Blakiston's Fish Owl Propaganda propaganda for the biggest owl in the world, written by children’s author Roald d’Owl. BFO stands for “Blakiston’s Fish Owl”, or “Big Friendly Owl”, or “Big F’n Owl”… or whatever, I don’t even know anymore. Anyway, don’t forget...

YSK: You can search (most of?) lemmy as a search engine

Due to the nature of fediverse, you can’t just do a “site:lemmy” search as you’d do with reddit ( I was searching for ways to do it on my firefox browsers and I came to a solution that searches 21 different instances simultaneously, which I consider to be a big part of lemmy (I also include kbin...

OC Prototype for new Kbin app: Interstellar

I've been working for the past week on a new kbin app. At the moment, it's just a prototype and only the "Feed" view has content (you can't sign into an account or post anything yet); you can see threads, thread images, thread comments, thread links, and thread votes/boosts. You can also change the "Theme Mode" and "Instance...

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