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Australian urban planning, public transport, politics, retrocomputing, and tech nerd. Recovering journo. Cat parent. Part-time miserable grump.

Cities for people, not cars! Tech for people, not investors!

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ajsadauskas, to fediverse
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Time for an ICQ for the Fediverse?

Looks like ICQ is finally shutting down, just as interest in retro internet tools is growing.



ajsadauskas, (edited )
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@tombruzzo @Gibsonisafluffybutt I'm in the process of switching over — I downloaded Firefox quite literally this morning.

I'm also playing around with NextCloud as a possible substitute for a number of Google's other services.

Unfortunately, it looks like Google jumped the shark at this point.

The accountants and managerialists are well and truly in charge. The people who actually cared about building a great search engine, or a great open mobile operating system, have been cast aside.

Panicked decision-making about LLMs and enshittification for profit seems to be the new norm.

ajsadauskas, to art
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A vital step forward for Parramatta as Sydney's second CBD.

The old Riverside Theatre is frankly starting to show its age.

Having a modern venue for theatre, concerts, and live music in Western Sydney is an important investment for the arts.


@sydney #Parramatta #Art #concerts #theatre #nsw #nswpol #sydney

ajsadauskas, to afl
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Want to be an AFL media personality? It's easy — just follow the four-step Kane Cornes plan.

  1. Look up which teams that lost on the weekend.

  2. For each of the teams, come up with a reason why either:

a) It's the players' fault. They're too lazy. Don't train hard enough. Don't put in enough effort!
b) It's the players' fault. They're not skilled enough!
c) It's the coach's fault. Bad tactics. Bad strategy. He's allowing those players to be lazy!
d) It's the recruiter's fault. They picked/traded for the wrong players!

  1. Get your producers to find a passage of play, interview, or press conference you can say backs up your claim.

  2. Go on TV or radio and say what you think confidently, as if you're really pissed off about it.

Yeah, the older Richmond players didn't show enough effort. You really don't care — you used to play for Port Adelaide after all.

But you pretend you do on TV and the radio, because it makes great content.

That's really all it takes, folks!


codepo8, to random
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The BASIC programming language is now 60 years old.
Did you also start with it?



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@codepo8 In honour of this momentous occasion, I think we need to celebrate the most popular program ever written in BASIC:

20 GOTO 10

timrichards, to random
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People are weird

Free the fridges! Make dishwashers great again! US conservatives have odd priorities - Emma Beddington https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/article/2024/may/19/free-fridges-make-dishwashers-great-again-us-conservatives-odd-priorities

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@timrichards Look at these easily offended snowflakes wanting to intervene in the free market when it doesn't support their 'correct' political position.

They hate freedom — in this case, the freedom to buy an energy efficient appliance — and so are using the might of big government to force their ideological agenda on businesses and ordinary freedom-loving Americans.

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@timrichards I think the bigger story is the GFC, and the Iraq/Afghan Wars, put an end to Bush/Reagan neoconservatism as a governing ideology.

That mix of Friedman/Hayek neoliberal economics and American interventionism wasn't ever a great governing ideology. But at least it was at least something.

Now, a lot of the American right's ideology is just anti-leftism.

It's advocating for anything American progressives oppose, and opposing anything the left supports — no matter how inane.

Which leads to legislation to mandate less energy efficient home appliances. For freedom.

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@StudChud @Pilk He may now have softer, more supple and youthful skin, but he'll always be awful on the inside.

Keeping pet cats indoors would save millions of native animals and billions of dollars. So what's stopping us? (www.abc.net.au)

Broader adoption of keeping cats safe at home would have large benefits for cat welfare, human health, local wildlife and even the economy. So, should cat owners be required to keep their pets contained to their property?...

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@trk @TassieTosser Knox City Council in outer-eastern Melbourne did exactly this: https://www.knox.vic.gov.au/whats-happening/news/keeping-your-cats-safe-and-secured .

The council did it because some of its suburbs (The Basin, Ferntree Gully, Upper Ferntree Gully, parts of Boronia, Lysterfield) border national parks and the Dandenong Ranges.

Younger cats can adapt to living indoors.

But the challenge was with older cats, who are used to roaming around.

The happy medium would be to phase it in over five to 10 years, where any new cats registered or adopted after a particular date have to stay indoors, but older cats can continue to roam.

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@Seagoon_ @Alamutjones Stephen King or RL Stine?

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@Seagoon_ Maybe Paul Jennings?

Some supernatural event happens to a kid, that causes the grown ups around them to be covered in snot is the most Paul Jennings plot he's never written.

You could even call it something like Unblocked...

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@Pilk @melbourne_wanderer Wifey had COVID about a month ago. It was really bad for a week, including intense migraines, but then cleared up.

About a week after most of her symptoms cleared, she began regaining her sense of taste.

A couple of weeks after that, we were in a queue outdoors and she complained: "Ugh I can't stand the smell of cigarettes. Wait — I can smell the smokers! This is amazing! I CAN SMELL THE SMOKERS!"

Your mileage may vary, but for her it was mostly back within a month.

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@Duenan @Taleya "A mother says a man armed with a knife told her to 'just stop crying' as he forced her to drive and buy laptops in Melbourne's south-east while her six-month-old daughter sat in the back seat.


"Police say the victim was getting out of her car at the Stud Park Shopping Centre [in Rowville] last Friday night when she was confronted by a man who threatened her with a knife and forced her back into the driver's seat of her Suzuki S Cross."


There was a thread on here about someone considering moving to Rowville?

Yeah, here's a good example of why that's a bad idea...

mpesce, to random
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This is nothing short of a full-stack AI-ification of search. Google is using its Gemini AI to figure out what you’re asking about, whether you’re typing, speaking, taking a picture, or shooting a video.


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@mpesce Huge opportunity here for someone to build a search engine that searches web sites.

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@Seagoon_ @StudChud UGH! Of course that's when they'd come!

And then instead of one long relaxing shower, you end up with two half showers 😔

Seriously, it's the kind of thing that would make me a grump all day.

I hope it was at least someone or something important at the door.

(If it's just some salesman who's promising to cut your power bills, in the circumstances you're completely justified in chasing him off with a cricket bat.)

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@melbourne_wanderer @Seagoon_ That's awful 😞

Hope you have a full and speedy recovery.

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@Seagoon_ I just stopped by the shops quickly, and while I was there, picked up a freshly-made cinnamon donut.

Nom Nom Nom.

ajsadauskas, to opensource
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I'm thinking seriously about getting Google out of my life, and trying NextCloud.

Looking to get a personal account through a managed provider.

Does anyone have any experience with it?

How does it compare to ownCloud?

Any hosts I should look at or avoid?

Any apps I should get for it, or avoid?

Any issues I should be aware of before I switch?


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@denshirenji @asklemmy On photos, does NextCloud Photos or Memories play nice with Digikam or any other desktop photo gallery applications? And what about Immich?

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@geillescas @jajabor @asklemmy That, and also making files/emails/calendar events synced across your computer and your phone.

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@Seagoon_ @TinyBreak Totally.

Honestly, I feel icky just thinking about KFC food, it's just so greasy.

Unless you have a specific craving for the greasiest thing imaginable because you're pregnant/emotionally eating/have cramps/have a hangover/are really drunk/are six-years-old, I don't know why anyone would want it?

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@msdropbear42 @TinyBreak @Seagoon_ Greasy lukewarm dead bird in a cardboard bucket, as a friend used to call it.

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@StudChud @Seagoon_ Nawww

Sweet little Mickey is soooo cute 😻

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@tombruzzo Out of curiosity, roughly how large is this organisation? Is it closer to 10 staff, 50 staff, or 1000?

Also, you mentioned something I found interesting.

You said the business wants everything done now, but also everyone needs to give their input and approval.

Is that an issue just with the website? Or is it across the board in your business?

CelloMomOnCars, to TeslaMotors
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"The head of the IPCC has compared the rollout of carbon capture and storage () to "trying to push water uphill," questioning a technology that the oil and gas industry has long touted as integral to net-zero emission plans.

The International Energy Agency has previously called for the oil and gas industry to let go of the "illusion" that carbon capture is a solution to climate change, pushing instead for energy majors to ramp up investments in clean energy."


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@CelloMomOnCars "Frankly, society, and the activist—the dominant voice in this [climate change] discussion—has tried to exclude the industry that has the most capacity and the highest potential for helping with some of the technologies."

— Exxon's CEO in an interview earlier this year.

Source: https://fortune.com/2024/02/27/exxon-ceo-darren-woods-interview-pay-the-price-for-net-zero/

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