I am I the inly one that has to drink extra, extra strong coffee to even contemplate sleep?


The issue I’ve always had is that I can’t sleep without noise. Without a show/podcast, my brain just won’t stop…wanting to think? But with something on, it’s like it goes into passive mode and falls asleep. It’s the difference between falling asleep in 15 minutes versus staying awake until 3AM 🤷🏻‍♀️


The same for me, except it has to be white noise/a fan, something that's bland and blocks out all the things my brain could jump on board with thinking about. Falling asleep in a completely silent room is almost impossible...

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Are you me? XD I still have a lot of sleep problems, but I've noticed I can get to sleep a lot sooner if I put on a show or podcast that I've listened to before. If it's new, I'm paying too much attention to it. Otherwise, it's just good vibes into slumberland.

mathflakes, (edited )

I always have trouble with sleep. I feel like I have a routine and BOOM a week later I’m staying up until 3 a.m. This drives me crazy. My ADHD ass can’t hold on to self-imposed routines for very long.

Edited to add: after reading (ok, skimming - It’s long!) the article, maybe I’ll have to try using my SAD therapy lamp year-round to get my sleep rhythms a bit more regulated.



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  • AutisticAdam,

    @avuko @kepic I drink chamomile green tea before bed.

    From someone that's had sleeping problems for years.

    It's hard I know because our autistic brains won't switch off.

    I'm not saying it'll work for you, but maybe worth giving it a go.

    It's helped me.


    I drink chamomile green tea before bed.

    green tea is different than chamomile. Green tea actually contains caffeine. I suppose you do take chamomile but I needed to clarify it in case someone goes try green tea without looking it up more.

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    There was a lot in there that was new to me, too. The greatest surprise was the connection with sight; I'm overly sensitive to bright light, and have trouble with blue light (nighttime neon signs are horrible). There was a lot I recognized in myself in this.

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    @kepic Thank you, @kepic , for the link to https://BrainClinics.com. They have links to a huge number of @Scientific studies on @Sleep, @ADHD, @depression, and various therapies.

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    Yeah. It's a new site for me, so I haven't had a proper look yet, but it seems to have pretty good resources.

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