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I'm harmless. Sometimes what I say is not what I mean.
I put up cover songs here:

About the handle: since aol IM, I've used it everywhere because it's usually not taken by someone else, and I don't want to be scottbaxter1234567.


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eyesquash, to random
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I think that my imaginary antagonist* should be used to prove my point.

*I wish that I could downvote other people's posts based on whether they use straw men, or false equivalency, etc.
But I understand the problem with a rating system that could be gamed or mobbed.
So I'm good.

eyesquash, to guitar
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So I could get a Muffuletta 6-in-1 for $200 r/t $250 while they're on sale.
Triangle, Pi, Ram's Head, Russian, Ciivil War. I read that the mids vary.

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@L0wKey Thanks!
Playing a friend's borrowed Pi has given me an Itch. I'm seeing whether he wants to sell it. Or trade for my Dan-o-Wah.

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There's almost nothing I can do but vote, and a bunch of posts are telling me that doesn't matter.

eyesquash, to random
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Another porch shot from yesterday.

eyesquash, to baltimore
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Back porchin'.

mekkaokereke, to random
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Every Black rapper has a political opinion. Every single one. But you only hear about the political opinions of the ones that support Trump. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Because that's what US news, which is tuned for white eyes, pushes.

Many white Dems and white GOP folk genuinely believe that Black folk only vote for Black folk, and that Black folk blindly vote for whoever a Black celebrity tells them to vote for. They're genuinely surprised when Black folk don't vote for Kanyes or Hershels or Tim Scotts. Every time.

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@Okanogen @mekkaokereke I'm not saying most people are racist, but if they are, it would explain a lot.

dave_heumann, to baltimore
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Folks in the area -
I am playing with bassist Christian Lumsden behind the pie shop on w36th tonight (Friday) for FREE

Music starts at 8 sharp. Hope to see you!

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@dave_heumann dammit. There were two shows I knew about last night, plus this one I just learned of, and I stayed home.
I hope it went great.

eyesquash, to ai
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Will make punk rock?

eyesquash, to random
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JHS pedals 20% off Memorial Day Monday.

They have nice things and interesting things, like a pedal with every Rat, another with every Tube Screamer, and another with six Muff circuit, or so I hear.
They have recreations of vintage fuzz pedals.
They have $99 pedals that are going to be $79.
Hmm... Muffaletta.

eyesquash, to random
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Golly what does it matter what amp I have if I don't have a big room?
[watching video about Revv amps]

RuVerb, to guitar
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Ok I have to ask: what’s the deal with Orange amps? I see them frequently online in guitar and gear Facebook groups and other forums. People seem to love them. I’ve never tried one though so I’m just curious. #guitar #gearsquad

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@RuVerb I got a used Micro Terror (20w lunchbox amp). Master vol and tone stack, no reverb. Makes a pretty carpet-ey sounding distorted tone

limebar, to random
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@limebar 'set your default search engine in your browser or bookmark the following URL: “https://www.google.com/search?q=%s&udm=14”' -- from the article

flockofnazguls, to HashtagGames
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jdm2, to random
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“What’s happening is not genocide. We reject that,” Biden said during a speech in the Rose Garden.

How can you defend this man? We’re past the “it’s obvious it’s a genocide” stage long ago.


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@jdm2 This makes me sad.

jsrailton, (edited ) to environment
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Reading this🧵? Your blood probably contains some amount of toxic made by

Enough to spike your risk of cancers & illnesses?

Without a blood test, you have no idea.

Why is their toxin running in your veins?

Well, 3M & kept the harms secret even as their toxins were incorporated into...everything.

From french fry bags to chairs.

They gaslit their own scientists.

& regularly dumped, creating toxic zones. 1/


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@jsrailton it's fine. When I'm old, I'll get cancer and lose everything I own, then I'll die, in Medicaid hospice, of massive organ failure.

eyesquash, to guitar
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Somebody else's on loan.
I want one. The Jag sounds/feels like it's alive through this thing. I hear some people don't like these?

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@mr_daemon Yeah, there's variants. I don't begin to understand their differences.

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That Pedal Show on YT will air a video about Muffs on Friday. (Muff, haha, I know, muff, yeah, whatever)
I'm stoked. They really explain what a pedal does and how it can be useful.

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@boxspring Hmm. The article @dwenius linked said the scoopier variants disappear in a band mix. I guess you could fix that with EQ or a TS or parked wah, but that's more pedals to switch.
I hope to play with a band some day.

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@boxspring My blue Fuzz Face mini is visible to the right of the borrowed Muff. I quite like the way it cleans up with single coils. It seems like it has less oomph than the Muff.
I play at home, so I lack experience with a band or at volume.

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Is it not obvious that there are people who are above other people?
Not fair, not right, no. But OBVIOUS?
The ICC is good when it agrees with the US, otherwise, no.
The lives of tens of thousands of people don't matter, and we're not even counting the other ongoing genocides (plural) because not white.
SCOTUS justices are above our judgement and simple rules of fairness and impartiality.

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When I was a teen, limerence taught me that something other than parental approval could make me feel less lousy than I normally do. I still want it though.
All I do is reach for it - something to make me feel less lousy.

deirdresm, to random
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One of the fun parts of : having no detectable blood pressure from an automated cuff in the doctor’s office.

(Whole body hypovolemia plus lack of blood return upstairs is just SO FUN.)

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@deirdresm …not.

jwcph, to guitar Danish
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Uh, OK... I think I need to take a file to this string pass-through - third time in about as many months the high E fails in exactly the same spot 🤔

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@jwcph Also, I haven't tried abrasive cord, but I hear it can be used to smooth string paths. Stewmac sells it, and so do other places.

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