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bikescape, to cargobike avatar

I wish Urban Arrow sold these bikes in the US. They look like incredibly handy utility bikes that could replace a lot of truck trips.


@bikescape Have you seen the Ono bike. You can configure it with side panels, weather protection, shelves, a loading ramp etc.

JohanEmpa, to random

"A fifth (21 GW) of the EU’s coal fleet will close in 2024 and 2025." - Ember

Pretty good. Things are moving.

queue, (edited ) to FediPact avatar

Reminder to anyone who said "Meta wouldn't do anything to Fediverse, we should let them join!"

Meta is now automatically muting all posts that mention PixelFed, so it's users can't read about any alternatives to its services.

Just remember, Every time advocacy groups warn about tech/capitalism, believe them. We don't make shit up, we use history of actions and facts to state our reasons to be against it.

If your instance isn't part of @FediPact please urge your admins to join or move to another instance who is.

And if you want proof, ask the general public what Jabber/XMPP was, and then ask what Google how they killed it.

EDIT: Please send support to the creator of the FediPact, @vantablack as she is homeless. This is possible because of them.

EDIT #2: Some peppe are saying it doesn't happen anymore, but since it only happened to competitors to Facebook and only after people noticed, I don't think it was a "bug" that only impacted FOSS replacements, but a feature for Facebook removed. Don't give these Zuckers gaslight and think they remain innocent.


@alberto_cottica In a "wait and see" mode


@alberto_cottica yes, we are


@alberto_cottica No, it's not up and running. That's the wait and see part.

I've noticed how created a second server to solve the federation dilemma. Their original server has 15 k users and the other,, has fewer than 100 users. We can observe how that develops over the next few months.

From my point of view there isn't any rush to create a second server. Meta isn't even fully federated yet. It's one way as far as I understand it.


@alberto_cottica I wish I could send a poll to all active users and ask properly, but Mastodon doesn't have such a feature. So far there are more people following others on Threads than people voicing their opinion to block them.

pvonhellermannn, to random avatar

What a time to be alive

New research that tipping within this century, even quite soon, is a definite possibility:

Sea levels would rise by a metre in some regions, inundating many coastal cities. The wet and dry seasons in the Amazon would flip, potentially pushing the already weakened rainforest past its own tipping point. The southern hemisphere would become warmer. Europe would cool dramatically and have less rainfall.


@pvonhellermannn It's interesting to see that the collapse takes up to 100 years. We can do quite a lot before it fully stops.


@pvonhellermannn I was wrong saying "up to". Should have written "can collapse in less than 100 years after the trigger point has passed".

What I tried to say was that we have up to 100 years of action, even in the worst case scenario.

We can remove almost all historic CO2 emissions in hundred years if we do it as fast as we burned the fossil fuels. Obviously not easy to do, but removing a substantial amount could delay trigger points


larstransportworld, to random

I have never considered the design of 's official and network map convincing. This was my motivation to create my own 🇩🇪 long-distance rail map a few years ago. It focuses more on systematic connections and their frequencies for better understanding rather than just showing every line.

The 2024 map is finally online 🥳

Boost appreciated.

Official Map:

Excerpt of the my network map centered at Hannover


@larstransportworld Are you using some fancy transport planning software to draw those maps?

ayo, to random avatar

How does mastodon decide when to show a post this way?


@ayo The official Mastodon software can display markdown formatting but doesn't support writing it. Manisha is on an instance running a fork called glitch-soc. They can write markdown.


JohanEmpa, to random

Started writing a bold vision for GreenFedi :sparkles_green:

What do you think?

JohanEmpa, to random

BBC has written about wooden wind turbines from Modvion. The actual tower is 105 m. Made from about 200 trees.

JohanEmpa, to threads

I've published a new blog post on the topic of and Do you have any thoughts on it?
#Threads #MastodonGreen


@denspier I'm thinking like you that it won't be any problem on our server. Overall it's interesting to see how it plays out in the fediverse, both technically and in other ways.

JohanEmpa, to random

Not going well at GOP28 today

Some oil and gas countries can't see any scientific evidence that the world need to phase-out fossil fuels. :blobcatfacepalm:

JohanEmpa, to random

It's going well on COP28 🙂
"More than 100 countries have now signaled support for a fossil fuel phase-out."

They track methane emissions by satellite and tell the oil companies where it leaks.

USA want to cut methane emissions with 80 %. Nothing can stop that, except the election next year.

JohanEmpa, to random

You know the 0-60 mph acceleration test - why is it 60 mph? Is there some logic behind it, or historical reason?

JohanEmpa, to random

for Oktober

764 trees being planted 🌳
Mangroves in the Philippines

Thanks to all members 🤗
We've done 19 049 trees in total


realsimon, (edited ) to random German avatar

Should I open up an advice centre and lobby group for and software at my university, just for fun? (I am not qualified)


@realsimon Yes, but make it a Fediverse+Linux group instead. The group naturally learns Linux and open source while doing something meaningful.

pvonhellermannn, to random avatar

Serious question: does anyone here know how to create a new emoji and have it added for everyone? The emoji i need again and again but which doesn’t exist is a broken green heart


@pvonhellermannn Maybe? Is this heart visible to you? :broken_heart_green:

ronanmcd, to sustainability avatar

Industry lobbyists should be run out of town. And the EU should protect people instead of ensuring corporations still make enough profit to be happy

Earlier this year the chemical industry showed the car industry that lobbying the EU is effective. They basically got an allowance to poison us all


@ronanmcd That's just British anti EU propaganda, isn't it?

There was a diesel scandal a few years ago. The industry reached the level where they can't lower emissions any more. A stricter law no one can comply with doesn't make sense.

What makes sense is to ban fossil cars, and the EU did that.


@ronanmcd I agree

JohanEmpa, to random

for September

779 trees being planted 🌳
Mangroves in the Philippines

Thanks to all members 🤗
We've done 18 285 trees in total



September 2023
Membership fees: 1286 €
20 % for trees: 257 €
Financed 779 trees


Why not plant trees while you're on the Fediverse? 🌳


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