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Me and my first phone Over 40 years ago.

This photo has been on my grandma's living room cabinet for as long as I can remember. She passed away a couple of years ago, and to keep her memory alive, my wife suggested we keep it in our living room.

A blast from the past looking towards the future.

No, the phone doesn't run Android or iOS 😆

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Dzisiejsze z Sopotu. Jedno z pierwszych, które zrobiłem cyfrową lustrzanką. Wtedy biegałem jescze z D70s. Bardzo zacny sprzęt.

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Photo by Alissa Nabiulinna
Source: Pexels

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Petroglyphs at Una Vida
Chaco Culture National Historic Park, NM

I'm not a photographer. A Photographer would have timed the visit to when the light fell uniformly across the cliff face. I'm just a person who takes photos of the places I'm visiting.

But these petroglyphs as so cool, I thought you'd like to see them even so.

#ThrowbackThursday #photo #NativeAmerican #history #PublicLands #AncientPuebloans #NewMexico #petroglyphs

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Photo by Lum3n
Source: Pexels

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Photo by Jovana Nesic
Source: Pexels

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The second orchid to flower on our hillside. Orchis Italica, better known as the naked man orchid, the reason for which is obvious if you zoom in.

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Today's historic of the day: Melbourne SW5 class no 764 running a cross-suburban route 82 Moonee Ponds to Footscray trip is just one stop from its destination as it heads east along Hopkins Street and is about to turn right into Leeds Street, Footscray, Vic, December 31 1985.

No 764 was one of 120 W5 class trams built between 1935 and 1939.

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Road Scenes, April 2024.

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Took my new CBR650R on a spin through the Cascade Foothills to see the new Oso Landslide Memorial. The memorial was cool, but riding at 40 MPH north of Monroe was honestly pretty boring! (Album (more photos))

#motorcycle #photography #photog #photos #photo #mywork

Lake Roesiger Store
Trafton General Store
Parked at the Oso Landslide Memorial
Oso Landslide Memorial
Oso Landslide Memorial
Oso Landslide Memorial for Brandy

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Une jolie plante tropicale d’Amérique centrale (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá) : Guzmania (Guzmania zahnii). Photo prise dans la serre «Forêt tropicale humide» du Jardin botanique de Montréal, tirée de l’album Plantes d’intérieur :
#photo #photographie #photography

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Little Lake
By Leland Howard ©

#photo #photography #nature #landscape

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Photo by Lisa Fotios
Source: Pexels

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