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Living on colonized Waȟpékhute Dakota territory in Minnesota.

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RamenCatholic, to Minnesota

OK, I am officially in love with the new & I submit it for the approval of the High Council.


@twizzt my preferred the one with the hotdish 😂

SchlocklusterVideo, to sciencefiction

On December 20, 1969, All Monsters Attack debuted in Japan. Marking the occasion with some original kaiju art!


@SchlocklusterVideo I really enjoy your art, thank you for sharing it with us!

RamenCatholic, to meirl

Jan - Nov:


Flying Through the snow
Can you hear him ho ho ho
He's so full of cheer
Only has to work one day a year

Children in their beds
Visions of sugar plums fill their heads
So many kids out there
Santa must be a billionaire

Red suit, boots of black
Big sack of toys hanging off his back
How much does he weigh
How do the reindeer pull his sleigh

Nobody sees him
As he travels the world

Leaving his presents
For the good boys and girls


To enjoy this as it was meant to be enjoyed (sorry, its uncaptioned. See lyrics above)


Polychrome, to random

God linking to Facebook feels weird.

The things I do for ReBoot. :ReBoot: :blobcatreach:


@Polychrome right?! That's true love for #ReBoot right there :)

RamenCatholic, to random


Not, like, a real with a beard (although I bet our tits are similar in size). But I get to give presents to friends, which is true Santa-ness. 🧑‍🎄

🎁 🤟


@ElPulpoTX nah, it was a lot of fun 😁
I feel like I was a good Odin --- er, I mean Santa --- today.

rwhe, to random

Er, how are we supposed to riff Hogfather? It's actually a pretty good movie. I just don't have it in me to make fun of Terry Pratchett.

I'm genuinely puzzled. What's the point? My wife, who sometimes Monsterdons with me, is not interested this time for similar reasons,

Thoughts, anyone?


@rwhe Yup! I like when we get a chance to be a bit experimental when we expect a smaller turnout.

I'm looking forward to appreciating the practical effects with the crew! The "monsters" of the are pretty dope.

RamenCatholic, to LEGO

How many would it take to build a and who will gib me all the monies to make this happen?


@skyfire747 fair point, I'm just looking for a ballpark (to convince myself I can't actually afford this, lol)


@StarkRG what a bummer :(
I'll watch this with hubby later, thanks!

RamenCatholic, to discworld

Hello friends - we're having a very special Holiday showing of this month!

Part 1 is on (12/24)
Part 2 is on (12/31)

We will be live-tooting each part starting at 8pm US Central. Check out the tag for more details!

Please join us!



@sentient_water we stream it on whatever we can find, then livetoot. We get out of sync sometimes, but that's fun too.

is available on tubi, pluto, roku, peacock, plex.


@sentient_water probably :) follow the tag to get updates, too!


<- click <-"follow"
(In my app its in the upper right corner)


@aburka come along!
I'd say it's pretty light on general Discworld spoilers & can be watched as a stand-alone.


@aburka this is acceptable, but I hope you find the time for part 2 soonish!

bunnyhero, to random

oh crap somehow i forgot about lol. had a much busier than usual weekend, guess that's why


@bunnyhero I'll absolve your absence this time, my child. flicks unholy water

RamenCatholic, to television

I forgot to start the movie on #Tubi several minutes early to get thru the opening commercials, I barely started on time.

This movie started quite abruptly.

#Monsterdon #ItCameFromHell


@mattbille normally, sure, but this is a really short, and really bad, movie. It needs something interesting to happen, soon.


On a snake AND a monkey just chilling in the lab. This is the most interesting thing that has happened so far.

CactuarJoe, to Cinema
@CactuarJoe@retro.pizza avatar

Alright it is an hour until , your weekly monster movie viewing party. This week we are watching FROM HELL IT CAME (1957), a very dramatically named movie about a killer tree stump.

If you'd prefer not to see a bunch of goofy toots about a corny monster movie, add the tag to your blocklist! Or you can join us, we start at 9pm eastern and the movie is available gratis right over here: https://tubitv.com/movies/507441/from-hell-it-came

Be there or be mulched!


@CactuarJoe no, they are mispronouncing "toboggan" (spoiler alert: the tree monster is named "Rosebud")

UnseenCrafts, to art
@UnseenCrafts@mastodon.world avatar

All the photos, including the sword & auction details for tomorrow night! Huge thanks to the Terry Pratchett Estate for their kind permission to create him.

Crochet Rob Anybody
Sword progress photos
Facebook group- Artists Raising Money For Wildlife. 24th November. 8-10:30pm


@UnseenCrafts this is really cool, I hope he found a happy home!

RamenCatholic, to random

@Holir_ @Dexterdy @lowqualityfacts invisible friends ARE real friends! Especially & Snuffy!


@skribe as a Orthodox Muppetist, I believe this is a modernist heresy.

@Holir_ @Dexterdy @lowqualityfacts

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