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Arch Linux Isn't A Beginner Distro But It Was Mine! #Linux #YouTube

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Why you should always check the chapters in my videos


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I haven't gotten any #YouTube content created by myself out in a while, but I am still working on this video about Webmaster (aka Skyggen), a Danish #cyberpunk movie about a #hacker on the run.
#hackers #hacking #history


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The Linux Kernel Keeps Dropping Hardware Support! #Linux #YouTube

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What Happened To The Linux XZ Vulnerability? #Linux #YouTube

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#Youtube uploaders be aware, a ton of my older videos got marked "Not Monetized Friendly" yellow icon, check your Limited ads videos if you care to. I had about 30 max, now 90. Most should be overturned if inaccurate

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Fell into a #YouTube rabbit hole last night regarding Carmen Miranda. At one time one of the most famous women in the world -- parodied in art and famous cartoons, and the template for Chiquita bananas labels and their original commercials, she died reportedly of alcohol, pills, and smoking at only 46.

Most recognizable for her singing dances, bare midriff, and fruit-filled hats, her influence is still felt today.

I stumbled onto an episode of the Jimmy Durante show aired two months after her death (featuring Carmen guest starring) from 1955, where Jimmy first spoke to camera noting that her last performance before dying was for his show (in a comedy skit), that he felt it was still appropriate to show it, and that he had a telegram from her family giving their blessing to his doing so.

If you're not familiar with her, do a YouTube search, and be amazed.

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YouTube Age Restricted Squid Pisser’s Weird as Fck “Smog of Self Abuse” Video
That makes sense. The post YouTube Age Restricted Squid Pisser’s Weird as F
ck “Smog of Self Abuse&#

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▶ Briahna Joy Gray FIRED After Criticising Israel

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The youtube algorithms have blessed me with finding a small (sub 20k subs) creator that does some amazing work.

Go give them some love!

DrunkOnTea, to Warhammer avatar I may be on my holidays, but a new video is up on YouTube. This week I show how I painted up a Plaguebearer model.

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YouTube Is Cracking Down on Gun Content and 3D-Printed Gun Makers Aren't Happy


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▶ 970,000 homes were available to buy in March 2023 ... in a country with over 330 million people

#people #youtube

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Urgh, it pains me that so many #YouTube creators and even bigger publishers (who should know better) actually embed the subtitles on the video instead of using YouTube's subtitle feature.

Like, if you add the subtitles properly - then it keeps the source video clean, the #subtitles can be community translated, or read by a web browser as text so they can be machine translated or copied and pasted.

Embedding subtitles sucks. And if you are a content creator, plz stop. 🙃

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▶ Casual Friday! w/ Heather Digby Parton


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"and you could have it all, my empire of dirt"

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor)

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The rendition of Hurt by Johnny Cash is a reflection of redemption and regrets. Masterful...

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Trent Reznor - Hurt (Unplugged)

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You heard . Deep down you knew this was coming. Now all your art are belong to them. Time to move on to better things...

Kreative Suite

  • Krita is your new design/painting app
  • Kdenlive will give you video-editing powers
  • glaxnimate adds 2D vector animations to you videos
  • digiKam organises your collection images

  • Inkscape - create sophisticated vector-graphic designs
  • Scribus - layout like a pro
  • GIMP - need we say more
  • Blender - ditto


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@kde @kde well it appears as though #youtube has now become a "gated community" the #YT frontends are not working. It prompts a login to prove you're not a bot:(

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GameStop unexpectedly posts earnings ahead of Roaring Kitty's YouTube return


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I hate that so many tutorials and whatnot are video rather than text, for a variety of reasons.

If I had copious spare time I'd write tutorials for Godot. Almost all of the Godot instructional material I've found has been video… constantly pausing the video to try out whatever they're talking about is annoying, it takes me 3-4 hours to get through an hour of video tutorial.

#tutorials #godot


@Taffer I hear ya.. For someone with #adhd , it can be hard to focus on what is being said in the video, and pretty annoying to have to pause and unpause for each step in the #tutorial..

Kinda makes me wish #YouTube had a push-to-play option where you had to keep pushing a button for the video to play, and it would automatically pause whenever the window loses focus while I do the step.

So I made the option myself :)

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»YouTube: Sperren gegen Werbeblocker nun global«

Auch deswegen nutze ich YouTube nicht direkt, sondern Links über @invidious* oder nutze es mobil via @newpipe*, um Videos zu sehen und so weit frei vom Tracking zu sein. Leider sind noch nicht sehr viele anregende Videoproduktionen im Fediverse zB auf @peertube vertreten.


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🧵 …weshalb ich von der direkten Nutzung von YouTube abrate und ich Alternativen wie auch @peertube empfehle ist das einte (siehe Toots oben). Um entsprechende Videos zu entdecken, empfehle ich auf dem Fediverse @FediVideo und direkt @fedivideo als Videoplattform.


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