rasterweb, to 3DPrinting avatar

Even though I put the 5.1.0-alpha1 firmware on the Prusa MINI I didn't update the profile in Prusa Slicer to take advantage of it! (I had manually made changes to print faster.) That has been rectified and I am now printing with the proper profile to match the alpha firmware.

And it's fast, and quality seems pretty good so far... I'll keep an eye on it though.

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@jpk So far so good... did a few more prints and have had no issues... just better quality (and speed).

oldmke, to Milwaukee

Did you know that Emergency TV Service is actually still around?


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@oldmke Yes, I drive by it every day. ;)

KarinSpaink, to kbinMeta
KarinSpaink avatar

Two questions from a Reddit refugee:

  • How / where can I retrieve a list of magazines that I’ve subscribed to? Via the top menu bar I can get all postings of all subscribed magazines, but a) I like to browse by subject, and b) that way small magazines are pushed out of sight by the busier ones, which is a pity.
  • is there a way to make my favourite way of reading postings and comments - by newest, instead of by hottest - permanent choice?


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@KarinSpaink On kbin I hover over my username, click on 'settings' and then on 'subscriptions'. It should take you here:

Usernameblankface, to fediverse
Usernameblankface avatar

I made an account on Kbin, and I'm looking at posts from Lemmy and BeeHaw and Kbin and sometimes I forget to even check what the source is.

So am I accessing Lemmy through Kbin? Am I seeing the entire Fediverse through Kbin's interface? Am I reading Kbin, which gets its content from across the Fediverse?

In short, I'm wondering what the local terminology is for what I signed up for and what I'm seeing when I pull up Kbin.

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@Usernameblankface Welcome to the Threadiverse!

joe, to Milwaukee avatar

I created a #Milwaukee magazine (akin to a subreddit) on if anyone wants to give it a spin.

#kbin #reddit #wisconsin

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@joe thanks, Joe! I am here for Milwaukee kbin!

(Fun Fact: I used to work at Milwaukee Magazine!)

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@joe I'll skip that challenge! (Though if you want to add me as a moderator for Milwaukee I wouldn't mind.)

mrpjevans, to 3DPrinting avatar

Maker friends, any thoughts on the Ender 3 S1? A project has outgrown my little delta printer.

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@mrpjevans We ended up getting 6 of them at work for producing a number of parts. Probably printed hundreds of parts on each one over the last six months. That said, they are not as nice as a Prusa, but they are large and cheap. I've been building & using printers for a decade, so I take care of them pretty good. If you're familiar enough to troubleshoot things they work pretty well.

timvandijck, to fediverse

If you tried Lemmy but didn't like the ui, give Kbin a shot. It's federated with Lemmy so you can participate in the fastly growing community.

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@timvandijck They are similar to reddit in that there are posts and replies. But also, it's federated and uses ActivityPub. (I am replying from kbin right now!)

funbreaker, to fediverse

Knowing that the Lemmy devs are whole-ass LaRouchites, I might end up switching to a kbin instance sooner rather than later

Fucking hell

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@funbreaker Yeah, I was warned to avoid the main Lemmy instance and Lemmy in general due to the lead developers.

typographica, to random avatar

These wooden address numbers have followed me my whole life, from my family’s summer condo in Idaho, to the house across the street from my childhood home in Salt Lake City, to the Oakland building where @laureola and I live now.

Still seeking the designer and manufacturer. They were most likely introduced in the early 1970s.

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@typographica Those are pretty nice!

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