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Hi! I’ve had a general account on Mastodon for 2 years now; the link is in my profile. I boost a lot about 3D modeling and webcomics there.

On my Sakurajima account is where I’ll be sharing my designs for #gijinkas or personifications based on computers and OSes, akin to the #OStan characters which I’ve been a fan of for a long time that they’re nostalgic. The header and icon I’m using now are of some of my characters.

I like many anime and manga but of them, shounen and magical girl series are the largest influences on my works.

I’m looking to meet others who share my interests and to meet more creators!


Today, let us commemorate both the Windows 2.0 anniversary and the 200th article on our Wiki! Thomas (Windows 2.X-kun) is a personification of this operating system, created by @SinclairSpeccy. https://os-tans.moe/wiki/Windows_2.X-kun_(Sinclair-Speccy)
Celebration artwork by @Pttn.


This account is used to share interesting (and not overpriced) ongoing OS-tan related deals and auctions. Feel free to let us know about good deals that we are not aware of, or even if you are yourself selling some OS-tan merchandise, so we can post about it and let others know as well!

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