Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected (phys.org)

an ecosystem predicted to collapse in the 2090s owing to the creeping rise of a single source of stress, such as global temperatures, could, in a worst-case scenario, collapse in the 2030s once we factor in other issues like extreme rainfall, pollution, or a sudden spike in natural resource use....


Yup. Most plastics are made from the waste product of fuel production. It is the combination of burning and plastic trash that is causing the acceleration. It is fuel to make and transport goods, and the plastics to protect those goods in transit, that are collapsing our environment.


Honestly I am starting to wonder if the head of the Wagner Group staged it so that he could get away from Putin with his life. Most of the others who have opposed or merely questioned Putins tactics keep dropping dead. Usually from a tall office building or hotel.


I have been there. More jobs than years on the planet. Dozens of hobbies and interests picked up and put down. Four changes of majors in college. It was frustrating and exhausting.

And then this miraculous thing happened: all of that knowledge and all of those skills coalesced into what I needed to build my own business. Each thing I picked up along the way I needed to learn and had no better way to learn them.

That six weeks of fascination with photography gave me the skills to do my own product photography. Eight weeks of obsession with graphic design made my website beautiful. The two week rabbit hole I went down on light and lighting became the basis of my whole business. Each area of study for the four attempts over 19 years it took to get my degree gives me a huge advantage over my competitors that only understand one subject. Two tax seasons of tax preparation prepared me for handling my own taxes. Retail work gave me the skills in purchasing and planning. Customer service is the single most useful skill set I have ever acquired.

I really could go on, but I am now boring myself. My personal goal for my life was to set up a way to support myself while accepting and accommodating my neurodivergence. It took me a long time to gather all of the knowledge I needed to achieve that, but damn when it all came together it was awesome.

My point is that nothing you are doing, or have done, is a waste. It all adds up. It is all useful. It will all add up into something worthwhile. Hell, you would do really well selling hobbyist stuff. You have familiarity with so many different kinds of hobbies and interests you could assemble an amazing storefront.


Oops. I have tried many of the links and keep getting 404 errors. I am new here and I’m not sure if it’s me or the links. Help, please 🙏

PixelBandits, to discworld
@PixelBandits@nerdculture.de avatar

Really excited about my upcoming stint as a D&D Dungeon Master. I've never DM'd a full campaign before(only one-shots) so I needed a world I knew through and through and that is the

Only a week of planning left. Very nervous but very much looking forward to it!


@PixelBandits That sounds like fun. I have never played D&D. Are you doing The Watch, The Witches, The Wizards, Death, or something else?


@PixelBandits Fun! Being a Feegle in the Watch would be amazing. Can you give an update on how it goes?


Damn this makes me sad. If this catches on, I’m might to have to stop giving a military discount. I felt it was my duty. I have given military discounts for the last 12 years because the US military under pays those folks that volunteer to give their lives for my freedom to run my business. I run a micro business and that discount can really effect my bottom line. I’m really tired of getting screwed because I tried to do right by the people that protect me.


Just to start, how about threading our own best of from reddit?


I am I the inly one that has to drink extra, extra strong coffee to even contemplate sleep?

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