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anna, to random
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A note on doctor’s notes: I am blind since birth. When I was trying to transfer from a university with no accessibility center to another that had one, I needed a doctor’s note with updated eye test results to prove I’m disabled to the commission of the test I was about to take. I needed that to validate my accommodations request.

The ophthalmologist I saw since I was a child — who wrote multiple papers about my conditions — couldn’t be bothered to fill out the necessary paperwork.

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@anna Wow that is so awful!

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@anna Oof. What a terrible realisation.
Also I just saw the boost you did which gives context to this post and… wow. 😤

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@anna Yeah for sure; I got where you were coming from; there are many things wrong with the proposal.

mattcen, to random
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Just turned on my TV only to see a message like "not enough space" which quickly disappeared. Not enough space for what? Who knows. Apparently none of the apps I have installed need updating. All that is on this TV besides the mandatory factory default apps are 10 streaming apps. Hardly something that should fill the storage on a $1,200 AUD LG TV.
Wait "Available Internal Storage: 0.57/1.37GB"?! What sort of pathetic storage is that?!

18+ mattcen, to random
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My Fitbit Charge 5 won't hold a charge as of yesterday. Usually I charge it each 3-4 days. I've charged it 4 times today.
Top search results (NB: I am not soliciting advice) show click-baity pages like "Fitbit Not Holding Charge? Here’s How to Fix it!" (https://thewearify.com/fitbit-not-holding-charge-heres-how-to-fix-it/)

I get that maybe some users may find this useful, but, if I'm searching for this, it's probably because this has just started happening unexpectedly! Sigh.

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@Unixbigot Sure, I'll bite, whatcha got?
I've tried the factory reset, charging and then letting it discharge just a bit before re-charging it again, and letting it run completely flat a couple of times (mostly by accident). I'm still trying variations on the above. (I don't remember if I've had this happen temporarily before with this device, or if it was my previous tracker.)

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@Unixbigot Ooh, I'm not sure! I've got some cheap USB power meter somewhere (if I can find it), but don't recall if it records usage over time or just instantaneous usage. If I can find it I'll give this a shot! I also might just see if I can get it replaced under warranty (need to check its age etc.). Replacing the battery could be tricky given I also want it to remain water resistant.

mattcen, to random
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I’ve said this before, but I still really love how content warnings allow me to censor myself less by letting viewers opt in to certain types of content.

jessta, to random
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It seems bizarre that anyone would think that reducing public transport fares is a good way to reduce cost of living pressures. It's not going to get people out of their cars because it's a minor saving on the already huge savings of not driving.

So this becomes a handout to people that can already take public transport.

$150 million could get you a lot of extra services. Either expanding services to places not currently catered to or expanding frequency on exisiting routes.

If you want people out of cars and on to public transport then accessibility, convenience and flexibility are what you need to target. Affordability isn't as important because public transport is already always cheaper than the alternative.


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@jessta This isn't universally true. I'm a sample size of 1, but for me to catch public transport to my my parents' home (~6km) is a 30-minute trip each way via public transport, at a cost of $10 (round trip, if I stay out more than 2hr). Given I already pay for my car year round out of other necessity the monetary cost of fuel per km is, unfortunately, somewhat cheaper than that (and I save ~15min). I'd happily catch PT if it was Melbourne made this same change.

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@keira_reckons This is the thing that I find most disappointing: I can catch either a single tram or a bus to my folks' place (which include only 20min or 10min total walk time one way, respectively), and it's still less worthwhile than driving.

18+ mattcen, to random
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Got myself out into the park to go cruisin' for that sweet D! (Vitamin! Get your mind out of the gutter; there's only room in here for one of us!)

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@emmadavidson @mattcen With how sunny it is here, I was actually almost too warm! Might even go for another swim later! Hope you manage to overcome the chill!

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@emmadavidson @mattcen Woo! Nice one! 😀

shlee, to fediverse
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I'm just a humble country chicken admin, but I've been thinking a lot about the cost of the fediverse and how we can improve it for all of the instances... in a coop kind of way

The cost of handing all of the media is THE major problem for me atm.


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@shlee Certainly sounds like an interesting problem to solve! If only I could justify a bunch of time to learn about Mastodon internals and ActivityPub, before cutting a bunch of code! This capitalism thing really sucks!

shauna, to random
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If you want to follow along with Ghost's attempts to implement ActivityPub they are surprisingly hilarious


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@shauna Oh wow thanks for sharing! Hilarious indeed!

girlonthenet, to random
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Lol yeah, that's right motherfucker. My house, my rules, shut the fuck up.

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@girlonthenet At the risk of mansplaining: "forgetting that I have boring legal responsibilities that conflict with that."
Also though, there's no conflict, because "free speech" almost never actually covers what people can say in curated online spaces; just that they won't experience governmental repercussions for what they say! Guys like this (and it is "guys") frustratingly just don't get this at all. 🤦

EDIT: I should've kept reading before posting this; seems like you cover this further down. This attitude of folx still annoys me though!

phildini, to random
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Happy Glorious 25th of May

“How do they rise up?”

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@phildini they rise arse up, arse up, arse up…

eric, to random
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you should have heard this thing I said to my wife earlier. very funny. very clever. I don't remember the specifics.

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@eric I love how the non-specificity of this lends itself to facilitating the imagination of something potentially even more hilarious than the original thing.

mattcen, to random
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I'm looking for a person in finance, with a trust fund. I don't care about their gender, height, or eye colour. 💰

qdot, to random
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none pizza left glue

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@qdot This feels so niche and I love it.

rfc6919, to random
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wow, I was today years old, etc.

“lenticular” -> “shaped like a lentil”

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@rfc6919 A good reminder that all words are just made up.

pbone, to random
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Are you good with Python and want to come and work on developer-workflow tools at Mozilla?


This position is open to Australians too!

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@pbone Why yes, I do believe I am! 👀

mattcen, to random
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i've had a persistent earworm for almost a week. this is ridiculous

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Update: the earworm persists. I’ve formed the theory that its tempo, rhythm, and rhyming make it particularly echolalic.

mjg59, to random
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Why does my IdP have two entirely different flows for MFA auth depending on how you're hitting it

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@foone @mjg59 I was thinking this too recently when trying to work out the issue with an upgrade to a proprietary app. I'd have given anything to just read the source code to work out what was going on (even if it was Java)!

minxdragon, to random
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Tips for staying in a house with someone who is covid positive? I am still negative but I am also still a close contact. Sigh. I really don't want to get this if I can! We're masking and have an air purifier.

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@minxdragon Oh no, I’m sorry. 😢
On a related note, do you have a recommendation for the cheapest places to get this specific test? I was reading today (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0039914024005265) they’re one of the most reliable. So far the best I’ve found is https://www.biofast.com.au/fanttest/; I suspect it doesn’t get better than that.

liamvhogan, to random
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Vote [1] Liam for national service of all 18 year olds to spend a year surfing, punching cones, playing video games, riding bikes, drinking beer with friends in the park. Do some art, learn some guitar chords, volunteer a bit, whatever.

This is not a shitpost, I have never been more serious about a policy in my life

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@coolandnormal @liamvhogan It absolutely does!

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