe an odd way to put this, but it feels like a flag that I could have designed in an afternoon after skimming the state’s Wikipedia article and messing around with geometric shapes in Inkscape (which is my usual method).

ZachWeinersmith, to random
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So, today I learned in French you can stick with the present tense to describe an ongoing action, e.g. "I'm working there since 2004" rather than "I've been working there since 2004." This is interesting because I'm pretty sure I've heard francophone friends use the slightly incorrect "I'm [habitual action]ing since" ! I wonder what the standard English-to-French screwups are.

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@ZachWeinersmith German has 6 tenses, but realistically you need only 2 to cover everything.

I’ve been learning English for almost two decades now and I still occasionally lose all my confidence in finding the correct tense to use because I’m so used to it not mattering at all in my first language.

foone, to random
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I'm getting a very weird problem with firefox:

sometimes it can't copy text. Not that it fails, which is a common problem on operating systems with clipboards. No, the copy option is greyed out.

That's normal linux/firefox weirdness. Here's the really weird part: Every time I see this happen, I try to screenshot it by hitting printscript. This unfortunately closes the menu, so I can't screenshot it... but doing this also FIXES THE PROBLEM

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@foone Huh. Gotta remember this for next time.

shaft, to random French
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Je découvre que dans , il y a des glyphes pour noter le mois en 1 seul caractère lorsque l'on écrit la date en mandarin ou japonais. Par contre, il n'y a pas l'équivalent pour les jours. Donc nous sommes le ㋈30日, 3 caractères 😔

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ZachWeinersmith, to random
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I go back and forth a lot on duolingo. It's like... great for aerobics and for filling up a spare 10 minutes, but it'd be great if now and then it really made you struggle for a minute.

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@ZachWeinersmith Remembering that time I had to select the correct option from a list with a length of 1.

CharlotteBuff, to random German
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Jetzt bewerben für deine Gender Transition. Wähle eine Richtung.

annika, to random
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Welcome to the Fediverse! Get the fuck off mastodon.social as soon as possible

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@annika Tell the devs to add an account migration feature that actually works then.

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