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Immune by Philipp Dettmer

It’s an accessible book which provides a layman intro to the immune system. It even has pictures.

Apparently there’s a cell that rips itself open and casts out a web of its own guts, which sticks to any pesky invaders!



If you don’t shoot you’ll always miss. Right now believe in that you can handle the situation when you’re there in that moment. In the worst case you’ll face failure, but that’s a natural part of growth. Imagine living in 10 years and how this experience will shape you vs not doing it.

When it comes to handling the situation, it’s best to be your authentic self and accept yourself. In my experience people tend to follow what they read in the room, and if you’re not questioning yourself and just act like everything is normal, then they will follow along.

Maybe in your area it’s different but you won’t know until you give it a go! I can’t imagine living life as a transwoman without courage.


Do you mean dawn of everything?


Thanks, it looks very interesting and useful for my work!

Piracy as a quality of service issue

I am one of those suckers (:sigh) who paid for Youtube since it bundled Youtube Music with it. However, today I used the latter’s Revanced version and it was so much customizable. Right from removing menu items to the stupid cast button Google has forced on us; it seems a billion dollar company can’t compete with these folks...


That’s exactly what stallman is advocating. That we should control our own software on our own machines. What if you want to add an extra button?

It’s really just a practical thing


I have so many questions about that disguise


My country has no sourcream. We need a revolution.


Hmm well for research it can give me good pointers, when I am going into a new field.

For actual coding it’s mostly useless for the moment. It’s not trained to be productive, so it doesn’t know what to focus on and tends to be overly verbose. Its internal model of what’s going on is also quite shaky.

It feels like working with clay, I have to somehow get the code the llm generates into the shape I need. But it’s like looking at a movie at super slow mo, and the clay is too wet and keeps falling apart.

Furthermore, it cannot handle anything more than relatively low complexity code. Sure it can give you a function for drawing a circle. But architecture and code smell are things it doesn’t understand.

So after using it for a year I must say that I don’t use it for actual coding. I use it mostly to get an overview of fields I’m not that much into. For example lately I’ve looked into quantum field theory again, and Rust for the first time. I know it spouts a lot of nonsense but I can still get the gist of it.

Still relying on good ol Bessie 🧠


Very useful if you have a legit warrant.


We’ve got laws for that, just takes a while for them to catch up to innovation.


In Germany you can get your home hidden on Google maps since the start. So it’s possible!

People from a minority/dying culture, how do you feel about it?

There are many cultures around the world that are suppressed by majoritarianism. They have to face challenges like forced assimilation, language discrimination and refusal to acknowledgement of their unique identity. In fact, many cultures have been identified by UNESCO, that will soon cease to exist - either that they’re...


Well, I’m just from a west euporean village, but I still feel like I could answer your question a little.

Our parents decided not to teach us the local dialect. So now I don’t understand a lot of people in my village, including my grandparents. Also I feel things like shanties are a dying breed.

I’ve been thinking of buying a book that was written in my local dialect in order to get closer to my roots.

I feel like our parents decided to look forward and made us a part of that.

People from the cities still comment on my accent. And to me they sound like they have a stuffed nose.

Personally I think that this is how culture works, and we are currently living in an exciting one, and that’s ok. I also believe a higher power still has access to all those forgotten people, so it doesn’t bother me. After all isn’t time just an illusion?


Well I like how I look but I don’t really think about attractiveness if that makes any sense? It’s more that I might accidentally run into someone who I emotionally suddenly click with. It’s pretty rare!


Just need an old pc with sim city and rollercoaster tycoon.


I like to imagine a photon ‘experiencing’ being emitted and absorbed at exactly the same moment. The entire trip was instant.


Counting the victories


I couldn’t disagree more. I have the momentum 2 and paid 500 euro for it. Long story short don’t buy anything from Sennheiser they are not the same company any more. Planned obsolescence.


Wow I am part of your curse! Tell your first world problem spirit to leave me alone!

😵‍💫 Go ahead get the Sennheiser


Sure. Today I was feeling absolutely terrible. I canceled a visit with this girl I’m interested in this morning. I was simply feeling overwhelmed and I didn’t want her to see the state of my apartment.

So here’s the victory. I deleted that message, and told her I was looking forward to it. I cooked something tasty for myself. Then I got my arse into high gear and took all day to do chores.

At the end of the afternoon I walked to the shop and bought some fancy fresh ingredients. At home I played a game for 30 mins and when she arrived I cooked. She loved it. Aaand she bought me flowers!

And now I’m sitting here with a =)


I knew a guy to whom aliens were a religious topic. Well it’s definitely a fun topic.


That’s exactly how zen masters teach!

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