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Freelance digital EU correspondent | Bylines https://berlin.social/@TspBackgroundDi https://chaos.social/@netzpolitik_feed | Runs https://eupolicy.social/@meetingsbot | Boosts good journalism™ | Former account @Zarasophos

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Wieviel bezahlt die Bundesregierung bei einem aktuellen -Projekt für -Entwicklung? Das wollten mir weder die zuständige Behörde, noch das Verteidigungsministerium, noch die beteiligten Unternehmen verraten. Mein Artikel für @netzpolitik_feed

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Es geht eine Sorge um in Europa: Die Sorge davor, dass Wahlen mit politischer Online-Werbung manipuliert werden können. Dagegen hat die Kommission schon vor Jahren ein Gesetz vorgeschlagen, Parlament und Rat haben sich gestern auf die Endfassung geeinigt. Ich habe mir mit @roofjoke für @netzpolitik_feed angeschaut, was drin steht.


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Moritz Körner hat inzwischen Hoffnung, dass der -Vorschlag verhindert werden kann. Der liberale Abgeordnete im sitzt im Innenausschuss und nimmt an den Verhandlungen teil. Er sieht eine europäischere Debatte als bei anderen Themen. Mein Interview für @netzpolitik_feed


josephcox, to random
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New from 404 Media: Instagram has been auto-translating phrases that included "Palestinian" into phrases that say "terrorist". Instagram now ‘sincerely apologizes’ in a statement to us https://www.404media.co/instagram-palestinian-arabic-bio-translation/

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@josephcox Just to let you know, some people do appreciate your work and the need for a sustainable journalism business model. Though I might be biased because I am, ahem, a journalist

kevinrothrock, to random
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The Rostov police dept has reportedly activated “Plan Fortress” in anticipation of an assault by Prigozhin’s forces. The cops

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@kevinrothrock What about the cops, Kevin? WHAT ABOUT THEM!?!?

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@europe I made a Mastodon bot that posts all lobby meetings of the European Commission

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This is a really cool bot that post about incoming meetings from EU Commissioners with X or Y entities.


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@rmdes @euwatchers
Glad that you find it useful! I thought about automatically linking to AskTheEU requests for the meetings, but I didn't do it because the Commission usually puts meetings in their register pretty quickly, but they take months to respond to FOI requests. So by the time the second post with the documents gets posted, the original post will already be really old and probably nobody will see it. But if people think it would be useful, it wouldn't be too hard to add!

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@rmdes @euwatchers
Completely agree! I'll have another look at adding a function like this when I get around to updating the bot :)

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Hello ! Check out https://sub.rehab!

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@subrehab Thank you for creating this - it's very useful!

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It's Hard Fork Friday! This week on the show — can Bluesky go the distance?? PLUS: how ChatGPT wrecked Chegg, and your AI ethics dilemmas answered https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/05/podcasts/hard-fork-bluesky-ai-jobs.html

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@caseynewton Did I miss something or was this episode sponsored by Jack Dorsey's Square Inc while reporting on Jack Dorsey's Bluesky?

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I made a bot that posts all lobby meetings of EU Commissioners and their Cabinet members! It lives here: @meetingsbot

It posts the dates of the meetings, who the meeting was with (including a link to the transparency register entry) and what the meeting was about. You can also only follow meetings of specific Commission members!

This is the first bot I've ever made, so let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

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