No, there is a definite decomposition process that will see some heavy emissions.

Hot take: 18 years of user contributions to reddit will serve as a base model for an AI that generates content and conversations. the reddit experience continues as a simulation, to harvest clicks, sales and ad revenue.

most of the time you'll be talking to a bot there without even realizing. they're gonna feed you products and ads interwoven into conversations, and the AI can be controlled so its output reflects corporate interests. advertisers are gonna be able to buy access and run campaigns. based on their input, the AI can generate...


God damn, that is bleak. It's probably not wrong, but it is bleak.

AI D&D | Campaign 1 - Episode 1 | AC (ft. Joe Rogan, Trump & Elon) (

Watch as Joe Rogan leads the party of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsey and Miley Cyrus as they team up for an epic adventure into the fantastical world of Dungeons and Dragons! With the help of AI voiceovers (Elevenlabs) and AI-generated imagery (Midjourney) , this motley crew dives headfirst into a world filled with...


This is getting down-voted because it features Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump. Those guys suck. If this content featured other simulated characters, it would probably do better.


Dark Matter was amazing. Farscape was almost perfect, in my opinion. Finally, Firefly was astounding in its short time.

All are worth checking out.


This has the community feel of early reddit, or any social media, where people can feel heard.


I think that it will be more or less the same, but with more extreme weather and increased military conflict over resources. People will have their devices, corporations will have people working, bad governments will continue to strip wealth away from their citizens. Somehow, I think Norway will be fine, though I am not sure why.


Isn't Idle Champions a free game regardless?

ashleyspencer, to random avatar

My long distance partner wanted something we could do together virtually before he starts his new job. I got him to agree to play the bunny game with me!

You and a friend (or just you) play bunnies that garden in a greenhouse. You grow plants and sell them for carrots, which you can use the carrots to buy more seeds and gardening tools or to upgrade your greenhouse. Your bunny can go fishing at the lake too.


@joshsusser Is this a digital game? The concept sounds dope.


shellgames, (edited ) to wowclassic avatar

Reposting my #introduction for this instance:

I'm a retired novelist who adores story-driven games (PC, PS5, Xbox) and roleplay. You can find several of my social gaming handles in my bio. I founded and help run a roleplay guild in #WowClassic, and I post a lot of stuff about my current playthroughs of various games including:

#MassEffect #TheOuterWorlds #PillarsOfEternity #DragonAge #StardewValley #Diablo #Diablo2 #Diablo4 #Fallout #ElderScrolls #ESO #EverQuest #EverQuest2



What is your wow classic rp guild info? I have been looking for this, but Bloodsail is pretty diet hc at this point, so it is a little frustrating.


This is the dnd content I am here for. Nice.


I dig it. Thanks for taking the initiative to get this going.

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