dnc, to food
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giangiskitchen, to apple
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Craving a comforting treat from childhood? Try caramel apples with semolina pudding - the perfect combo of sweetness and nostalgia. https://www.giangiskitchen.com/caramel-apples-semolina-pudding/

unseenjapan, to Japan
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Dagashi is a broad category that encompasses everything from seasoned fish jerky to puffed corn to chocolate sweets. It can be sweet or savory, either the perfect dessert or a delightful afternoon snack. Learn more about the history and variety of dagashi below.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #candy #snacks #food

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dnc, to food
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Time to reduce the junk. Takeaway food is ethnic-flavoured fat, salt, and sugar. There is no reason takeaway food cannot be healthy, nutritious, and delicious.


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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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NaraMoore, to food
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Made a recipe from the side of the Shio Koji bottle. Japanese Tandoon Chicken. It's really good.

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dnc, to food
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imnotyet, to baking
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I made this desert for after tonight's dinner.all I have to do is make my cream cheese frosting.This came out good,no cracks, no falling to pieces 🤗🥕🥕🥕

Bundt Carrot Cake on white plate cooling off after getting from the oven
Bundt Carrot Cake in pan just out the oven
Bundt Carrot cake batter, ready for baking 🤤

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dnc, to food
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skinnylatte, to food
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Among other things, I wrote a short tandoori kebab glossary and provided a list of places to try them in Singapore and Bay Area here


#Food #BayArea #Singapore #TootSea

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ThunderHoneySnow, to conservative
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Decades-old Cans of Salmon Reveal Changes in Ocean Health

Researchers used tinned fish to reconstruct parasitic population change, giving new meaning to the phrase “opening a can of worms”


anthropy, to food
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skinnylatte, to food
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Speaking of tofu, Pailin from Hot Thai Kitchen has a banger tofu episode in which she lets loose several tofu rants I agree with:

  • in most of Asia, tofu isn’t a meat alternative
  • tofu is often cooked with non veg items
  • people who try to ‘make it like chicken / steak’ have no idea what they’re doing
  • if you think tofu is horrible, I’m sorry you’ve not had great tofu and tofu dishes


aetataureate, to food
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it's dies mercurii. time to communicate. this can be with someone else, or you can listen to your body or mind.

i'm about to cut up a bunch of kiwis and eat them in the next day or two. tbh this is sounding like the greatest thing in the world. FRUIT. it serves my body and my mind. and now i'm telling you about it. what's your kiwi?

stephanie, to random
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How much do I suck if I'm making a vegan chili recipe with TVP and beans, but then add beef broth and cheese to it? 😅

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