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Stop by the studio!

rasterweb, to wisconsin in Republican Bill Would Fund Free Speech Office For UW System
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Is this about letting Nazis speak on UW campuses?

rasterweb, to wisconsin in Wisconsin Republican leader slams Democrats' proposed election maps as 'political gerrymander'
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Oh hey, Vos is a piece of shit.

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The frame is 6" x 6" and the print is just a bit smaller than that.

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Here's a post (and some photos) about the paper I make:

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Thanks! Yeah, I really had fun making paper last month so now it's time to print on all of it. (And then I'll make some more!)

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The design for this one was a digital drawing (though sometimes it's just analog/paper) and I then 3D printed a plate and did a relief print using a Provisional Press. (I'm also really into rainbow rolls lately!) I make my own paper and this is from a recent batch. (I recycle our shredded paper at home.) The frame is 3D printed and I designed that as well.

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Thanks! I've though about doing more... I started working on a trash can icon yesterday and I'll see where it takes me.

rasterweb, to milwaukee in Raised bike lanes, concrete islands installed on Milwaukee street meant to slow down traffic
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More of this, please!

rasterweb, to 3dprinting in Made an enclosure for my beepy. I think enclosures are my favourite part of printing
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Looks good! I'd guess 80% of my printing is enclosures. ;)

rasterweb, to 3dprinting in How?
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If you want it to get worse just change it from a hobby to a business!

rasterweb, to wisconsin in New rule would require Wisconsin to replace all lead pipes by 2037
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Sweet! I'd like to have my lead pipes replace at some point.

rasterweb, to wisconsin in Microsoft, State Announcing Massive Data Center Expansion, Land Purchase
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Well that's, uh.. interesting. So hugh project, money, but not really many new jobs. Oh well.

rasterweb, to 3dprinting in Absolute beginner with questions
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OpenSCAD is great for programmers because you write code to generate 3D objects. If you love Python there are ways to write Python that then generates OpenSCAD code, so that may be worth looking into.

rasterweb, to ArtemisApp in Artemis app broken - is the project still alive?
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My iOS app won't work anymore but I'm trying to be patient and understand that it's an open source project led by one person so there may be delays or issues that prevent progress or even things running smoothly. Hopefully it will return and improve with time.

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