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Tweaked my Postgresql config. Now time to restart. I may or may not be back in a few minutes. Why must I do these things...😂

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I made it. lol.

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Urgent: PuTTY 0.81, released on 4/15/2024, fixes a critical vulnerability CVE-2024-31497 in the use of 521-bit ECDSA keys (ecdsa-sha2-nistp521). If you have used a 521-bit ECDSA private key with any previous version of PuTTY, consider the private key compromised: remove the public key from authorized_keys files, and generate a new key pair.

Should update FileZilla and other software, too, for same reason.


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So many of the Little House on the Prairie cast are still alive, some in their 80's and one is 94.

The article has images of the cast.

🔗Little House on the Prairie show celebrates 50 years

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Side Hustle: Signs up for every dust allergy medical medication trial that pays participants.

book closing, dusting flying out.

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I’m looking up information on water filters and stumbled on this press release about California allowing more chromium 6 in the water supply?

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I think that press release is from a group that's not happy with the level.

While trying to eliminate it, California was ordered by the court in 2017 to set an "economic feasibile" level when sued by groups opposed to their then effort.

They had to use certain guidelines and set up a certain public process to determine the level.

This is the first time the standard was set from, what I understand, under the court directed ruling.

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I'm really irritated with Google and want to get rid of my Gmail but this will not be easy. I have lots of saved emails. Not sure what to do with it all. Any suggestions?

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@simplenomad @idoubtit

I've had good luck using the spam filtering system through my hosted domain but it takes some tinkering and work training, esp at the start. Not much, though.

If spam sneaks through, just go and set the rule based on why but mainly checking and releasing caught emails and adjusting the rules as to why it was caught.

In no time, a good set of rules will be set.

It uses both SpamAssassin and JellyFish Spam Protection.

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This, my dear children, is not Jerry Lewis.

This is Kevin Hart.

Just when we were fighting intentional disinformation, now we have to fight computerized generated disinformation.

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SMDH. Katy Tur and MSNBC is playing Fantasy Congress where there is a 10 GOP member House lead plus MTG. SMDH

Tell me there's nothing more important that they could be discussing right now.

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A guy just left his Range Rover running in the grocery store parking lot. I feel like I should steal it just to make the point.

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Maybe just the keys.😉

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Always choose the misdemeanor over the felony, esp when you can inflict the same amount of pain.😂

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If you spent $10K and bought widgets at $10 ea., then sold them for $20 ea., you have to pay tax on the $10K profit at earned income.
If you bought land w/ the same $10K and it doubles in price, you pay tax on the $10K profit at capital gain.
Why should capital gain be different?

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I remember when capital gain used to be higher than earned income because it was unearned, made from nothing, money. Not sure if it still is or not. I haven't had any capital to gain from in many, many years. What capital we had capital gains from had to be used many years ago for medical care.

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Back in my day, we didn't have WAP. We had "Bomp bah bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bomp" and "Rama lama lama lama, rama ding dong".

Use that data as you wish.

🎶When my baby heard
"Bomp bah bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bomp"
Every word went right into her heart
And when she heard them singin'
"Rama lama lama lama, rama ding dong"
She said we'd never have to part

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New: Facebook's AI chatbot told a parent in a group asking for advice from other parents that it has a gifted, disabled child who attends school in New York City

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I know someone who taught Meta AI's child. All it wanted to do all day was troll people on Quora posts and cut and paste "chkdsk C: /f /r" and "sfc /scannow" on Microsoft Answers help forums as a "Trusted Advisor."

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“No one really expected the Revolution to start with the Swifties leading the Bee hive and all the other fandoms into destroying the mechanism of government, killing all the Nazis and hardcore Christofascists, and eliminating uncontrolled, unregulated capitalism.”

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"...all so they can save a little honeybee that's going extinct. "

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Someone apparently blocked me for asking them 2x to read my whole thread (total of 2 posts) before twice responding inaccurately after only reading the first one.

I really don’t get it.

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Someone on the 'doomers' thread, I bet.

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@GottaLaff @alexhammy

I was just catching up on your post and it looks like an account by someone who wants to leave comments but not from their main account where they can get called out and suffer the consequences. "...Observing from a safe distance"

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If you want to binge watch the old TV sitcom Bewitched, currently you have to watch seasons 1 thru 3 on Amazon Freevee, season 4 and 5 on Tubi and season 6 through 8 on Roku.

Bewitched into

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Yeah. I should have mentioned that was they way for the "free" providers. I'm not sure what Hulu has. It may have all of them.

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Biden could be excluded from Ohio's Presidential ballot due to DNC negligence

GOP's Secretary of State caught the conflict in law, notified DEMS.

The Democratic National Convention, which nominates the candidate, is scheduled to convene on Aug. 19, which will take place more than a week after the Aug. 7 deadline to certify a presidential candidate in

DNC must move up nominating conference or Ohio must pass a new Act by May 9 changing the law

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Inflammatory article title~Ohio Dems haven't put forth a plan or asked and have instead said they defer to the Biden campaign to make sure he is on the ballot.

Dems better make sure he's on the ballot because Dems will stay home & end up losing Sherrod Brown's Senate seat

GOP says they aren't going to put forth a solution, it's up to the Dems to do that. Dems are mum.

Biden campaign says of course he will be on the ballot but refuses to answer questions

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They need to come up with something. The GOP has no interest in being charitable. Lucky A letter got sent

What really upsets me about this entire situation is, Dems are still playing pre-2016/2020 politics. I read another article a couple weeks ago where one major Dem was like, 'Oh, this happens all the time and the deadline will get changed by legislature.' Another was, 'It doesn't matter, Biden won't win Ohio anyway'

This isn't the old GOP. These are radicals. Don't rely on them

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CYBERTRUCK is the Happy Fun Ball of automobiles. The $61,000 Happy Fun Ball.

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@kyleejohnson @dannotdaniel @lisamelton

It was a good 12-minutes.

Sarcasm aside, I think if anyone kills Telsa, it will be Elon. He just laid off 10% of its global workforce, BY EMAIL, in a blindside.

“Your last working day will be today, April 14, 2024. Effective now, you will not need to perform any further work and therefore will no longer have access to Tesla systems and physical locations”

How could any employee trust working there?

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