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#TwitterBanned in #TwitterPurge

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Free_Press, to news
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In Norway, while recording a broadcast, a huge fish crashed into the journalist’s face

A video has gone viral on social networks in which a correspondent from a Norwegian TV channel talks about the strongest storm in the country in the last 30 years.

After a sudden meeting with a fish, the journalist lost his footing and fell, after which he was covered by a wave.

What happened only amused him.


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kaia, to random
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was kann man nur gegen diesen Fachkräftemangel tun? :fox_googly:

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Ortszuschläge deutlich erhöhen.
Evtl Mieten teilweise von der Einkommenssteuer abzugsfähig machen.
Recht auf mehr Remote work gesetzlich verankern, woummer möglich.
Erfolgreicher städtischer Wohnungsbau in Ballungsräumen wie in Wien--ggf. sogar im Grundgesetz verankern.
Viel höhere steuerliche Förderung von Eigenheimen zur Bekämpfung des massiven Trends zum .

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Guten Morgen Kaia,

danke, ja, tut es. Ich beobachte das schon sehr lange und mache mir gesellschaftlich grosse Sorgen.
Diesen Trend gibt es nicht nur in , sondern mindestens auch im , und den (dort zuletzt Trendwende durch ).

Sich das eigene Dach über dem Kopf zunehmend nicht mehr leisten zu können, birgt sowol auf ...

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@kaia @grillchen


...als auch auf persönlicher Ebene Sprengstoff.

Der ist für alles und jedes zu verlangen nicht nur für .

Unter anderem der ehemalige griechische Wirtschaftsminister bezeichnet das in einem gut geschriebenen Buch :



hspmauli, to random German
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du mit dem Herzen schreibst

haben Worte eine andere Bedeutung

als wenn du sie mit dem Verstand schreibst

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Free_Press, to random
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Chechevitsa (Operation Lentil) was one of the most inhuman deportations committed by the Soviet Union

Thousands of Chechen and Ingush people were forcibly relocated to remote areas of the country. Many of them died during relocation, some of them were killed by Soviet soldiers

In 21st century, the policy of the Kremlin didn’t change. On occupied territories of Ukraine, Russian soldiers commit mass slaughter and deportations. They torture people and send them to filtration camps


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HistoPol, (edited ) to internet
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The most important thread of the week.

Usually, I don't link to the corporatist surveillance sites. Today, I'm going to make an exception due to the gravity of this between and the


Via award-winning investigative journalist, .

Read only, if you are not suffering from .

"’s campaign manager was a agent...


HistoPol, (edited )
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... and were “leading” for on collusion, which was true— was working with the to try to seal the real estate deal Trump wanted even as Trump was hiring a man he knew was a Kremlin agent () to run his [] campaign and do in that role whatever it was the was expecting (which, it turned out, was liaisoning...


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...with intelligence via officer and partner ).

...after the success of - collusion in 2016 there was no doubt that the collusion would continue and that expected Trump would win in 2020 with his assistance, after which he’d complete his invasion of . //

I don't like to do this, but read the...

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I had been following #SethAbramson while on the #DeadBirdSite till 2022, his weekly insights and depth of investigation is really astonishing.

However, there are already 3 #ProofOf...books about #TFG.

This is but the 1st one in a trilogy:


Shows the 3 covers of the PROOF books 📚 :

Proof of Collusion
Proof of Conspiracy
Proof of Corruption



adipoeserPursch, to random German
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Wieviele "Queens" hat Billy Ocean eigentlich besungen?

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Ich kenne 2 "Arten":

European Queen*
Caribbean Queen**

Bei wievielen er damit vers ucht hat zu landen über die Jahrzehnte, musst du ihn allerdings selbst fragen. L--Bestimmt viel Love on the Run, trotz aller musikalischer Beteuerungen.😉



HistoPol, to random
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...") to run his campaign and do in that role whatever it was the was expecting (which, it turned out, was liaisoning with intelligence via Russian intelligence officer and Manafort partner Kilimnik). n as was hiring a man he knew was a Kremlin agent (Manafort) to run his campaign and do in that role whatever it was the Kremlin was expecting (which, it turned out, was liaisoning with intelligence...

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intelligence officer and Manafort partner Kilimnik).

after the success of Trump-Russia collusion in 2016 there was no doubt that the collusion would continue and that Putin expected Trump would win in 2020 with his assistance, after which he’d complete his invasion of . //

WorkingFamilies, to random
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BIG: California State University students have voted to form the LARGEST union of undergraduate workers in the country.

The union will represent 20,000 undergraduate student workers across 23 campuses.

It was a landslide victory: 97% of voters chose to unionize.

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GottaLaff, to random
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😂 Lawsuit jitters, Newsmax?

Via Acyn:

adds a disclaimer at the end of ’s rally: The president mentioned in his speech, the 2020 elections. Newsmax as a network believes the results were legal and final.

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I know.
And ever since TFG started using fascist rethorics + disseminating the about a "stolen election," it has become dangerous to still address him as "Mr. President," as he can continue to pretend that, in fact, he still continues to be president.
Common practice must change when underlying conditions undergo a sea change.
This isn't a drill, as we all know, but a final defense of US democracy as we've known it for a century.
Luckily for all of us, he's just "Mr. Trump."

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One of the fascists' and totalitarian ruler's most effective weapons has always been language ("1984"; Goebbels, ...)

My point is that we cannot indulge in laziness anymore.

Besides, he's a criminal, as the E. Jean Carroll case has already demonstrated. That he cannot be criminally prosecuted for this deed anymore is a pity, but it does n't change the fact that he's a rapist, among other (still alledged) crimes like treason, insurrection, etc.
He, in particular, doesn't..


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@MikeF @GottaLaff

..deserve that honor.

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Do what I do:

I always mentally correct it with "Mr. Former Guy" and then add "Never again!"

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I mostly "mute" the pics by not watching, just listening to what is being said and do chores, etc. A lot of the pics are just decorational and/ or from the archives.

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💯 % never was.

He's a MAGA = Moscow Agent Grifting America.


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Good, but I maintained the Birdsite's good practice of referring to him as TFG. Nomen est omen.

A hashtag in the is sufficient.


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Linux_Is_Best, to firefox
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The time has come...

Will you give the web browser Mozilla Firefox a try or will you learn to live with ads and less privacy?! Only Firefox can overcome YouTube ads and the ever watchful eye of Google and Microsoft.

  • Install Firefox
  • Install the extension uBlock
  • In uBlock, uncheck ignore cosmetic filters
  • Check all sources
  • Install Privacy Badger
  • Install Local CDN
  • In Local CDN, copy the rules for uBlock
  • Apply the rules to uBlock (save and commit)

HistoPol, (edited )
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Not the case.

I have been using on a daily basis on a 10 64-bit Pro Win Version for many months. Hardly any Crashes or other issues.


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