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▶ "Liberal" Companies Union Bust; Protecting Tenants Rights w/ Jeremy Gantz, Leah Goodridge - MR Live

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As you may know I am not a big fan (at all!) of "reaction videos". But I just stumbled into a young (apparently Irish) woman working her way through the original "The Prisoner" -- and she was on the last episode "Fall Out".

So I watched to see if her brain would "explode".


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When it comes to Trump in prison, the political issues far outweigh the physical concerns. He would have his Secret Service protection nearby, and keep in mind he's not Magneto. He probably couldn't even break out of one of those cardboard "prisons" that you see on .

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’s WAKE UP Message >>>

"This is the world that and his friends in the have created, and this is the world they want for us....Ladies of America, of America - is this good enough for you?"

via on

Great message. I'll quote more from it when I have time later on.

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▶ Nancy Pelosi says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "should resign" Vid: RTE News

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Just when I tought I was too old for node and web programming one of my work colleagues suggested me to take a couple of youtube courses by a guy called the net ninja.

I wish this quality content was available back in the old days when I first learned programming, I cannot recommend #theNetNinja #youtube #courses more.
I am devouring the content <3

For your reference

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Coś czuję, że Książulo z Wojkiem znowu uratują kolejny biznes i będzie nowy viral, jak z rurkami.

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▶ U.N. & E.U. Demand Gaza Mass Graves Inquiry |

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▶ World's Biggest Election: A Done Deal

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Si vous utilisez Newpipe, pensez que vous pouvez copier un lien YouTube (par exemple depuis un toot) et le coller dans la zone de recherche de Newpipe. Vous avez alors accès à la vidéo directement dans Newpipe, sans passer par YouTube.
Yeah !

Vous pouvez tester en copiant ce lien et en le collant dans Newpipe (lien d'un événement sportif passé) :

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YouTube star Connor Franta claps back at Joey Graceffa's ex-boyfriend: 'I don't think about you'

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Let's have a look at Bellwright (Released to Early Access)

I wouldn't recommend it at the moment, but maybe the game is totally for you? I spent two hours with it and tried my hand at editing it down to something more watchable.

Note: I am trash with the combat system.

#gaming #bellwright #survival #pcgaming #news #youtube #video #steam #earlyaccess

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Massively Overthinking Video Production

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Github's Hilarious Comment Malware Exploit #Linux #YouTube

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▶ Is it fair to compare the encampment at Columbia to the white supremacist march in Charlottesville?

#encampment #youtube

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▶ Did An Israel Lobbyist Set Up This Viral Clip?

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Hey everyone, I’ve got a new art process video up today!

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▶ Democratic Pennsylvania voter explains why he'd like to vote for Trump but can't bring himself to

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▶ Trump's Ongoing Trial & Other Legal Quagmires, Explained w/ Randall D. Eliason | MR Live 4/23/24

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▶ Is Kari Lake backtracking on her opposition to Arizona's 1864 near-total abortion ban?

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▶ The Media Fell For Israeli Propaganda Yet Again

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📹Перше відео на 👇

19 років тому його опублікував співзасновник сервісу Джавед Карім на своєму каналі. На той момент відео «Я в зоопарку» втілювало оригінальну ідею YouTube — бути місцем для публікації шматків з життя, і не важливо, цікаві вони чи ні.


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streamers have literally discovered the media equivalent of :

An influencer reading other people’s semi-funny tweets on repeat. Hundreds and hundreds. Endlessly.

It keeps giving you little hits of dopamine over and over, keeps you hooked, wastes your time & doesn’t get you anywhere even if you feel something like a real feeling.

I call these ”brain rot”. My kid agreees, and keeps watching.

The race to the bottom of the brain stem is painful to watch sometimes. 🙁

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I’m having fun making with my digital muse @maartenballiauw for the @breakpointshow latest recording.

Which one would you click on?

Maarten with horns holding a contract with the devil in hell

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