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Old-timey Internet user, social justice, he/him/🤷🏻‍♀️(any) wannabe femme, motorcycles, kayaks, RPGs, gaming, clearly flustered when asked to describe myself. #tfr
A morning person, but only if you mean “it’s still night”

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stux, to random
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Experts on bedroom doors

The expert: the cat

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@LALegault @stux Are you blocked at the Server level, LALegault?

bynkii, to random
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Charles Edge is gone.

There’s no good way to say it, a community is smaller, and a lot of people have lost a friend, a mentor, and sometimes, a co-conspirator.

For me, Charles was all three. I’m not going to bother with his technical brilliance, there’s little point in that. For me, it was about everything else. The fact he always smiled when he saw someone he knew, a sincere smile that started in his eyes.

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@bynkii Oh this sucks to hear - never had the fortune to meet Charles, but he’s a Name and his references and books were a great resource for me - the worlds a little dimmer for not having him in it.

cstross, to random
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(Ganked from @UncleDuke1969 's bsky account as he doesn't seem to toot no more):

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

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@cstross @UncleDuke1969 Looks like he’s still “tooting”: https://universeodon.com/@UncleDuke1969/112309620994273203

arstechnica, to random
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Trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine is filled with fun slo-mo action, F-bombs

Can this film revive a flagging MCU? We're gonna go with "yes."


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@skepticsbookoflists @arstechnica Based on the trailer it may be a Wolverine from another “timeline”.

Wraithe, to random
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So I’ve now had a couple of cold calls get through to me where when they mention “leveraging AI” or somesuch BS and I’ve ended the calls at that point saying “Oh, AI/LLM you lost me right there. Thanks have a nice day, please don’t contact me again.”
I doubt it’ll have any real effect but….

lkngrrr, to random
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So, uh, when you’ve lost one of the feeties off of your wrist pad, don’t search for “silicone feet” without any other qualifiers on Amazon unless you want to learn a lot about other people’s inner lives.

I don’t mean to yuck anyone else’s yum, you do you and have fun while doing it, but I was just utterly unprepared and took 2 psychic damage.

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@lkngrrr “So the first thing I did when I got down to earth was I googled “big juicy natural tomatoes”…which… lead me to a porn site for people who have a sunburn fetish?”
“I never really recovered.” - The Judge (The Good Place)

bynkii, to random
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Love all these MFers moving rural and discovering what rural internet access is really like.

Libertarians discovering the true cost of things is the best.

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@bynkii We saw the eclipse in a little town in Maine (permanent year round population of like 1100)
When the eclipse started my cellular data died. It had been slow but fine and then boom it was GONE with everyone taking pics/video/whatevr.
And that’s a tourist town so…better internet than some areas.

Wraithe, to random
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“One more house bro, just build one more house” https://alaskan.social/@seachanger/112310603541887324

Wraithe, to random
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Me spending 5 minutes searching for an original post to reference, finally finding it & the first thing I notice about it is that I had bookmarked it but never checked my bookmarks when searching for it.

Wraithe, to aiart
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Via Vincent Proce on Twitter on AI:
“This is making the rounds!” (On #AIArt)

the doubt I give them another round of feedback making it clear. Next day it's worse. I sit there and patiently paint over, even explaining the steps I would take as a painter. They don't do it, anomalies start appearing when I say I want to keep the exact image but with changes. They can't. They simply don't have the eye to see the basic mistakes so the Ai starts to over compensate. We get people starting to appear in the images. These are obviously holiday snaps. "Remove the people" "What would you like them changed to?" "... grass. I just don't want them there" They can't do it. The one that can actually use photoshop hasn't developed the eye to see his mistakes, ends up getting angry at me for not understanding he can't make specific changes. The girl whose background was a little photography has given me 40 progressively worse images with wilder mistakes every time. This is 4 days into the project. I'm both pissed about the waste, but elated seeing ai fall at the first hurdle. It's not even that the images are
I'm both pissed about the waste, but elated seeing ai fall at the first hurdle. It's not even that the images are unusable, the people making them have no eye for what's wrong, no thicker skin for constructive criticism and feedback, no basic artistic training in perspective and functionality in what they're making. Yes the hype is going to pump more money into this. They won't go anywhere for a while. But this has been such a glowing perfect moment of watching the fundamental part fail in the face of the most simple tasks. All were fired and the company no longer accepts Ai prompters as applicants. Your training as an artist will always be the most important part of this process and it is invaluable. I hope this post gives you a boost in a dark time. (Pic for algo) this machine kills Al

Wraithe, to StarTrek
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Happy Birthday to @georgetakei


kcarr2015, to AllStarTrek
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Data: You are half human.
Spock: Yes.
Data: Yet you have chosen a Vulcan way of life.
Spock: I have.
Data: In effect, you have abandoned what I have sought all my life.
: Ambassador Spock, may I ask you a personal question?
: Please.
Data: As you examine your life, do you find that you have missed your humanity?
Spock: I have no regrets.
Data: "No regrets", that is a human expression.
Spock: Yes... fascinating.🤔

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@kcarr2015 That’s a great conversation, and very well thought out/written. (I went and looked up the clip on YT)

lzg, to random
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ok this fashion trend is getting funny i love it

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@lzg It’s even funnies cos I THINK that’s Gwendolyn Christie.

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@lzg yeah since she’s my height getting an oversized shirt is extra work LOL

Wraithe, to random
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I just pulled out a book (“By Cromm” - Conan as a life coach) and it had dried cat hork on it.
I immediately knew it was from our eldest cat, gone now these past 14 months who threw up and hairballed on EVERYTHING, and for a minute, I didn’t wanna clean it off.

Grief sucks and is so fuckin’ weird.

NoraReed, to random
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btw if anyone wants to make their own orcspiration style bot, it's made in tracery with cheap bots toot sweet on mastodon, ported to bluesky with dlvr.it. here's the code, please don't steal it without asking but you can see how it works https://cheapbotstootsweet.com/source/?url=https://botsin.space/@orcspiration

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@NoraReed Orcspiration reminds me of the “By Cromm!” comics by Rachel Kahn, which featured “Conan as life coach” 😀

glennf, to random
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@gruber @benthompson Just realize that the tweets from the guy giving MKBHD grief about his potential to move a market: he is treating AI Pin as if it’s a beta product. I have, in fact, seen some savaging of beta stuff that seemed premature (unless real production fees were being charged and it was broadly available in beta). The AI Pin is so bad, that it seems like a prototype…

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@Gte @glennf @gruber @jsnell @benthompson

"You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views, which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering." - Dr Who

bynkii, to random
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In addition to everything in the article, Apple can literally spend billions on research. They need to invent a new way to mill aluminum? They have billions with which to do that.

You are not Apple, nor are you. The Apple 1 was a kit for chrissakes and the Apple II was basic plastic.

Even Apple Computer didn’t start life as Apple Inc.

People want to beat a thing they don’t understand, they may as well go to war with Santa Claus.

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@bynkii That’s a great article.

And yeah Apple is kinda at that stage where they can just make their own hot dog plants.(Costco hot dog reference 😀)

Wraithe, to random
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Excellent comment on Crypto(currency) and AI from @DjangoWexler (over on BlueSky):
“One thing AI has in common with crypto is that boosters are well aware the primary use cases are both illegal and immoral; they don't care but can't say so in public.”
… (1/2)

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“Very importantly, these actually-useful things are not big and sexy enough to support the AI hype bubble or justify the catastrophically high valuations of AI startups. They need more than that, a lot more, and they know it. Hence stuff like this.”

https://bsky.app/profile/djangowexler.bsky.social/post/3kq2so4hk6n2c (2/2)

yianiris, to random
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All you racist sexist trolls cursing and deleting your messages will not protect you, your character is revealed by the way you react.

You are sexist wolves with sheep dresses. You are trying to drag people down the mud-hole of reverse racism because that is the classic reactionary weapon that is effective. Keep it up, you make the database of reactionaries richer

@colo_lee @purplepadma

@Wraithe@mastodon.social avatar

@SallyStrange @yianiris

@SallyStrange @yianiris oh look, the dictionary definition of a “disingenuous troll”
“I can feel and understand your pain Buuuuuuuhhht” before going ahead and making it clear they absolutely do not.

And yeah, the “reverse racism” is the rancid cherry on that shit sundae of a reply.

A block well deserved IMO 10/10, would applaud again.

purplepadma, to random
@purplepadma@beige.party avatar

Someone said that saying “don’t not all men me” is like meeting racism with racism. Guess he believes in reverse racism then. First time I have ever told someone on Mastodon to fuck off

@Wraithe@mastodon.social avatar

@purplepadma Having now seen the original reply, “fuck off” was quite charitable. Sorry you had the original experience as well as that yahoo.

Wraithe, to random
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Today I have read the best description of ISDN ever: “Then she would receive incremental updates over her ISDN internet connection. For those not in the know, that was like two 56kbps modems duct-taped together (welcome to 1998)”

Source: https://thenextweb.com/news/how-pixars-toy-story-2-was-deleted-twice-once-by-technology-and-again-for-its-own-good

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Also, alternate headline:

“How Work From Home Saved Toy Story 2(or at least hundreds of hours of work)”

Wileymiller, to random
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Here's my prediction on the Trump trial today...

Trump's lawyers will appeal for a dismissal because of the crisis building with Iran and Israel. Since Trump might become president, he shouldn't be distracted with this trial so he can focus on how to resolve the crisis once he takes office and save the world, because he alone is the only one who can do it!

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@Wileymiller @GottaLaff please stop giving his legal team ideas!

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