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Google is doing this for several years now already.

Go to Photos as and a lot of features are behind Google One or 1st year of Pixel purchase.

Samsung is just getting inspiration from likes of Google and Apple, and not the other way around.


I see.

After ruining their streaming and movies, they are focusing on their gaming division.


Before I suggest this, I’m not 100% how private and secure this is, but AeroInsta doesn’t show any ads and promises not to send cookies and any of your data across.

You can download APK from here


“So you’re saying more tax cuts to these billionaires? Done deal” - entire world’s leadership


The comparison makes no sense whatsoever


I’ll join you to hell where we’re definitely gonna end up after this


For me Amazon delivers to my doorstep, listens and acts on complaints if undelivered or product is faulty, arrange replacement for free, allow me to use stuffs for a month and then return no questions asked, and is way more cost effective.

Say whatever about their business practices, they beat local stores in every possible way and it’s not even close.

For me as a customer, local stores doesn’t make any possible sense.


The only version management I believe in is Nver.

I write code once and then leave the project completely. Start with 0.0.1 and end with 0.0.1


I don’t wait for it to get really hard. I give as soon as I start something.



You know what, Alphabet and Meta will accept breaking up and form Google and Facebook respectively


It’s not about that actually, it’s discrimination.

These people are still seeing ads, but not the ones which they need at their age


For some people, Facebook is internet


Great news is that Amazon has also added delivery fee for same day and overnight deliveries for Prime members. At least in UK

So basically it’s too much payment for not much of benefits


You forgot -

  • Housing crisis which makes house impossible to afford.
  • Rent crisis which makes event renting harder and gives owners freehand to increase rent however they like
  • Global job scarcity
  • Stagnation of income in sight of exploding inflation

India must be wishing that right now


Yup, and they have US and UK concerned


Trudeau said he has credible evidence of assassination of one sikh leader, who is a Khalistani separatist. India had branded him terrorist.

Canada has also suspended one Indian diplomat and ended FTA.

Now they are demanding that India cooperate with them in the investigation.

While India may or may not be involved in assassination, it seems Canada has jumped the gun if they’re already investigating and needs India’s cooperation.

US and UK are obviously concerned and Australia has officially demanded if India has any role in it. India officially rebutted the allegations and both all political parties are onboard this rebuttal.

If you put India in frame, then a lot of Indians are celebrating that person’s assassination as he was a separatist. Some feel it’s likely that India has hand in it.

If you put Canada in frame, it looks like Trudeau has intentionally jumped the gun to win over Sikh vote bank in Canada, which are pro-Khalistan, unlike Sikhs in India who are mostly against it.

If I dare to provide an opinion, it feels more like a political blow-off, especially given the fact that India doesn’t find Canada as good enough aly and Trudeau needs to push for his political campaign.

This isn’t the first time Trudeau tried anti India rhetoric, he even did while in India when he tried supporting Khalistan there.

This isn’t the first time when India tried to brush aside the issue either and called Canada’s Khalistan claims bullshit.


Key point to remember for men like me -

This only applies to men who are at least somewhat attractive.

If we go out there and do that, we’ll be arrested


How big of flop is it going to be?


Wonder Woman also did amazing numbers before WW84 made the lowest opener for DC

Since the first movie, there’s no trust left in DC, the DCEU is already r making this movie a zombie, and WB hasn’t yet learnt from Ezra fiasco sheen they decided to persist with Amber.

The only real question is if this will be buffet flop then The Flash or The Blue Beetle?


The last hit DC was Shazam and without any controversy and with good director, Shazam 2 was a big flop as well.

Wan may attract few crowd, but saying people care about DC is outlandish. Even worst MCU movie, Ant-man 3, made more than past 3 DC movies. There is no superhero fatigue, but there’s definitely DC fatigue, especially when it’s already going to be rebooted.

Btw last Wan movie was a flop, and it was his own genre, horror.


Tell me when something concrete happens against Trump.

He has his struggles with law since very young but he always escape unscathed. I don’t see anything changing even now.

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