Exclusive: ADL pushed BMG to drop Roger Waters by threatening to weaponize company’s Nazi past - The Grayzone (

The Grayzone has obtained a private letter authored by ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt threatening to weaponize the Nazi past of the BMG music company unless executives terminated a major deal with Roger Waters. BMG has publicly denied Israel lobby influence on its decision to nix Waters’ contract.

HumbleBundle of Crochet books ( : (

On the page for that bundle, if you want it, tap the “8 Item Bundle” and then the “Entire 23 Item Bundle” buttons, this guarantees you that you’re getting the correct price for the bundle with them all, hit a higher-price button in the amount-section, if you want, use the Adjust Donation thingy to give more to charity,...

Beijing criticizes proposed US sanctions — RT World News (

”China has the right to conduct normal cooperation with countries around the world. We have always opposed unilateral sanctions and ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ that have no basis in international law and are not authorized by the UN Security Council,” Chinese FM spokeswoman Mao Ning said in response to Washington’s...

[ONGOING] Photon UI rollout

I am rolling out the Photon UI as a replacement to the default lemmy UI right now. Initially, only about 50% of requests will be routed to Photon, determined by a hash of your IP address and user agent (sorry for any inconsistencies…). As I determine that this configuration is stable I will be slowly increasing the percentage...

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