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«Try again. Fail again. Fail better.»
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larsmb, to random German
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Wählen ist nicht genug, aber nicht-wählen ist zu wenig.

tante, to random
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This should basically be a legal requirement:
If you sell a piece of hardware that requires a cloud service to run you need to also provide a replacement that users can use when your company fails/shuts down/pivots whatever. It doesn't need all the fancy features but should keep the object in question's basic functionality working

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@tante I'm totally up for hating on enshittification and "cloud just because", but that's completely unrealistic as a general requirement.

What I do think should be required is a prominent labeling that end users understand that they're about to buy a product that has such core dependencies. (And which functions will remain if these are unavailable.)

And a warranty-like guarantee that these services will remain available for X years.

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@m0xee Yes, they would have to be.

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@mikewas I could see BUSL or something (requiring to open the code and hardware on bankruptcy), but even that is difficult (since they may use 3rd party libraries that require licenses etc).
Thorny problem, and I think it's a risk consumers need to be more aware of and which can't be perfectly fixed.

larsmb, to random German
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Ich glaube allerdings das mit "Damian Hieronymus Johannes Freiherr von Boeselager" als Spitzenkandidat insgeheim hofft ein paar Reichsbürger abzufangen and I'm not even mad about it

Der arme Mann.

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@volt_osthessen Müssen wir das Konzept Ironie durchsprechen oder versteht ihr das so? :)

bkastl, to random German
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"At first glance, the Recall feature seems like it may set the stage for potential gross violations of user privacy. Despite reassurances from Microsoft, that impression persists for second and third glances as well."

Ah ja. Microsoft Recall. Super Idee. Bestimmt.


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@bkastl Ohne Cloud Sync wäre das heutzutage (wir haben alle zig Devices) quasi wertlos.

An dem Design ist insgesamt so viel absurd fragwürdig dass ich es mir nur mit 7 Wochen Verspätung erklären kann.

xahteiwi, to random
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The difficulty in troubleshooting issues with the radosgw S3 API is often the question of whether for a particular call radosgw has an implementation bug, or S3 as implemented in AWS is really stupidly counterintuitive.

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@xahteiwi The AWS S3 API docs are reasonably good tho.

(They need to be because that protocol clearly never has had an overall design lead, even by committee.)

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@xahteiwi 1. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/batch-ops-legal-hold.html starts with "The Object Lock legal hold operation enables you to place a legal hold on an object version." and "The operation works on the latest version of the object unless a version is explicitly specified in the manifest." - and https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/object-lock.html "When you lock an object version, ..." "With Object Lock, you can also place a legal hold on an object version." - so just the one.

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@xahteiwi For 2., since the object lock is set on individual object/versions, and removed by specifying "off" (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/batch-ops-legal-hold-off.html), and https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/object-lock.html "Similarly, if you remove a legal hold while an object version ..." suggests to me that you also only remove it per version.

At least as the intended behaviour; I didn't check whether all various S3 endpoints act accordingly.

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@xahteiwi Ah. Well. At least the docs are clear? :-)

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@xahteiwi https://docs.ceph.com/en/latest/radosgw/s3/objectops/#put-object-legal-hold and the GET below seem to suggest this is intentional.
This looks like a difference to AWS.
So both seem to be compliant with their documentation.
https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/storage-ceph/5?topic=lifecycle-enabling-object-lock-s3 otoh refers to the object version(s) explicitly in the "important" section.
TL;DR: this looks like a bug somewhere in RGW then. Good luck 😬

vik, to homeassistant
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is going well, but I need to move all the devices to another network SSID and password. Searching for how to do this is basically full of "why would you do that?" but no solutions that don't involve manually diving in to the config "secrets" - followed by replies saying "don't do that!" Well, security is one reason. I can't be alone here, right?

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@vik I've got a lot of devices and bridges and everything that I'd love to move to a new, private wifi.

It'd mean repairing everything and thus I've been putting that off for about a year now.

This isn't a thing that is baked into the wifi standard 😬

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@vik Then off you go! Otherwise, you'll end up like myself with several dozen of devices to repair and worse, potentially end up with new IP addresses 🙂

tazgetroete, to random German
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Ein Boulevardblatt hat herausgefunden: Die KI, die auf neutral tut, tickt eigentlich linksgrün! Warum das kein Skandal, sondern Grund zur Freude ist. http://www.taz.de/!6008868/

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@tazgetroete Die KI tickt natürlich gar nicht, sondern liefert schlicht die Antworten, die aus dem kuratierten Trainingsset heraus am wahrscheinlichsten wirken.
Ich finde es natürlich objektiv richtig und gut, dass das "linksgrün" ausfällt.
Aber selbst wenn es objektiv richtig ist hätte das auf eine Wahl nur Auswirkungen, wenn Fakten eine Wahl stärker beeinflußten als Gefühle und Gruppenzugehörigkeit.
Da habe ich leider schlechte Neuigkeiten.

ennopark, to random German
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Musste lachen: Chat-GPT & Co. tendieren zu den Grünen, wenn sie mit den Fragen des Wahl-O-Mat konfrontiert werden. Ob man darin jetzt einen Bias in der Datenbasis sehen will oder einen Ausdruck von Vernunft einer künslichen Intelligenz, hängt wohl vor allem vom eigenen Weltbild ab.


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@ennopark "Die meisten der KI-Tools stammen aus dem linksliberal geprägten Silicon Valley"

Mein Gelächter hört noch nicht auf.

baldur, to random
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“Google Cloud shows it can break things for lots of customers • The Register”

Like I said when the layoffs where first announced, you’re going to see random shit go wrong because these cos now have a bunch of systems nobody in-house understands any more. This is what happens with mass layoffs https://www.theregister.com/2024/05/20/google_cloud_network_outage/

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@baldur Surely Gemini can explain 😐

larsmb, to random
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Having a paid subscription for a weather app and being able to see the forecast comparison between GFS, ECMWF, ICON-D2, ICON-EU, Meteoblue, AROME, and when I'm just slightly further west UKV, and how they never agree on anything, has not been the planning help I thought it would be.

Though ICON-D2 seems to be the most likely for Berlin; are historic comparisons between models and reality anywhere?

stooovie, to random
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The new #Sonos app is getting even worse! After the last update, the local Music Library takes like 5 seconds after launch to even appear, and then AFTER YOU PLAY SOMETHING, IT DISAPPEARS ALTOGETHER.

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@stooovie At this point I think exists as a case study in how not to software.

I wish they'd hire the professional coaching they so obviously need.

cindyweinstein, to ai


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@cindyweinstein Some of those that force workers
are the same that train models

lirontocker, to random
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It appears hostage square in Berlin has already been defaced. What can I say, Berlin. If you really want Jews to leave the city then we will eventually have to oblige.

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@lirontocker I do not understand how anyone can sympathize with the raping, torturing, inhumane hostage takers 😞

The hostages all deserve our undisputed sympathy and support and all possible aid.

larsmb, to hiking
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ZenBivy FlexAir or Big Agnes Rapide SL for a side sleeper?

(in the tall & wide version.)

larsmb, to random
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When you first read about only to eventually realize that it is, in fact, not a sweet nostalgic retro conference about the early internet.

larsmb, (edited ) to random
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I (emphasize on:) tried to see if #ChatGPT4o could possibly be helpful at an annoying kitchen task - converting US recipes to measurements I understand.
The initial conversion left me a bit confused - it had 2/3 and 1/3 cups of honey, so surely, there should be a 2x relationship after the conversion?

Turns out you can't trust this confidence scam for anything.

Brought to you by the same people who measure sticky "fluids" by volume I guess?


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@mene Yeah, though this should be a common enough question that it could pull it from the text corpus.

Plus, some have started "doing math" by "formulating" python code and then reincorporating the answer.

But the way how it does get it right when prompted explicitly and starts apologizing, it does remind me of a polite mansplainer.

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