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I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and I occasionally make things and post stuff online. Blogging since 1997 and can't seem to stop. Please enjoy these wonderful links to other places:

[UPDATE] Issues with the functioning of kbin.social

The main issues with the improper functioning of the instance have been resolved, but it led to additional complications. Currently, using the instance should be quite comfortable, but I will continue to work intensively on a comprehensive solution for the next few days. Therefore, occasional interruptions or errors may still...

snacktraces, to Arduino
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Since I will be off of work later this week, I would like to offer "office hours" for folks who want to be introduced to "another side of software development": embedded and hardware interface programming.

I will be tinkering with Arduino, RaspberryPi, and miscellaneous electronic hardware and writing code to control it all. And you are invited to pair along.

Will cover Python, C/C++, source control (git), and electronic devices.

Free of charge, DM me

/kbin RTR#13 Further optimization, refactoring of static pages, new project website

Today, I continue working on optimization and eliminating weak points in the platform. The work on the "support us" page has turned into a refactoring of the mechanism of static pages, which will be usable in the future ;) I have also launched a new project website by @cody, which has been waiting for its turn for a long time....

New /kbin project site

/kbin Road to Release devlog series

From today, I'm starting a small series of daily devlogs where I'll be describing the changes being implemented before the official release of the first version of /kbin. As I mentioned earlier, I had some minor turbulence in my private life from which I'm slowly emerging. I have partially stabilized my life situation in various...

/kbin current code changes

"It's the content, stupid." - Quick Notes to Supercharge K.Bin

Like you, I'm a passionate user of K.Bin but lately, I'm noticing that things are getting kinda stale around here. The most recent thread in this, the top-level magazine on K.Bin, is 4 days old. Many other top 25 magazines are also suffering from a similar lack of fresh content. I run /m/scifi and it's been continuing to grow...

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Yes I always thought Reddit’s rules against self promotion were pretty dumb. Like how did Reddit want people to find out about cool new things that Redditors make? From other news sources and then post to Reddit afterwards? That makes no sense and just means Reddit is the last place to find out about the cool thing that the Redditor made.

Now with Lemmy and KBin we have the chance to self promote again, and we need more posts anyways.

Republicans Are Wrong on Abortion—and They Know It (www.thenation.com)

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that 80 percent of voters oppose a federal abortion ban, including 65 percent of Republicans. And what’s more, their base knows that’s exactly what their party is trying to do. Another poll from Navigator found that a majority of voters also “believe it is likely that...

Why is it frowned upon here to 'steal' content from reddit?

If anything, shouldn’t it be encouraged, and even automated? I’m including even the ‘old’ stuff from reddit here. Reddit shouldn’t be the absolute owner of the content submitted by users. When I migrated here, it wasn’t because of me being against reddit users, but being against reddit the company. Copying the...

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It’s still an effective way to communicate with the people they need to communicate with

I'm not sure how what Twitter has continue to devolve into is "effective".

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