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It is too simple to be useful in real life: a mere 8 by 8 grid, no fog of war, no technology tree, no random map or spawn position, only 2 players, both sides exact same pieces, etc.

Polytopia addresses these limitations.


Ah yes, teams as valuable as FIRST-Judd Racing, true legends of motorsport


Pfff… who would want a team with 45 years of history, 9 WCC, 7 WDC, 114 wins and 128 podiums, and that last season scored points 8 times and had 7 Q3 appearances. It’s so much better to have a team that hasn’t designed and/or built a chassis in the last two decades!


Then your meme makes no sense. The three teams at the bottom picture aren’t bidding for a 11th entry, so there is no point in comparing them. They can’t “bring” value to F1 (whatever value they have is already part of F1) and they have proven to be much more competitive than the backmakers of the '80s, '90s, '00s or ‘10s. Andretti is quite likely to be similar to those old-time backmakers (no experience in chassis, no technical partnership with an established F1 team, a project with 4 different sites between America and Europe that somehow is even worse than Haas’) and has failed to prove that they bring enough money in the long-run to offset the costs associated to a new entry: FOM is purely motivated by greed, if they thought that Andretti could bring loyal spectators and not just a short-timed fad, they would be in.

And if you take a look at reddit (yeah, I know I shouldn’t), there is a lot of people that are seriously proposing forcing one of the existing teams to sell to Andretti or even kicking them out of F1. So it wasn’t totally out of question that this meme was advocating for replacing one if the existing teams.


Everything, not everyone

Are “human animals” things or ones?


from defending itself against Hamas before Israel achieves meaningful security goals

Please explain to me, in what world “defending against Hamas” (which are islamist terrorists) and “achieving meaningful security goals” includes bombing a Greek Orthodox Christian church?


It’s funny that, except for Haas, the launch dates are more or less in reverse expected championship order


Nope. The topic at hand is free ice-ceam. A topic that you, as a rational adult, can understand that is 100% literal and not at hyperbolic example to make a point about general trends and not a single specific item.


The US FCC defines ionizing radiation as wavelengths smaller than 124 nm (which corresponds more or less to the ionization energy of both oxygen and hydrogen, so it is a sensible definition).

The “most starlight” part is a bit trickier. Stars emit light in a wide spectrum (approximately black body radiation) depending on their temperature: hotter stars emit bluer light and are more luminous, but very rare, while cooler stars are redder and fainter, and much more common. Yellow stars (spectral type G), like the Sun, emit mostly between 400 nm and 750 nm (visible spectrum), while red stars (spectral type M) mostly emit from 700 nm to 1000 nm,

So let’s say that you want all the light with wavelengths of 1000 nm or smaller turned into ionizing radiation. That gives us a blue-shift of 1+z = lambda_obs/lambda_em = 124 nm/ 1000 nm = 0.124.

The relation between speed and blue(/red)-shift is given by the relativistic Doppler effect:

1+z = sqrt((1+beta)/(1-beta))

where beta=v/c and c is the speed of light. Solving for beta

beta = ((1+z)^2 -1)/((1+z)^2 +1)

And plugging the numbers, you get beta = -0.970, where the minus sign means that you are moving towards the star. At 97% of the speed of light.

If you only wanted to turn most of the sunlight into ionizing radiation, you would need “just” 94.7% of the speed of light.


Wow, that number is quite amazing. 22% of American Jews in 2021 thought that the 2023-24 military campaign is a genocide. So at least 22% of American Jews are time travelers!


The plot was semi-historical, so it could have ended with Stede’s demise.

Zelenskyy, Blinken, Israeli president and more will come to Davos to talk about global challenges (apnews.com)

More than 60 heads of state and government and hundreds of business leaders are coming to Switzerland to discuss the biggest global challenges during the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering next week, ranging from Israeli President Isaac Herzog to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy....


Do you really think that Zelenskyy is against the genocide in Gaza? Ukraine has abstained in both UN resolutions about it: ES-10/21 and ES-10/22


Fedora 39 is clearly superior to Ubuntu 23


Is Ben-Gvir already asking for his “voluntary” transfer outside of Israel?

The 6.7 kernel has been released (lwn.net)

Some of the headline features in this release are: the removal of support for the Itanium architecture, the first part of the futex2 API, futex support in io_uring, the BPF exceptions mechanism, the bcachefs filesystem, the TCP authentication option, the kernel samepage merging smart scan mode, and networking support for the...


There are many room-temperature semiconductors, for example silicon.

Meissner effect is related to superconductors


Other countries can email them at ethnic.cleansing@israel.gov


No. It’s a conflict in a highly urbanised area with one side (hint: Israel) deliberately bombing targets to cause as many civilian casualties as they can



So, we have to be grateful that Israel hasn’t dropped a fucking nuke, how magnanimous! Not to mention the little detail that nuclear fallout doesn’t care about borders. A nuke in Gaza would kill hundreds of thousands in Israel.

The previous comment tried to argue that Israel wasn’t committing genocide because they didn’t bomb refugee camps and because they evacuated the population, and I showed that both of the claims are false. The rest is you moving the goalposts.

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