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Off-grid power in a shipping container?

"New portable solar power plants make it easier than ever to go off-grid. An entire plant of solar panels can be folded into a single shipping container.The power plant is easily deployed – and folded up again when it needs to move on."

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Percent area of the Arctic (land and sea north of 60ºN) with the annual average temperature higher than the 1951-80 baseline normal. Since 2015 effectively all of the Arctic warmer than the baseline. In a stable climate this would bounce around 50 percent with some multi-year consistency with more or less area being above/below normal. H/T @Climatologist49

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440,000 Texans w/out Electricity in 100F Heat and Humidity!

Hundreds of thousands still without power after storms unleash hurricane-force winds

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A large corporation would not engage in a deal like this unless it was confident that governments are not serious about reducing use.

There is not one mention in this piece about .

in this

Tell your government representative that this is not ok. You want to see the immediate end of fossil fuel subsidies.

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California and Connecticut Friends:

“If you're a California EV driver or you know someone who is, spend 3 minutes taking this survey to help CARB determine what should be included on the window sticker."

"Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) wants to better understand where EV chargers are needed in Connecticut and how adding chargers might benefit a community. They're collecting feedback through May 31.”

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"It's excessively hot, almost like it is raining fire"

  • New Delhi School Principal

One of the world's largest cities melts as New Delhi, India gasps with its record setting temperature Wednesday of 52.3C (126F)

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Temperatures in India's capital soared to a national record-high of 52.3 degrees Celsius (126.1 Fahrenheit) on Wednesday, the government's weather bureau said.

Global Warming is getting worse, not better, everyday, everywhere.

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Summer Burns in PHOENIX. And Burns.

Scorching pavement blisters uncovered skin. Pus oozes from burned feet and bacteria-teeming wounds fester under sweat-soaked bandages for people living on the street.

This isn't a sci-fi future. It's today in an American city!
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That burning smell coming from your wallet...

An increase in the number of hot days as climate change warms the globe WILL damage the economy over the long-term, according to research published on Tuesday by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
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Flooding in Brazil
Carbon / temperature graph

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ESA launches EarthCARE satellite to study the impact of clouds on

The satellite - a collaboration between and Japanese space agency - will study how the formation of and the density of in the impact the Earth's temperature.

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As #Delhi roasts at 49.9°c (a record) Maharaja Sur Singh of #Jodhpur #Marwar #Rajasthan sits smoking a #Huqqa without his shirt on!
And, so does his attendant, fanning him in this c1760 CE #IndianMiniaturePainting from the Toby Falk collection sold by Christie's Inc on 27th October 2023 for £5040.

#Art #IndianHeritage #IndianHistory #Paintings #Heritage #History #Artist #MastoArt #Histodons #Painting #India #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

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Millions in #US face #extremeheat threat as experts urge better protections
Recommendations include heat forecasts and outdoor-worker safeguards to prevent thousands of deaths and injuries
#climatechange #climatecrisis #extremeweather

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'Just brutal': Why America's hottest city is seeing a surge in deaths - rising temps due to are killing more and more people, especially the homeless, elderly and chronically ill. Especially in the South and Southwest. We can’t rely on churches and charities, this is a national crisis.

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PODCAST: Levke Caesar: “Oceanic Slowdown: Decoding the AMOC”

By Nate Hagens, originally published by The Great Simplification May 24, 2024

"...Nate is joined by climate physicist Levke Caesar for a comprehensive overview of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and its connections to broader planetary systems. Amid a complex...interconnected climate system, the AMOC is a powerful force for regulating temps between the Northern & Southern Hemispheres along the Atlantic Ocean – yet it’s estimated to have slowed down by about 15% over the last few decades. What are the possible domino effects of this slowing oceanic powerhouse at a regional & global scale? How well do we understand what drives the AMOC, its cyclical patterns, and connections with other currents? does the AMOC interact with other biospheric mechanisms that have shaped our stable, life-supporting planetary home?"

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CharlieMcHenry, to climate avatar

What a great idea! More people make 'no-buy year' pledges as overspending or climate worries catch up with them - This will definitely command the attention of our capitalist overlords. #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #Consumerism #spending

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Tomorrow South Africa’s 27 million registered voters head to the polls.

How we vote will determine the countries direction on climate.

Results of the 2019 national election in South Africa
Final pre election poll showing ruling ANC government below its usual majority

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‘Just brutal’: Why America’s hottest city is seeing a surge in deaths

Climbing temperatures are colliding with a lack of planning in Phoenix. Hundreds have DIED. Hundreds more will.

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📣 Calling all open movement activists & stakeholders working at the intersection of the . Join us on June 5 as we collectively build the strategy:

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Regulator ruled against LNG ads, leak reveals

🧵 1/?

"The industry organization that regulates advertisements in Canada has ruled against one of Canada's largest pro-fossil fuel advocacy groups for spreading disinformation about the harmful climate impacts of liquified natural gas (LNG), according to a confidential decision. "
And they are ignoring that ruling!


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Destroying the planet we live on -- the only planet we can live on -- is of course totally legal and even supported and subsidised by governments around the world (including 's).

But PROTESTING against destroying the planet? That's illegal. That's very, very illegal. Don't even think about doing that.

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@tshirtman @lienrag @pgcd @TomSwirly Yes, but, that's considering extinctions due to climate stress alone. The is very serious, but it's by no means the worst of the crises we face. The worst is almost certainly . And it's unlikely that the ecological consequences of the constellation of crises we face will be simply additive.

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