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Ich bin begeisterter Pen & Paper Rollenspieler und habe hauptsächlich Erfahrung mit Pathfinder, Cthulhu und Vampire.

Eine meiner größten Leidenschaften, das Programmieren, habe ich zu meinem Beruf gemacht.

Ansonsten verbringe ich meine Freizeit mit zocken, lesen, sporadisch Gitarre spielen und natürlich meiner Familie.

Not enough space to translate everything into english. Here's the short version:

  • tabletop roleplaying (Pathfinder, Cthulhu)
  • software developer
  • family man
  • guitar

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Hundstrasse, to random
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You wake up. The cool wood of the bench pressed against one side of your face, the sunlight filtering through the trees warming the other side. Slowly you rise to your feet with no memory of where you were before your slumber.


You are standing on a dirt path next to a wooden bench. The air is cool beneath the shade of the trees.

The path continues to the north leading out of the forest. To the south it falls away, revealing the blue expanse of sea stretching to the horizon.


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@Hundstrasse look at the sea

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@Hundstrasse go north

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@Hundstrasse talk to jakalope.

itsfoss, (edited ) to linux
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Please comment 🙂

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@itsfoss LazyGit. 😍
Been using it for a few weeks now and I'm never going back.

TheRetroSven, to Metal German
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Nachher wird mal wieder ordentlich Abgerockt Live Yeah

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@TheRetroSven Jaaaaa Mann!!!! Viel Spaß!!!! 🤘

mforester, to random
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Anybody else using for code reviews?
Most other servers have a repo browser and render markdown. That'd be really helpful for any non-developers, because we try to keep our documentation in Git, but it's a tough ask for any non-developer to learn how to check out a Git repo, just to read the docs.
Is there anything like that out there? I did a quick search for 3rd party tools and plugins, but couldn't find anything. Readonly mirror to e.g. Forgejo would be the last resort.

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@jonathanmatthews we're self-hosting, but Gitiles looks like it's what I want. I'll try it out once I'm back at work.
Thank you. 🙂

mforester, to pokemon
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Played the first round of 7 online on the against somebody from Hungary...with .
I'm still amazed at all the work that's been done. It went flawlessly. 🤩

Sadly, I'm still having trouble with Mario Maker on 3ds. The compatibility chart shows that replacements for online features should mostly work, but so far I'm always seeing errors when I try to connect. 🤔

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

Ah yes. I only looked at the overall progress, which shows 83% working.
But the bulletpoint for "display random courses" is still open, so that's why it's failing with Mario Maker. 👍

UncannyKyle, to random
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Currently about 1200 words into an essay about Persona 4 and empathy, because I think I might start another blog. After Destructoid deleted the blog section and the four or so essays I wrote there.

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@UncannyKyle @COMPU73E if you're a bit tech savvy you can use a static site generator and host it on GitHub pages or Codeberg pages. 🙂
My homepage is basically a collection of markdown documents that are converted to HTML and hosted by GitHub pages.

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@UncannyKyle @COMPU73E okay sorry. Tech savvy should probably read: if you can work with Git.
Not knowing/understanding Git is very much not the same as not being tech savvy. 😬
Sorry if that came out wrong.

hk, to DarkSouls3
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People: "Elden Ring's bosses are badly designed because they are way too aggressive and leave very little time for the player to counter-attack"

Me: I've just reached Pontiff Sulyvahn in and... WHAT THE FUCK?? ER bosses are piece of cake in comparison to this!

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@hk that actually looks like a very good fight. Was this your first try? 🤯

nerdeiro, to random
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Tomorrow I complete my 50th orbit around Sol. But today, I got proof that I'm bloody old.

Here in Brazil , public transit has to mark some seats as preferred for pregnant women, people with disabilities and the elderly.

I was in the subway, going back home when I moved closer to the exit, since my station was near. A woman sitting in one of the preferred seats offered it to me. I refused, mostly because I didn't realized what was happening until later.

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@nerdeiro hey, free seat. 🤩
Nevermind why people thought to give it up. 😅

SirFoinVonB, to random German
@SirFoinVonB@chaos.social avatar

Was nutzt ihr um euer HomeLab zu überwachen? Ich bin gerade ganz zufrieden mit UptimeKuma und LibreNMS.

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@SirFoinVonB Kuma!!! 😍

hk, to random
@hk@mstdn.games avatar

That's it, I give up on #Souldiers. I haven't beaten the final boss, and it's not a skill issue. The boss design is just bad, and it saddens me. Despite its flaws, I have been having fun with this game, and the pixel art is one of the best I've seen.

But this boss design leaves me with a very bitter sensation.

Anyway, credits rolling for Souldiers (on a YouTube video I'm watching), and on to the next adventure!

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@hk unlocked the hidden secret ending: watching it on YouTube. 😎

hk, to random
@hk@mstdn.games avatar

#Souldiers does several things right. The combat is good, the affinities and weaknesses system is fun...

But it does one thing terribly wrong, and it is too overstay its welcome. Each of the biomes is massive, but there's only a few ideas explored in each of them. You could cut back 30% of each biome and the game would work so much better.

By the time I complete an area, the feeling is relief at finally being done with that and being able to move on. Which is not a cool feeling to have.

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@hk that sounds awful.
IMO the best thing that can happen is that a fame leaves you either satisfied or even slightly hungry for more.
As cleverer people than me have said before: perfection is achieved when there's nothing left to shave off.
Stretching the playtime of a game rarely does it any good. And especially the older I become, the more I want bite sized games that are 10h or less to beat. 🙂

Therealkev, to pokemon German
@Therealkev@norden.social avatar

Da wollte mir ein Kollege ein anbieten, welche auch noch gejailbreakt ist und will dafür noch 150€ haben…. Ist der Preis gerechtfertigt? Ich persönlich denke nicht…

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@Therealkev 150€ klingt tatsächlich nach viel. 🤔
Die Tatsache, dass das gejailbreakt ist finde ich eher gut. Das kann man aber so leicht selbst machen, dass es kein Aushängeschild sein sollte.
Der eShop und offizieller Multiplayer auf dem 3DS ist tot, also muss man sich über den Hack auch keine Gedanken machen.

nixCraft, to windows
@nixCraft@mastodon.social avatar

WinBtrfs is a #Windows driver for the next-generation #Linux filesystem Btrfs https://github.com/maharmstone/btrfs #opensource

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@nixCraft about NTFS2Btrfs. 🤯


Not sure if I have enough courage, but it sure does sound tempting...

MURRRAAAAY, to Nintendo
@MURRRAAAAY@mstdn.party avatar

I did! I Remember playing on my Street Fighter 2 Tiger handheld as a kid! ❤️🎮🔥

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@scribblemacher @MURRRAAAAY I also had the Sonic 3 one. 🤩

hk, to random
@hk@mstdn.games avatar

Aaaah, the weekend is finally here, time to relax and enjoy!

Readies the list of house chores he has been pushing off all week long because he didn't have time to do them

Ok, those were 10 nice seconds of relaxation, time to get this list done!

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@hk when you move out of your parent's house, there's a soap stone message on the ground. All it says is: "real life starts here". It's the most upvoted message you've seen. 😬

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@hk Don't give up skeleton. 🙂

nixCraft, to linux
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Microsoft blocks even more customization apps in Windows 11 version 24H2. Switch to or (if you need those Adobe and other apps). Both oses allows customization. Source: https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-blocks-even-more-customization-apps-in-windows-11-version-24h2/

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@nazokiyoubinbou @joergi @gamingonlinux @nixCraft I've moved my gaming PC to Linux and I'm very happy with it.
Surprisingly many games work out of the box, a few require tinkering that's often well documented on ProtonDb.
Games with heavy anti cheat measures still pose a problem, but I don't play any of those. 🙂
If you mostly play singleplayer games I recommend at least trying it out. You'll be surprised how much "just works".

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@nazokiyoubinbou sorry for "reply guy"-ing. I didn't see the post where you talked about your experience. 🙂
I also play a lot of indie games, old and new, and have had a very different experience.
Linux seems to still be a bit hit and miss when it comes to driver support. 😔
I hope things improve soon in your end.

Sumire, to pnpde German
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Jemand sehr liebes hat drüben bei Reddit einen Post für die #MörkBorg Community geschrieben, dass mein kleines Abenteuer existiert. Das war schon super!

Und dann hat Limithron - der Autor des Pirate Borg Regelwerks - höchst selbst drunter kommentiert. Und das macht mich gerade super glücklich! 🥹😊

#PirateBorg #Flaschenschiff #pnpDE

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@Sumire Glückwunsch. Ich freu mich mit dir. 🙂

repeatro, to retrogaming
@repeatro@mastodon.social avatar

...of Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country was released, which resulted in its computer-generated graphics becoming the norm for contemporary SNES games. 🤩
It was too late for the graphic designers to incorporate such a style into Yoshi's Island; instead, they pushed the hand-drawn style further as a way to "fight back". 🖍️

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

@mforester@rollenspiel.social avatar

@repeatro holy shit, they do colors now?! 🤯🤣

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