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I am a climber, runner, cyclist and swimmer. In between that I run a small (but perfectly formed) analytics company, splitting my time between Edinburgh, The Highlands and The Borders, campaign for Scottish independence, bake bread and occasionally dabble in bad art.

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Wen, to UKpolitics
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Sunak airbrushed from launch of Scottish Tories’ general election campaign


Douglas Ross barely mentions Westminster or Conservative policies and does not say PM’s name in speech kicking off campaign

I am surprised they are allowing Ross to show his face quite frankly.

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@Thebratdragon The colour blue is being avoided and the word conservative is given in the smallest print possible hre in The Borders.

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@Thebratdragon I hope so. Although my worry is that they will not be wiped from the face of Scotland but a straggler or two left to pollute politics.

SubtleBlade, to random
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campaign with leaflets that barely feature party branding – or

Election material seen so far suggests candidates are using local images and non-blue, neutral branding

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@SubtleBlade And Starmer has abandoned the Union flag in Scotand as well…

Wen, to UKpolitics
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Reject Tory bid for 'loopholes' in protest buffer zone bill, MSPs told


The bill, which passed its stage one vote by an overwhelming majority, will create 200-metre safe access zones, or “buffer zones”, to stop anti-choice campaign groups from protesting outside abortion service providers.

The Tories love loopholes - financial, hunting, taxes….

Wen, to random
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Douglas Ross: Election can end Scottish independence push 'for good'


In your wet dreams Rossie boy. When 50% or more Scots wish for independence they will not be forced into your unionists box any time soon…

Mushroom politics (keep them in the dark and feed them shit)

Wen, to random
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They ate bear meat kebabs. The parasitic worms suggest it was a mistake


The meat is said to have been harvested by one of the family in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, in May 2022, and brought to the gathering. Eating bear meat is legal in the US, though selling it is generally banned.


#Bear #Parasites #UsCooking

Wen, to gardening
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The Grim Reaper

Yes, the garden really is that overgrown…

My partner sets out to clear a little of the undergrowth..

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@Theriac YES, and too each individual blade of grass :-)

Wen, to random
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Wasps nests

I dug out a pair of old wellies that are infrequently used but stored in an open cover next to the house. I emptied the debris out, and with it came this wasps nest - abandoned at the end of last summer I suspect.

They really are lovely delicate constructions of paper.

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@ak That is why I always shake the boots 🤣 They are very old - belonged to my father who died 7 years ago and don’t really fit me but do one of our sons who can occasionally be persuaded to help in the garden.

scottishlass, to Trains
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@scottishlass quite a campaigning Lady! 👏

DigitalTaoist, to random
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I see Sonia Sodha's laying on the guilt trip in the Guardian. Apparently people are 'foolish' if they choose not to vote for Labour, regardless of whether they're disenchanted, or, presumably, even if they've been kicked out of Labour for being too left wing.

Getting a little bit sick of the hypocrisy now, tbh, and at the same time I envy my friends up in Scotland who benefit from #PR and can vote for the candidate they want - without the constant barrage of BS!


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@DigitalTaoist remember, we only have PR for Holyrood. But even with FPTP we have a moderate/leftish party to compete against Labour, the LibDums and the Tories.

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@DigitalTaoist it pisses off London 🥳

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@DigitalTaoist the Lib Dem’s have been very quiet about it, but the SNP still supports PR.

christineburns, to random
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Dear oh dear, I’m not at all happy with the reboot of Rebus streaming on BBC. I’ve watched all six episodes and the character of Rebus himself is entirely changed — and not in a good way. Ian Rankin’s an exec producer so he doesn’t come away with clean hands. Vintage Rebus may not go by the book but he’s a decent cop who does real detecting. This version is hard to distinguish from the gangsters and doesn’t seem to have much actual detecting to do.

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@christineburns I gave up half way through the first episode. I’ve enjoyed the books, but none of the television adaptations have worked for me.

ZachWeinersmith, to comics
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Geri, to random
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TORY MP Lucy Allan has been suspended by the Conservative Party for backing Reform UK's candidate in the Telford seat she is vacating

It's all falling to pieces xxx

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@Geri or maybe ‘coming together’ as they way?

murraymitchell, to random
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‘The Tories have said that while £1.5bn will come from the Shared Prosperity Fund, the other £1bn would be paid for through a “crack down on tax avoidance and evasion”.’

That will be the avoidance and evasion the Tories collude in I assume?

bolts, to random
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Tennessee has added new steps for residents who've lost their voting rights and want to regain them. The steps cost money.

A resident of Nashville would have to pay $159.50 to petition a judge to regain their rights. https://boltsmag.org/tennessee-restricts-rights-restoration/

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@bolts @dgoldsmith whatever happened to ‘no taxation without representation’?

futurebird, (edited ) to random
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Here lies Irony, she was not well for many years, but after a valiant fight she is dead.

This would be ironic for any of the speakers at this event... but none more so than this man.

That people were hauled off by security for heckling him? Well irony would have had something to say about that, but as I explained, she is dead. RIP.

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@futurebird @ainmosni @itty53 @hazelnot facts don’t have bias. They are just facts.

dwasmkuk, to Rejoin
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@alexproe @RonInDortmund @FiveSeventeen @marcusjenkins @Lassielmr @dwasmkuk @Melinda @humanhorseshoes @Roadwarrior29 @JackTheCat @TCMuffin

IMHO PG Tips is not tea. Just mouse droppings discarded because they didn’t meet quality standards.

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@TCMuffin @alexproe @RonInDortmund @FiveSeventeen @marcusjenkins @Lassielmr @dwasmkuk @Melinda @humanhorseshoes @Roadwarrior29 @JackTheCat

Clipper is good and as you say, no plastic. It took Taylor’s a long time to acknowledge they used it in the bags and even longer to remove them.

Walrus, to Bread
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Today's loaf... crumb shot to follow, if I remember. This one is half wholewheat, half white flour.

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@Walrus have you tried Spelt - either mixed or for a whole loaf?

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@Walrus Great texture and taste. A Spelt loaf on its own is pretty dense though.

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