A #Cork man living in #Blarney, like. They say Cork is the real capital of #Ireland.

I work at #Automattic on various things like, Crowdsignal, other obscure things and WordPress plugins.

I take photos, so many photos. Lightroom says I have more than 388,000 photos spread over the last 22 years. I love street photography.

#WordPress #Photography #StreetPhotography

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donncha, to cork

New rules for buskers in Cork coming in. Glad to see it as the two groups on Patrick's Street - the leprechauns and the trad music players down by the old Roches Stores are playing their music at levels that hurt the ears when walking past.

donncha, to ireland

Interesting article about a Croatian woman and her German husband who emigrated to Ireland.

It's a bit dated as it's from 2019. Housing crisis is still a crisis, but IT jobs are probably not as easy to get.

docpop, to random avatar

fans: Spotify is ending app-exclusivity for some of their biggest podcasts, like . So if you stopped listening when they moved your favorite podcasts behind their walled garden, you can now enjoy them again in the podcasting app of your choice.

I recommend @overcastfm for iOS & web

They used the original aired-on date when they added these back to the RSS feed, so you may have to scroll back a little bit to see the unheard episodes.


@docpop The Science Vs RSS feed has been active since the Joe Rogan controversy. It's good to hear them again.

alisca, to random

New office layout. New desk but they have removed all the partitions.

The fucking RACKET is unreal

Gonna work from home tomorrow and then FOREVER I think


@alisca no privacy for you! Can you work from home every day?

alan.grant, to porto

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, Porto

donncha, I recognise that church. I photographed graffiti on the side wall a few years ago!

donncha, to random

That orange star in the eastern sky is Jupiter isn't it? Sky map GPS isn't always right.

donncha, to cork

@Cbfoley It was roasting. Seriously hot. There were people sitting on the benches around the bandstand with a huge shaded area in front. We went into that shade and got in the way of others who were sitting on the bench behind us, unfortunately. (well, middle-aged/older knees and legs will make sitting down on the ground very unpleasant)
Direct sun without cover, looking into the sun, would have been hell. Hopefully, they come back to perform again, on a cooler day. They were brill.

sabrinadent, to Marvel

They're doing scores from movies at the Proms on BBC 1 right now if you're interested!


@sabrinadent always at it. Always at it.


@sinabhfuil @sabrinadent haha, I don't know that song at all!


@sabrinadent Some people did and brought along EU flags :)

(Thanks @colm_ryan for the link!)

donncha, to cork

The Laurel & Hardy sketch in Cobh this afternoon was excellent.


@whatatoots yeah. They did! The cathedral played the theme song and some of their other songs all afternoon. I'll be uploading a video later. 😁

donncha, to random

Lovely to hear the Henry McKean is an Irish citizen now.

donncha, to streetphotography

A woman walks up a hill in Lanzarote, 2006. The sun is beating down, but she'll be walking into the small shade afforded by the wall of a house.


@Steveb I think I tried that but whatever way it looked I wasn't happy with it. Going out the door now but I'll take another look at it tomorrow morning and post a follow up image. Thanks for getting me thinking in another way. 😁

donncha, to cork

In a few hours time the Blarney Photography Club open night will begin!
It's on in the Blarney Castle Hotel at 7.30pm and will also be where we announce the winners of our photographers of the year and of our monthly club league.
If you're around, drop in and say hi!


@Cbfoley you're welcome to call in! Hopefully the temperature will have gone down, and the back doors are open for the draught!

garry, to food avatar

Costa Coffee recalls sandwiches and wraps amid fears they contain ‘small stones’

'The coffee shop chain warned customers over four of its lunch products in a Food Standards Agency announcement'

UK only. I'm pretty sure those two sandwiches are supplied by M&S these days. I wonder why there's no mention of them.


@garry I ate in there once and have called it Costa Lotta ever since.


@garry not locally 🙂
With a name like that I'd avoid it!

donncha, to random

Car said it was 30.5C. Phew.


@psneeze Humans too, I find. Me included. 😁


@psneeze I cut the grass an hour ago. A ball of sweat. Might as well have been raining.
Didn't help the grass hasn't been cut in 2 months. It was long!

donncha, to random

This short story about speed dating is great. Well worth a listen. ❤️

donncha, to random

I did not know this GIF was from Once upon a time in Hollywood. Saw it last night and pointed. Just like Leo did. LOL.

Leonardo Dicaprio Rick Dalton GIF

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