Rambling gamer, perpetually working on some kind of incomplete side-project. Mostly retro and also donkeys playing games.


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@dinosaurgerms how are they supposed to be moving around?? Weirdly levitating around the room?

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My crazy coworker just told me that the water isn't real anymore


@Velveteen Starting to look suspiciously at the ice cubes in the freezer 😶

Hundstrasse, to random

You wake up. The cool wood of the bench pressed against one side of your face, the sunlight filtering through the trees warming the other side. Slowly you rise to your feet with no memory of where you were before your slumber.


You are standing on a dirt path next to a wooden bench. The air is cool beneath the shade of the trees.

The path continues to the north leading out of the forest. To the south it falls away, revealing the blue expanse of sea stretching to the horizon.




The sun reflecting off the water hurts your eyes. You hold your hand up to look at the shimmering waves through your fingers.

As you look harder, the forest seems to melt away. You can almost feel the spray from the waves. Suddenly a whale breaches the water.

The moment passes and you're once again stood on the path in the forest.


The Mooring Field
Standing in a large field you are overshadowed by the imposing body of a large rigid-body airship. Logical understanding of lighter than air travel collides sharply with the eerie reality of seeing this vast craft gently hovering several metres above the ground. It strains at half dozen mooring lines, eager to depart.

A wooden boarding ramp leads up to the gondola. Chain link fencing marks the north, west, and east borders. A path leads south into the forest.


@mforester a tall jakalope stands at the bottom of the ramp.


You throw out a noncommittal polite greeting to the jakalope.

They raise a paw and tip the rim of their top hat. You note that they don't fully doff it, presumably the act of threading their antlers through the custom cut holes in the brim is time consuming.

Their soft voice has the warm tones of Gaelic origins, but you can't quite place the accent.

"The captain is ready to depart. If you're travelling with us today then please present your ticket"


In a faded canvas shoulder bag, you are carrying:

  • A selection of unfamiliar currency
  • A box of matches
  • An empty steel water bottle
  • A sealed envelope labelled: "Decisions"
  • Your car keys

You tear the envelope open.

There are two transit tickets inside. One appears to be for passage on a steam ship, and the other appears to be for a dirigible.


With a flourish, the jakalope deftly retrieves a small hole punch from their waistcoat pocket and slides the ticket in. They linger, inspecting the ticket for several seconds, before the sudden click of the punch and handing it back to you.

You look at the freshly punched ticket. It simply says "Dirigible - Standard Class Single". It's not clear what the jakalope was inspecting.

They step aside, clearing the way up the boarding ramp

"Welcome aboard, standard class, cabin 8"


@mforester You walk up the boarding ramp, the jakalope follows, pausing near the entrance to the gondola and winch the ramp up.

Standard Berth Corridor

You are standing in the middle of a corridor running along the starboard side of the gondola. Warm sunlight streams in through the windows, glinting off polished brass door numbers adorning the cabins.

Along the corridor toward the stern is a padlocked door. Toward the bow, there seems to be a small concierge desk.


@mforester as you start to walk along the corridor it shifts gently to the right, causing you to weave along the narrow passage, struggling to correct yourself. The patches of light from the windows start to slowly migrate down the corridor as the airship turns. It seems that you're now in flight.



Concierge Desk

Little more than a wooden pedestal, the desk is home to a passenger manifest. To the stern the standard class corridor continues. Toward the bow is an ornate door featuring elaborate inset stained glass; the word Lounge inscribed above the frame. Toward the Port side is a door flanked by two gas lamps.

The Jakalope stands idly behind the desk

Hundstrasse, to random

Yup. Definitely have some kind of problem here...


I know the franchise has had its ups and downs, but I can't help but enjoy Jack Sparrow's first appearance.

Hundstrasse, to gaming
androidarts, to random avatar

Sometimes when I see these stories by authors promoting some new social system which -just-works- because characters behave responsibly, I'm reminded of my idea for unguarded community sheds where people could just drop off "garage junk" and pick up stuff they need. Sounds like it could save a lot of resources. But in reality it'd only take sporadic outbursts of drunk teenagers and a single organized drive-by looting gang to ruin the whole thing on a national level.


@androidarts ... And then bought another box the next time they needed 4 because they forgot they bought the first box.

I'm guessing 😶

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No, you're playing The Little Mermaid for NES on your Friday night.


@jaykass I was playing everybody's golf on psp like an adult because.... I can unlock cute outfits for the golfers...

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@Velveteen waves

Hundstrasse, to random

Should be thinking about: Work

Actually thinking about: OMG how did I not know that the Lone Gunmen got an X-Files spin off show?!?

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Love to doodle during wokr

Hundstrasse, to random

Took the opportunity to try and give MiniStrasse an astronomy lesson but think I might have lost them when I blurted out "... And the Moon is in charge of the sea!!"


To be fair, I was also trying to illustrate it with 2 glasses and a bit of rogue sweetcorn.

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I don't work Mondays so instead I'm saving New York city from ghosts! #PS1 #LightGun #Namco #Ghostbusters #PlayStation #RetroGaming #RetroVideoGames


@total_betty I ain't afraid of no goose! 🪿

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@dinosaurgerms such a cool cabinet!

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