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atomicpoet, (edited ) to random avatar

In a few minutes, I’m playing Soulbringer for the first time. It’s an action computer role-playing game (CRPG) released in 2000.

Forgive the crappy quality of the video – it’s an old game – but here’s the trailer.

alcea, avatar
neatchee, to random avatar

Red XIII riding a chocobo

That's it. That's the toot.

alcea, avatar


Please tell me they added that xD

alcea, avatar


It was a #schroedingers chocobo !!

alcea, to random German avatar

Great, now mastodonsocials compose interface is on urusai too sob

Lemme divine what i type "" @Gargron

alcea, avatar


Yes. . Browser is has the same isdue 😅

alcea, avatar

@neatche @Gargron

I'm glad you asked


alcea, avatar

@neatchee That wont help.
The wayback archival issue is still open from months ago..

They dont care xD

Thwnks for checkingg.
Maybe I'll try another webbrowser

alcea, avatar

@neatchee fun fact, firefox beta also hates the new compose box xD

alcea, avatar


I hope so, for those unwilling to switch browsers

alcea, to ethelcain German avatar

This is why are sent

Thank god I only started at version 8

All the missing features in 5 6 7 give me
That and the fact that much code is 100% nowadayy urk

alcea, to random German avatar


I'm now convinced this instances is nonfunctional:

<iframe src="></iframe>

Works on all the other instances I know (, ,

But on urusai .. Fails ?

Is this a issue ?
I'm so 😿

(As you can see in that collection, I tried a embed test
It works on the other instances, but .. Not here)

alcea, avatar

Right this f.e. (readd https before copy paste)
<iframe src="" class="mastodon-embed" style="max-width: 100%; border: 0" width="400" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe><script src="embed.js" async="async"></script>

They wont render "in iframe"
Which defeats their purpose.

I'll add @koyu maybe that one knows why.

alcea, avatar
alcea, avatar

@neatchee @koyu


What was the issue ?

*curious look :aquajiji:​ *

alcea, avatar

@neatchee @koyu
throws confetti

alcea, to Youtube German avatar

Fu 2024.

#Youtube is showing Ads DESPITE ME UPDATING THE #OPERA

alcea, avatar

Never would have thought that the #underrated page would one day become the only painless #youtube #watch site

(Thanks to @puniko for the #invidious )

#CodeAlcea #FUGoogle (!)

bluecaller, to random avatar

Wish I had wasn't trying to declutter from things like this. Def need one of these in my life.

alcea, avatar


I'm so glad I grew up with #GBA and not #SNES

I prefer ∅s modern design.

alcea, to random German avatar


Since ..
When. Is this ?
Was it "le update" ?

gnitro, to animals avatar

And so the dog sitting begins... Maddie has 2 Frenchies and a pug as roomies for a handful of days.

Sorry for the pug's blurry face... but its chaos right now LOL

alcea, avatar


I dogsitted 3 dogs for friends once.

Luckily 2\3 were very chill.

Small doggos however.
So loud !

neatchee, to random avatar

"I must sing you the song of my people so you know how badly we are starving" ~ my cat, Riku, probably

alcea, avatar

"Don't worry Riku, neatchee has lots of fooods"

alxdre301, to rhythmgames avatar
alcea, avatar


This looks like an #explosion 🤣

sayomgwtf, to illustration avatar

The most popular character in the Looney Tunes series

Known for his zany personality and distinct lisp, he has captured the hearts of viewers with his comedic antics and unpredictable behavior

Daffy Duck ❤️

'Tis Doodle O'Clock ~☆

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Cartoon #Doodle #fanart #kofi #LooneyTunes #WarnerBros

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neatchee, to Anime avatar

will make you care about activities you never knew you cared about

alcea, avatar

Knitting anime emerges

alcea, to php German avatar

I'm bored.

Wanna prog some #php

alcea, avatar


I would love to.

Google made me despise #RSS for the day by disabling all yt channel related feeds..

(Maybe I'll take a look tomorrow
Looks interesting)

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