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What specifically do you like about Winamp? I miss the whacky skins and even more so the Milkdrop 2 visualization system. There are some hacky ways to get it to work for Foobar or AIMP. I haven’t checked what’s the case for Linux media players though.

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Microsoft is not willing to part ways with their former, and now future partner. Sam has allegedly interviewed most if not all of of the OpenAI hires since its’ inception.
I think keeping him in the AI space if beneficial for the field.

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Sure they don’t. Just be aware that if you’re using public trackers you can appear here, as some of the peers track the IPs that appear in the swarms:

how do I get desktop or at least browser notifications when someone here replies to my posts?

I’m on Ubuntu using Firefox browser. I get the notifications from reddit on my desktop. On the top toolbar, there is a bell icon where I can find unread notifications from telegram, firefox (from the sites allowed to send notifications), the package manager (about software updates) …ect. Whenever someone replies to my post...

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Can you confirm that you have ‘Show Notifications for New Posts’ enabled in your user settings?

Voyager, (edited )
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Is reddit owned and operated by a malicious entity? I used to be addicted to that platform, but now I can’t stand it.

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Have you tried opening an issue with the drivers developers?

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I wish Lemmy had flairs like the language or reddit flairs so that we can filter out us centric topics.

BadBazaar espionage tool targets Android users via trojanized Signal and Telegram apps (www.welivesecurity.com)

BadBazaar malware campaigns: ESET researchers have identified two active campaigns targeting Android users with BadBazaar malware, which is attributed to the China-aligned APT group GREF. The campaigns have been active since July 2020 and July 2022, respectively....

OpenAI’s new AI image generator pushes the limits in detail and prompt fidelity (arstechnica.com)

On Wednesday, OpenAI announced DALL-E 3, the latest version of its AI image synthesis model that features full integration with ChatGPT. DALL-E 3 renders images by closely following complex descriptions and handling in-image text generation (such as labels and signs), which challenged earlier models. Currently in research...

Introduction to Linux interfaces for virtual networking (developers.redhat.com)

Summary: This article provides a brief introduction to commonly used virtual network interface types in Linux, including bridge, bonded interface, team device, VLAN, VXLAN, MACVLAN, IPVLAN, MACVTAP/IPVTAP, MACsec, and more. It explains what these interfaces are, their differences, when to use them, and how to create them. It is...

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To be quite honest the routing issue you’re referring to is most likely related to invalid/outdated mapping data, as opposed to the routing algorithm the mapping engine uses to navigate.
The benefit of using OpenStreetMap data for routing is that if you spot a mistake or a route that is incorrectly mapped you can fix it yourself, or leave a note for mapping contributors to examine and resolve. You can also browse the mapping data history and see exactly who and when mapped this region and even contact them if you wish.
OSM supports much more mapping data via tagging, which translates to more accurate driving directions. To err is human, and OSM mappers make mistakes as well, but these can be easily fixed.

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You can add a traffic layer from GMaps to OsmAnd+:

CC @CCatMan

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Not sure which application you are using, but you can use the transport map layer of OSM and see all the bus stops. Every stop likely already has the tags for bus stop features.
As for Organic Maps, it’s optimized for driving/directions and doesn’t have the advanced features that more redines apps have. That said I love it and enjoy using it for directi9ns.

Organic Maps: An Open-Source Maps App That Doesn't Suck (hardfault.life)

My impression of Organic Maps immediately improved when I started driving. It talks! It knows exit numbers! It can tell you which lanes to use! Sure, it isn’t as polished as Google Maps, but all of the functionality is present. The UI is high-contrast and easy to read, although I wish the text showing exit numbers/street names...

Twitter ranks worst in climate change misinformation report (www.theguardian.com)

The Climate of Misinformation report by Climate Action Against Disinformation looked at Meta, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter for their content moderation policies and efforts to mitigate inaccurate information such as climate denialism. The group, which is made up of dozens of international climate and...

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Was there any smoke or just the quiet embrace of death?

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