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A while back I wrote a couple of blog posts about how I think LLMs will be a net negative (at least in the near term), due to the extreme overhyping giving people unrealistic expectations of their ability. The direct result will be an overall degrade in internet usability as people begin flooding platforms with low quality spam that they erroneously believe to be high quality. Previously it was fairly easy to spot someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, but now LLMs enable them to word things convincingly enough to waste the time of even domain experts.

Even now I'm still often surprised by all the creative ways that people are finding to waste other's time. I just saw this post from one of the curl maintainers reporting that they've been receiving nonsense bug bounty reports based on LLM hallucinations, which I imagine is likely due to people trying to automate bug hunting despite lacking the understanding to confirm their finding. They reported that in one case the submission was convincing enough that they went over the code 3 times before coming to the conclusion that no bug existed and the report was likely AI generate.


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notification's icon looks like a nose, I always have to pause for a bit to stop seeing it as a nose

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They give me far too much credit. I have no idea how to use Microsoft Paint.

They've already unfollowed me after calling another one of my posts "boring, political, and gay", but to address their question, why does Low Quality Facts require a Patreon?

I don't know, the tobacco industry makes over 100 billion dollars a year. I'm just trying to cover rent. Support laughs, not lung cancer. Let's go with that one today.


@lowqualityfacts don't bother, it doesn't matter if it takes you 10 seconds or 10 days to make jokes, if people are supporting you on Patreon you did well enough to deserve it

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WARNING: Chrome has pushed out a new update where it now detects if you are using ad blockers, and will punish you by filling your Google search history with dumb questions about wind. This makes it seem like you do not understand wind, and will be very embarrassing if someone else sees it.

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testing how mastodon works with lemmy

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I am absolutely floored that I have 25,000 followers after less than a year of being on Mastodon. I would donate a kidney to each and every one of you. Not one of my kidneys obviously, but the sentiment is still just as meaningful.


@lowqualityfacts what do you think of lemmy? I've been testing it recently, I think it's easier to search things there as it's organized in communities that are like reddit subreddits

lowqualityfacts, to random
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Those tiny beasts nearly wiped humanity off the face of the Earth.

fbmac, to random Portuguese

@blakeyrat dall-e 3 and this image is finally possible

A giant purple elephant playing the violin in a formal tuxedo while flying through space, surrounded by a swarm of singing kittens wearing tiny top hats

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