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#LivingWages #SinglePayer, #Housing, #FoodSecurity

#Nonprofit #Bookkeeper, fledgling #Artist. AAS #Architecture, BA #Philosophy Magna Cum Laude w/ minors in #Linguistics & in #JudaicStudies. #OpenlyJewish AntiZionism=AntiSemitism. Yes Netanyahu is an asshat.

#ProChoice #WomensRights - I oppose #TheNewInquisition & am a designated Militant Jewish Troll™

#ClimateCrisis #Sustainability #Urbanism #UrbanAg #Science #Geology #Astronomy #LGBTQAlly #Gardening #Cooking #Art

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shekinahcancook, to climate
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How working for place-based solutions can change the world By Patrick Mazza, originally published by The Raven May 28, 2024

"...We must anticipate & prepare for extremes while also doing all we can to mitigate them and reduce their intensity. The more stressed systems become, the more difficult it will be for them to respond to stress. It’s a vicious cycle, the kind of feedback loop that leads to collapse. That is why we must build strong and resilient communities in our places, in our cities, towns, rural areas and bioregions. If systems break down at larger levels, we will have to fall back on our own places..."

I have mentioned many times that we will need to be prepared to take in our friends & family who will be displaced here in the US by disasters and climate collapse. The govt is not going to help. Our neighborhoods and congregations will be the basis of our sustainability.


shekinahcancook, to Theatre
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Neoliberal economics is killing the arts
By Tim Lutton, originally published by Red Pepper May 28, 2024

"...As a society, we must resist art-as-capital, where it is reduced to pure exchange value in a market of commodities. There, any politically-charged and counter-hegemonic content is rendered powerless, constituted as a stable harmonisation of the dominant socio-political order and drowning out all contradictions.

...In the present era, the tendency towards total marketisation of artistic production accompanies perpetual austerity and an atomised rentier economy that is shrinking public and social life. Without a rupture from neoliberal capitalism in general, the means to make new, generative and disruptive art disappears, and much else that is meaningful in our lives will follow after. The rest is silence."


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Oh, yes. And so many thoughtful and poignant plays, works of art, and music will simply never appear in commercial media.

shekinahcancook, to history
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A List - 12 Ancient Scientific Instruments You Can Still See Today - These incredible tools were used to understand the world thousands of years ago. (Atlas Obscura)

"...These mechanisms, some of which date back as far as 5,000 years ago, were developed on different continents by a wide range of cultures, from advanced metallurgy in India to the influential astronomical calendars of the ancient Maya. Amazingly, some of these ancient scientific instruments have been preserved through the millennia, and can be visited today. Each provides a window into how our ancestors made sense of the world around them..."


SmudgeTheInsultCat, to random
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Maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t win the Republican nomination.

‘Anyone Who Signs a Bomb Is a Sociopath’: Critics Slam Nikki Haley’s Israeli Missile Stunt https://flip.it/wU5EHy

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The entire maga and qanon branch of the republican party are sociopaths, actually. They do not give a rats rear end about anyone but themselves.

GottaLaff, to Canada
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Ahem. Attention please.

I am now in . 🇨🇦🍁

That is all.


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heidilifeldman, to random
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has no shame. It isn’t just that he refuses to recuse himself from cases before the Supreme Court — it’s his arrogant assertion that he can assess how a “reasonable person” would view his involvement. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2024/05/29/justice-alito-rejects-recuse-flags-jan-6-cases/ 73895356007/ 1/

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Well, until somebody send in officers to arrest him and haul him off to jail without bond for treason, nothing is going to change. See also Thomas.

bungle, to random
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Farage made a revealing statement yesterday:

“How can I be antisemitic and Islamophobic at the same time?”

He thinks, or more likely wants to project, the idea that Jews and Muslims are two mutually exclusive camps and never the twain shall meet. This serves Reform's far-right position of divide and conquer, taking out each minority one by one.

It is infuriating that this framing lines up so neatly with the contrarian tendencies of the left.

I'm not saying there aren't any tensions between Muslims and Jews in the UK. I'm saying that nobody is providing an alternative to having your side chosen for you. Why is it so hard to find newspapers that speak to Jewish fears that don't rant about refugees? Why is it so hard to find media personalities that speak out against racist dog whistles who don't put antisemitism at the arse end of a hierarchy of discrimination?

The syncretic gap is not economically left and socially right.
It's pro-societal justice without an exception for Jews.

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Many white nationalist christo-fascists are in fact both islamophobic and antisemitic, so I don't see how anyone can claim that's somehow mutually exclusive.

Rhube, to random
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Really want to shift from Gmail to proton mail, but it's a huge shift and I just can't do it while dealing with all this house stuff.

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@wolfsbruder @Rhube

I have never had that problem and I set up unique proton aliases for all my clients to protect their data, not to mention my own. I don't think that's a big issue. There are always a few fringe lunatics, but anyone who objects to your privacy is someone who's mad they can't scrape your sensitive data.

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@wolfsbruder @Rhube

Gmail is something I tell my Bookkeeping clients to absolutely not use, or google docs / drive. It is absolutely not secure and not private.

shekinahcancook, (edited ) to random
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If you had unwanted babies being abandoned in the woods to die by desperate girls on your bingo card, well, you got a hit.

(Alt possibility - creepy 30 or 40 yr old "boyfriend" drives underage teen to woods to give birth and get rid of the evidence so he doesn't get hit with child support and/or pedophilia / incest charges.)


andrewdessler, to random
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Sanity check. I filmed an interview today and got the following release form. It gives them the right to "simulate and impersonate" me. Does that sound as bad to you as it does to me?

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Yep. You just gave them free use of your image forever.

shekinahcancook, to random
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You may be having a bad day, but at least your car isn't careening off the road because there are so many smashed bug guts on it your tires can't get traction in the snot-like goo.


Tbsa, to random
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It is truly sickening that we need agencies to feed children in America that will go days without secure meals while corporations make billions and record profits year and year. Anyone telling you this is a Christian nation needs to be asked why they lie about it. Christian my ass.

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Oh, please. None of that "no true scotsman" nonsense.

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That's what christianity is and does, and has always been. There are only two sects on earth that believe in using violence to impose their religion on others: fundamentalist christianity and fundamentalist islam. It's literally part of their purpose. So don't say that's not "real" christianity. It absolutely is real christianity and millions of victims of christian violence, oppression, child kidnappings, cultural destruction, language suppression, and executing people who practice their ancestral spirituality, can attest to that. It's vile and disgusting and it's baked into the cake. Fundamentalist christians think they have not just a right but an obligation to use police state violence to shove their false beliefs down everyone's throat. Don't pretend that's not what christianity is and has been all along.

pixelartdragon, to random

Read! The! Docs! Saves! You! Headache!
Or also could just be "actually check how you're supposed to do something instead of relying on your own memory of something you haven't actually done in around 5 years!"
This toot brought to you by an hour of trying to figure out why OpenGL wasn't rendering my texture, when what was happening was that my texture was fine, and 99% of the code to render the texture was fine too. But instead of setting the texture's uniform value as 0, since I only have one texture, I was setting it to be the OpenGL ID of the texture. Understandably, OpenGL was confused. And when I finally switched my code around to pass 0 instead, suddenly everything worked!

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Read the instructions? Isn't that blasphemy of some sort?

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Just goes to show there are exceptions to every rule, lol.

shekinahcancook, to sustainability
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PODCAST: Levke Caesar: “Oceanic Slowdown: Decoding the AMOC”

By Nate Hagens, originally published by The Great Simplification May 24, 2024

"...Nate is joined by climate physicist Levke Caesar for a comprehensive overview of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and its connections to broader planetary systems. Amid a complex...interconnected climate system, the AMOC is a powerful force for regulating temps between the Northern & Southern Hemispheres along the Atlantic Ocean – yet it’s estimated to have slowed down by about 15% over the last few decades. What are the possible domino effects of this slowing oceanic powerhouse at a regional & global scale? How well do we understand what drives the AMOC, its cyclical patterns, and connections with other currents? ...how does the AMOC interact with other biospheric mechanisms that have shaped our stable, life-supporting planetary home?"


shekinahcancook, (edited ) to sustainability
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Târ y donc a tori – Lessons on the Subversive Nature of Transmission, from a Stubborn Welshman

By Adèle Pautrat, originally published by ARC2020 on May 24, 2024

"...There is no effective way of obtaining concrete information about old varieties and the people still growing them, which contributes to their progressive disappearance.

Without a doubt, hindering the exchange of seeds between farmers has had disastrous consequences for the preservation of agro-bio-diversity. There are gene banks and seed collections, but it is on farms that the most beautiful treasures are often unearthed...

Highly critical of legislation that prevent people from accessing and exchanging old grains, Gerald has committed to doing his bit. He has joined the Gaïa Foundation’s ‘Seed Sovereignty’ initiative to safeguard cereal varieties, while as a seed grower he has always made sure to share these with other farmers..."


#Sustainability #SeedSaver #SavingSeeds #Farming #Gardening

shekinahcancook, to random
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Seriously, who thought live bees and honey lollipops in a museum was a good idea?

"Museums are reflections of everything we’ve created and accomplished up until now on this planet. These are really giant selfies. While researching museums, I heard literally hundreds of stories from museum lovers, museum curators, and tourists. Here are my top 10 weirdest and most fascinating museum stories..."


#Museum #Exhibit #WeirdTales #BadIdea #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

shekinahcancook, to random
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These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books - If you decide to see more, click on this story. by Sarah Laskow June 13, 2017

"...The last installment of the original “Choose Your Own Adventure” series came out in 1998, but since 2004, Chooseco, founded by one of the series’ original authors, R.A. Montgomery, has been republishing classic volumes, as well as new riffs on the form of interactive fiction that seemed ubiquitous in the 1980s and ’90s. The new editions also carry an additional feature—maps of the hidden structure of each book..."


shekinahcancook, to mentalhealth
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How Modern America Is Optimized for Loneliness, Misery and Poor Health by David Friedlander May 24, 2024

"...What do housing, transit and lifestyle statistics have to do with loneliness and unhappiness, you might ask. Well...separating people physically also leads to emotional and psychological separation. Moreover, the implements that make sprawl-induced physical separation work on a societal level — cars to contract long distances and digital media to ameliorate the effects of social isolation — deepen loneliness and unhappiness on the personal level. These implements also make people sedentary, directly relating to the fact that 73% of the total American population is overweight and 42% is obese, per the CDC.

One of the biggest issues is population density. At the risk of oversimplifying, it’s a lot harder to socially isolate when there are people around you..."


kolev, to tea
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Oh wow! I haven't had honeysuckle tea since I was a kid!

wolfsbruder, to random
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I will owe child support/

They can't take more than 50% of my SSI, but the court starts at 30% and determines if I will pay more from there!!

I am so fucked.

I am trying hard not to panic right now. No matter what, I won't be able to afford a place to live, even with Sec-8 and enough food to eat. or the med supplies I need to pay out of pocket for.

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Can you find a roommate?

kevinrns, to climate
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"Mexico is about to experience its 'highest temperatures ever recorded' as death toll climbs"

The extreme heat smothering much of Mexico has killed dozens of people across multiple states
··· Reuters · Posted: May 24, 2024

This is the result of delaying the building and installation of wind and sun, the new energy.

The dead are victims of that delay.


Its not just Mexico, or Brazil or Canada


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@kevinrns @nlpbot

I don't doubt it. The very obvious things that they just flat refuse to say gives it away. Speaks volumes, you might say.

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