heinelo, to opensource

Aufgenommen in Erfurt 2017 Weiße Reiher am Baggerloch
bearbeitet mit Shotwell und Gimp
Olympus OMD EM5II ISO 640 1/125 s f/ 6.4

yabellini, to opensource
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✍️ Day 13: Distilling how to use Participatory Live Coding in-person and online - Tip 6

Participatory live coding can make it difficult to know if people are following along or unable to code due to issues. So today's tip is to

Get real-time feedback and provide immediate help.

📝 https://typeshare.co/yabellini/posts/day-13-distilling-how-to-use-participatory-live-coding-in-person-and-online-tip-6


hamatti, to opensource
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Why share technical stuff online? You never know how they may become useful to others!

10 months ago I found a fix to an Eleventy issue I had. I documented it on my website in my /snacks section. https://hamatti.org/snacks/fix-templatecontent-too-early-in-eleventy/

Today, I noticed someone having the same issue on 11ty Discord and went to share it. And then I found out that Christopher had already shared my solution in the issue and it had helped them!

Contributing to through docs and blogs is good!

pyOpenSci, to python
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As you're planning your time at PyCon US, definitely make time to chat all things community, Python, open source, and open science at the pyOpenSci Open Space!

You'll be able to chat with @leahawasser (and grab some pyOpenSci swag), and connect with the broader pyOpenSci community.

We can't wait to see you there 💜

DanielJDufour, to transit
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Anyone have an example of a agency that adopted and/or contributed to ?

kubikpixel, to gentoo
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Gentoo and NetBSD ban 'AI' code, but Debian doesn't – yet

The problem isn't just that LLM-bot generated code is bad – it's where it came from.

🐧 https://www.theregister.com/2024/05/18/distros_ai_code/

#gentoo #netbsd #debian #ai #llm #LLMs #bsd #linux #opensource #oss #bot #it

gyptazy, to grafana
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We just released 7.5.30 & 2.2.15 ( & forks keeping the license).

  • Plutono: Fix roleAttributionPath
  • Plutono: Fix null pointer references
  • Plutono: Security - Update crewjam/saml to 0.4.14


DanielJDufour, to opensource
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The City of Chattanooga is looking for a Data Analyst (Data Engineer) to join the Office of Performance Management and Open Data. Build reliable data pipelines and contribute towards making Chattanooga the best place to live for all Chattanoogans.


We are also growing our practice, including publishing projects to @pypi , see https://pypi.org/project/socrata-dump/ and https://pypi.org/project/pbsc/

leahawasser, to python
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Wow! Thank you to everyone who came to my packaging talk!! I was nervous but it went well!

What's next? We r holding a @pyOpenSci open space tomorrow at 10am in room 309. Thank u @ucodery for grabbing the room . Join us to talk all things community and

Finally we will hold a one day sprint on Monday. If you want to contribute to our guidebook, test drive a tutorial, or help us with some of our technical ci and other challenges, we welcome u!

almalinux, to opensource
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Wanna learn how to create a bootable AlmaLinux USB drive? This guide describes how to download an AlmaLinux ISO, burn it to a USB stick, and install AlmaLinux OS using it.

🔗 https://wiki.almalinux.org/documentation/installation-guide.html


thelinuxEXP, to linux
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thelinuxEXP, to linux
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Time for this week's and News video!

In this one, we have adding some data collection (but it's fine, IMO), we have a ton of stuff happening around AI, and it's still an absolute nightmare, we have the Linux Kernel 6.9 (nice), and banning in one of its territories, which alarmed a bunch of human rights / freedom associations:


krisfreedain, to opensource
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Cerebral Valley Hackers Build $20 Smart Glasses (pretty cool!)

9to5linux, to linux
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BTW, Arch Linux is now powered by kernel 6.9 🐧🏹

tiagojferreira, to opensource
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Nunca tinha parado pra pensar que uma solução VDI (Virtual Desktop) também pode substituir Google Drive, Dropbox e outras...

A depender da capacidade de integração.

HeyPuter/puter: 🌐 The Internet OS! Free, Open-Source, and Self-Hostable. https://github.com/HeyPuter/puter

jbzfn, to ChatGPT
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🤖 NetBSD’s New Policy: No Place for AI-Created Code

“New development policy: code generated by a large language model or similar technology (e.g. ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot) is presumed to be tainted (i.e. of unclear copyright, not fitting NetBSD’s licensing goals) and cannot be committed to NetBSD.”


#netbsd #copilot #chatgpt #bsd #ai #aicoding #opensource

conansysadmin, to FreeBSD
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Wizards can conjure great spells through knowledge alone, spending no gold. https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/samba-active-directory/samba.html?s=mc

anapoda, to opensource French
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Hello les lecteurs compulsifs !
Je suis en recherche de conseils pour l'achat d'une en vue de faire un cadeau.
J'ai pas franchement d'expérience dans le domaine alors toute suggestion argumentée m’aidera à y voir plus clair.
• J'aimerais déjà qu'elle soit le plus ouverte possible pour les formats pris en charge.
serait un gros plus mais j'ai cru comprendre que c'est pas gagné.
• Budget : 150/180 €
:boost_ok: repouet apprécié 😊

conansysadmin, to linux
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Tavern patrons will demand entertainments even when seated in the back room. https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/multi-bluetooth-speaker.html?s=mc

AntennaPod, to UXDesign
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Did you notice? We have almost 5.000 followers!
Now we're wondering: might we find among you (or your network) two experienced UX/UI designers who are willing to engage in a 6-month volunteer project? We need to come up with a way to fit a bunch of new functionality into the already busy player screen. We're looking for two people (one for each role) to help us with this.
Interested? More info? Send a DM or email keunes@mailbox.org.
Boosts appreciated!
#UXdesign #UIdesign #OpenSource

conansysadmin, to linux
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A bandit must discover how he is being hunted, as hunted he will be and by the king's best trackers. https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/apache-referer-log-analysis.html?s=mc

openresource, to opensource
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Starting the day by deleting around 200 spam GitHub Discussions. Always a pleasure...

If GitHub's looking for AI topics: it could really help maintainers by spotting spam, blocking accounts, and automatically deleting discussions/issues so they have nothing to do.

warroza, to opensource Polish
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Jako alternatywy dla współdzielonych map Google korzystam z https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/pl/

Czy ktoś może zna jakieś inne alternatywy do przetestowania w celu tworzenia i współdzielenia map z punktami, które można opisać np. opartych także o OpenStreetMap. Mogą być także samohostowane.

debugpoint, to linux
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oalders, to programming
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I'm handling sponsorships for this year's Perl and Raku Conference. Please share this far and wide so that we can get as many new sponsors as possible. ❤️


@perl @tag@relay.fedi.buzz

@sjn@chaos.social avatar

@oalders @perl @tag@relay.fedi.buzz

Everyone! If your depends on or please consider supporting the communities you rely on!

One good way to ensure a sustainable future for ecosystems like these, is to support active and fertile venues for learning and teaching these technologies.

Right now, you can help by supporting the Perl and Raku Conference, and later this year, the London Perl Workshop.

Is this relevant for you? Forward it to your manager! 💯

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