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Fucking bizarre. This was the home of a very strange person

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My thought exactly. Cyberdwarf fortress

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You mean arch is all fun and troubleshooting games

kde, to kde
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If you don't use Bing with Edge, Microsoft will tell you your computer needs repairing.


They are not wrong.

To mend your machine:

  1. Ditch Windows
  2. Install Plasma
  3. Your computer is ready.



A laptop running the laters version of Plasma, Plasma 6.

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Jokes on them, I’m not using bing in the first place

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It is no longer fish, just nuclear science

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It’s a real plate but woefully light gravy. I need my Yorkshires swimming in it

I’ll also add that I think haggis is delicious and will fight about it

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Nah, well maybe, I think OP is just jaded and I can relate

GSMArena | Sony Xperia 10 VI review (www.gsmarena.com)

Got to agree with the conclusion of the review, while this seems like a decent offering (and I personally like the “retro” look), for Є400, you might as well get a A55 with a much better screen and probably longer security support (Android OS updates aren’t that important these days).

I need to wake up early (lemmy.world)

All the vibrating alarm clocks I could find do not sync with your phone, and have to be set manually. I thought about getting an Arduino, but then I will have to build the whole thing by myself. The only logical conclusion I could come up with is to get a programable vibrator. But most of them are either very expensive of look...

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Also most smart watches will provide this functionality

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