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Does this look like !howtodocrimes to you.

Bribe a homeless person with cash to open a PO box. Do it several cities over.

Don’t worry, the homeless dude totally won’t steal your drugs.

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Last year, we had a major problem with homeless people into this shit in Boulder. You may recall there was a homeless encampment with Nazi and Christian Nationalist flags in South Boulder that went viral on Reddit and Redditors went and stole the flags. Those same assholes were also selling lots of meth.

The long time homeless folks in Boulder HATED it because it was reflecting badly on them and was causing public spaces to be closed to them. So they teamed up and ran the Nazi meth heads out of town. I wouldn’t be surprised if that just meant “they moved to Denver.”

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Here’s an idea: Raise your prices WITHOUT doing some cutesy “fee” thing, raise servers pay and then tell your customers you don’t accept tips, like MOST of the western world.

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Imagine if they all were required to do stuff like this…

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Hey now, I read Jumper as a teenager and it was one of my favorite books… Admittedly, adult me has never gone back and read it so maybe you’re right, but I have read the sequels and I thought they were okay. The fourth one has Danny and Millie’s daughter teleporting into Low Earth Orbit and using a bunch of real life space and satellite communications technology, which was cool because I consult in that industry and so it was like “Hey! I know what she’s doing and that would work!” or even “I have a client who’s working on something just like that!”

It doesn’t fit the prompt because they’re actually both really good, but the movie Contact is better than the book. Carl Sagan wrote in a very rambley, wordy way (kinda like how he talked). He spends like two and a half pages describing Palmer Joss’s tattoos or Ellie Arroway’s hair. So much of the stuff in it is so cool, but it’s very hard to read. I’ve tried three or four times in my life, and I’ve ended up skipping around and just reading random parts of the story.

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I haven’t tried to watch Three Body Problem, because I disliked the book so much. I’m not surprised it’s better, but I still probably won’t watch it.

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I think I’d rather hang out with Romulans, but if I’m seeking some kind of professional service, Vulcans every time.

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Easy. I have servers that are only available on my local network and lots of different devices that I MIGHT want to use to access those servers. I haven’t bothered to make sure my key is on EVERY SINGLE DEVICE and some of them, I might not actually even WANT my key on as they’re not terribly well secured and they might leave my house (my Windows gaming laptop I haven’t used in six months comes to mind).

But for cloud accessible servers… yeah.

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So is Horde Prime from Shera and the Princesses of Power.

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They only lived east of the Great Plains until we started building cities and planting trees, as they need high, safe perches for nesting and sleeping. When humans created that for them, they expanded westward all the way to California and started competing with (and killing) other species of owl.

So, yes.

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Didn’t we try that and it was an absolute disaster?

thebardingreen, (edited )
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For example rabbits shouldn’t be alone.

This is why I got a hamster, instead of rats. They LIKE being alone.

And SO MANY HAMSTER CAGES you buy in pet stores, recommended by pet store employees are WAY too small for them. So many of the wheels you can get for them are too small and give them back problems. If you buy something retail for a rodent, get the thing for a one size bigger rodent! Some of the things PetSmart markets for Syrian hamsters for instance are criminally small, enough to amount to cruelty.

But taking my hamster and putting him in the wild would be like taking a dude who lives in a five bedroom condo with a private swimming pool and an indoor gym and free door dash twice a day and sending him to live in a cave in the woods and telling him he should be grateful he gets to live free, the way he was meant to.

Pictures to prove my money is where my mouth is:



That’s all for ONE hamster.

EDIT: Also… fuck hamster balls. Hamster’s have very very poor vision, so they can’t really see anything outside the ball. They’re rolling around in a confusing environment with very poor ability to gauge the outside world. If you put a hamster in one of these, you have no idea if it’s freaking out or stressed out or having a good time… but it IS rolling around in absolute ignorance of where it’s going or what it’s bumping into and if you pick it up and move it around it has very little understanding of what’s happening.

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Even worse in a Business to Employee context.

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I see nothing in you worth saving.

Ok bye.

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I don’t always force my friends to use Discord alternatives, but when I do I force them to use Signal.

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Not necessarily.

Cut and pasted from an r/whowouldwin from years ago:

There is only one way for Kirk to win (unless it’s Enterprise vs. Executor, but that’s a different fight and one where Kirk will stomp), and he cannot do it alone. It goes like this:

Kirk: Darth. . . Vader is it? Tell me more of the power of the Sith? If the Federation is to be. . . subjugated. . . by this Galactic Empire you speak of, I would know more of the glory that being part of it will bring to my people and the. . . legacy of these Sith overlords!

Vader (pauses before striking the killing blow): . . . Yes. It IS fitting that you should know more of the power of the Sith. Many years ago. . .

minutes pass

. . . and that is why the Federation stands no chance against the Empi. . .

*A cheesy, tinny sound effect is heard and a warbley distortion field surrounds Vader for a second.

Vader: WHAT IS THIS TREACH. . . gah!

Vader collapses to the ground. Moments later both are beamed aboard the Enterprise. Two security red shirts take a paralyzed Vader prisoner while Spock and McCoy, looking smug, greet Kirk.

Spock: It is excellent to see you in good health, Captain.

Kirk: I did just as you said. Kept him talking. How were you able to do it?

Spock: As we learned from our sensor readings, the Sith ““force”” power is actually generated by a host of symbiotic microscopic organisms distributed throughout his blood stream. I was able to analyze the unique energy signature of these tiny creatures. But it was Doctor McCoy who speculated that an inverse chronoton bubble would have a disorienting effect on them.

McCoy: Like a phaser on stun, right in their tiny organelles. They won’t be making any more trouble for a few hours at least, I reckon.

Scotty (from behind transporter control): Aye Captain, and then it were just a matter of firin’ an electromagnetic pulse into his cybernetic suit. Now he’s just a crippled man in powerless armor.

Kirk: A fitting punishment for such a. . . diabolical villain. This ““Galactic Empire”” will think twice before the next time they mess with a Federation star ship.

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