danyal, to random
@danyal@neuromatch.social avatar

My first post on Mastodon! Hi, I'm Danyal. You can call me Danny :) I'm working as a GP and trying to find suitable positions to get My research career started and become a different kind of Doctor ;)

fbievan, to random
@fbievan@alpha.polymaths.social avatar

Hey, this is my 'Alpha polymath' account.

So I'm here now.

Gotta write up another introduction... Sec

Hello, I'm a Free and open source software enthusiast, and I have there other accounts.

I'm a 17 year old teenager on the internet who has way too much time to write and the likes. I also run my own homelab, and will be posting mostly about stuff I encounter in life.

I also like photography (while not having the equipment to do it myself).

I think I'm also a linux user.

Have a nice day

Jaden3, to random
@Jaden3@mastodon.social avatar

Hey yall I joined da fediverse cos I bored af with IG , tik tok, snap and shit.
Is this new social media?
Hit me up yall .yall got sum interesting shit to share I'll fck wit you ❤️❤️❤️
Love Jaden xxx

animakesgames, to gamedev
@animakesgames@peoplemaking.games avatar

Hey there fediverse! ✨​

Since I just joined this beautiful platform, I thought I would just introduce myself to all of you.

I love playing and creating colorful, cozy games. Even more so when they have depth and help us heal or transform on a personal or societal level.

I love being creative in many different ways.. music, visual art, programming...

I also have a never ending curiosity about the big questions in life. Reading about big history, anthropology and philosophy is one of my favorite things to do.

So a while back I decided to simply follow all of those passions and started developing "The Human Story" - a game about exploring the pluriverse of human history.

I hope to have a demo out soon!

Up until then, you can wishlist the game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2082690/The_Human_Story/

I also make devlogs once in a while on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFm-maNxR4Ur3zN68pKVWgA

Say hi in the comments if you want. Hope to meet you out there somewhere!

Eceni, to food
@Eceni@mastodon.scot avatar

Pinning by way of an

"WHAT DO WE REALLY THINK ABOUT ? Revolutionising what we eat with


Discovering that real people really want Gvmt intervention to ensure we have affordable nutritious food to eat

pvizeli, to random
@pvizeli@fosstodon.org avatar

I had only twitter and after it got destroyed - I lost somethings to talk to the world. Let's hope I find a new home at this platform 💗

@martinpeck@fosstodon.org avatar

@pvizeli Many people post here with a tagged post to introduce themselves, and declare their interests (and then pin that post on their profile).

I've found this platform to be very different to Twitter...almost always in a good way. I hope you do too!

mate, to random French
@mate@3615.computer avatar

Hello le Fedi 👋 !

Si vous êtes concerné.e.s par votre santé mentale ou celle de vos proches, rejoignez-nous !

Heureux et Perché : Raison d'être et plan d'action


lune, to ProjectSekai
@lune@urusai.social avatar

Time for a short post, looking for moots on the fediverse!

Heya, I'm k! I'm 19 and an INFP. This will be a multifandom account, so I'll mostly be posting around Japanese, Chinese, and Korean media, but I might also post about language learning, reading books, and other interests (I have too many!). As for games, I'm into rhythm games like and gacha games like .

Feel free to follow! Though note that any kind of bigotry is not tolerated, and I might not follow back if your profile is empty (no posts/pfp/bio) or our interests don't match.

You can also read more about me here: https://seraph.red/hi

lclarke522, to random
@lclarke522@gardenstate.social avatar

One more little tidbit: I make jewelry and creative tools (crochet hooks, seam rippers, etc.) using . I blogged a few days ago about my most recent makes, if you'd like to see (or buy something! [no pressure, though 😉]): https://www.lisaclarke.net/2024/04/09/tax-time-eye-candy/

TheAuDHDacity, to Cats
@TheAuDHDacity@mastodon.social avatar

Hello, Internet. Here is a picture of a cat. The Internet digs cats. We can be friends meow? I have no idea what I'm doing.

nickdrawthing, to random
@nickdrawthing@dice.camp avatar

I've never done an post on here and I don't have a pinned post, so here goes:
I'm Nick. Pronouns he/him. I live in Toronto and I work in tech as a... technical artist, kinda?
I love to run and I'm leaning more towards rules-light stuff. I play far less often than I'd like.
I also talk about parenting, video games, and sometimes (rarely) post my art.

RenataFernandes, to translator
@RenataFernandes@lingo.lol avatar

Hello Fediverse. This is my . I'm an audiovisual and editorial looking to connect with fellow and lovers to exchange ideas on: why languages are great, why translation is amazing, and how we can navigate the industry now AI is becoming more and more impactful.

toddlyons, to random
@toddlyons@dice.camp avatar

A re- ? I recently published my first book, Chrysogon's Coterie. It's a book of Fantasy OSR NPCs. It debuted as the #1 New D&D Release on Amazon (US) and is still there, having spent nearly 3 weeks on top. My second book comes out later this year.
I will make nothing from either product. I write for free, release under Creative Commons, and print at-cost. As a developer for the Basic Fantasy RPG, I'm in it for love not money. If you use something I made, tell me. That's all I need.

LeviKornelsen, to random
@LeviKornelsen@dice.camp avatar

It's been a minute; let's do this again:

If you are a Tabletop RPG nerd and have less than, say, 500 followers (or think you have less than 500 that are actually active):

  1. Write a post to introduce yourself and your particular nerdery, if you haven't already got one pinned.

  2. Reply in the comments with a link to or copy of that post.

  3. Share, check back to find people you want to follow, all that.

@Dionysus@dice.camp avatar

Original intro post here: https://dice.camp/@Dionysus/109309693564627435

My Post.

⚖️Public Servant for 25 years
🎲Gamer of 40+ years, mostly as a GM. Favorite games include
🔊Contributor to Our Turn: Gaming for Everyone podcast
🪑Former Gaming Chair, ConStellation
💡ENFP "Campaigner"
💪 Input, Connectedness, Communication, Learner, Positivity

I post stuff on Ko-fi, but it is always free.

Celefoombor, to Deathmetal
@Celefoombor@cyberpunk.lol avatar

Okay, guess I should do a #introduction, hopefully I do this correctly.
I'm a trans undergraduate philosophy student. I hope to post about music (right now I've been listening to #dreampop and #deathmetal) and also about the stuff I'm reading.

vantablack, to cyberpunk
@vantablack@cyberpunk.lol avatar

:HackerCatRainbow:​​ https://cyberpunk.lol is open for registrations!!! :HackerCatRainbow:​​


we're a small scrappy relatively fresh-faced underdog instance of glitch mastodon. we have but one humbly stated mission: to put the PUNK back into cyberpunk here on the fediverse


i'm vanta. trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist, the fediverse's favorite pirate radio DJ, DIY clothing auteur, and rogue wordsmith extraordinaire. i've been a hardcore fedi user since 2017


not only is this instance a fedipact instance that has threads.net blocked, but... i'm the one who made the whole pact to begin with lmao

:heart_cyber_pink:​ :cyber_heart_purple:​

#cyberpunk #cyber #punk #mastodon #fediverse #introduction #introductions #FediPact #meta #threads

c2silva, to random Portuguese
@c2silva@ursal.zone avatar

Boa noite a todos e todas e todes! Não tão novo no saite do elefante (já superei o choque inicial), mas novo aqui na Ursal.

Me chamo Cassiano, sou um usuário de internet médio (ou medíocre, como preferir), e entusiasta por alguns assuntos aleatórios.

Tava indo tudo bem até que eu fui migrar de outra instância para cá, consegui trazer os seguidores, mas não tô conseguindo recuperar os perfis que eu seguia lá. Inclusive se alguém puder me ajudar já agradeço.

#apresentacao #introduction #intro

HannibalElector, to Introvert
@HannibalElector@beige.party avatar

Allow me to reintroduce myself

#DataEngineering by day, couch potato #introvert by night.

I have a ton of new stuff on my watchlist, but I'm just going to rewatch the same 5 #TVshows over and over again.

I read a lot of #memoirs and nonfiction #books about psychology, disease, physics, chemistry, poisons, crimes, and cults.

#Baseball is the nerdiest sport, and therefore the best.

#simpsons #theoffice #cardinals #bookstodon #tech #introduction #reintroduction #adhd

syl, to random
@syl@social.lol avatar

Thought I'd do a little since I haven't yet!

👋 I go by Syl. I'm in my 30s, I use the pronouns she/her, and I'm a neurodivergent bisexual cis woman in a hetero marriage.

I enjoy writing fanfiction and blogging. I'm still learning web design and very much enjoying the process.

I also like to discover new music, sing, go to concerts, make messes in the kitchen, and play video games.

I'll mostly be cross-posting statuses from omg.lol here. Pic is my husband and me in Seattle 🩷

totori, to random
@totori@squawk.social avatar

whoopsie. i joined Fedi a few months ago then
(1) got a job
(2) developed an overbearing paranoia about online privacy and stuff
(3) embarked on a WAY overcomplicated journey to back up and synchronise my digital life
and as a consequence felt i didn't have time to "maintain" an "online presence" :wshum:

but i'm back now (with a fresh username)! i kinda take everything too seriously - it's just fun to see what everyone's up to :gphn_happy:

@totori@squawk.social avatar

heya! i'm Tori and i take everything way too seriously, so let's get this outta the way.

i'm a late-blooming computer person, doing and also wanting to try more stuff - there's so much to learn and it's all so EXCITING, ugh!

some media to get to know me:

  • A Short Hike, Celeste, Mega Man and all things
  • digital fusion, chiptune, spicy math rock, jungle, lofi and everything inbetween ( user!)
  • Studio Ghibli, the Patlabor movies, Gatchaman Crowds

i love (s) and music by small creators and open source and stuff! hope spending time here will put more cool works on my radar.

giantweevil, to 3DPrinting
@giantweevil@beige.party avatar

I never actually made an #introduction post on my old account, but now seems like a good time. A beiger time, if you will.

I'm giantweevil, I use he/him pronouns, I like #3dprinting #beatsaber #magicthegathering #anime and occasionally I'll do something other people call #programming but I call " hurting computers with #php "

Sometimes I make memes. Sometimes I make images that are just a long winded pun.

Lately my time has been mostly consumed by #helldivers2

oscarwilde, to random
@oscarwilde@gaygeek.social avatar

Hi everyone!

So I've signed up on a Mastodon instance and now I don't know what to do next. Feel free to say hi.

antares, to Tolkien
@antares@federatedfandom.net avatar

hello there, i'm antares! i like linguistics (can speak english, russian and spanish), music (i play guitar) and fixing things (mainly finding ways to use old tech and sewing). i've never been a big poster, but spent a lot of good time lurking in and fandoms
things that i'm also into:
any pronouns are fine, but in english i prefer they/them

tuxedodragon, to Furry
@tuxedodragon@chitter.xyz avatar


✨ what's up, i'm Tux! i also go by Theo or Wilde interchangeably, and i prefer they/it pronouns atm! nice to meet you! ;3

i work as a freelance artist specializing in furry art and comics, and am the creator of the Amphimorpho species as well as the webcomic "Meet Me in the Woods"!

this profile is primarily just for sharing my art and things related to that! feel free to peek around some of the links in my bio if you're curious about my other shenanigans~

A four-part sequence of a human transforming into a black and white, noodle shaped creature. There's a bit of text in the middle of the drawing which reads "Wow! Just like Animorphs!"
The cover for the webcomic "Meet Me in the Woods". The two main protagonists are featured in the foreground, holding a phone and flashlight respectively, which provides the only source of light in the image. Behind them, their shadows take the forms of two mysterious creatures against the backdrop of the pine trees.
A page of notes about the fictional alien species "Proteus amphimorpho". Two photos are taped on the left side of the page, depicting two noodle-shaped creatures with long ears and long tails; the one on top stands on all fours, whereas the one on the bottom stands on two legs with a raptor-like stance. The notes describe amphimorpho as "a unique, chimeric species initially developed under Project Delta to study cellular regeneration using novel gene editing techniques". A list of defining traits of the species is highlighted with the following items: long body, prehensile tail, rabbit-like ears, lack of nostrils, belly pouch (?), shapeshifting ability. Other notes on the page detail specific parts of the amphimorpho biology and read: "Tail is 1 - 2x the body length on average, and incredibly strong!", "Ears can pivot independently and are very expressive", "They lack nostrils, instead utilizing an olfactory organ on the roof of the mouth and their tongues to smell", "Front and hind paws have similar shapes".

niclake, to random
@niclake@mastodon.social avatar

Figured I should do a quick - Hi! I'm Nic. I'm a software developer (mainly Ruby) living in Des Moines, IA.

I'm a husband, a father to a (currently) 9 month old daughter, and a cat dad. I enjoy video games, sports, reading, music, and making yet another spreadsheet.

Excited to get to interact with you all over here - many that I've followed from Bird Site, and some that I'm just meeting now. 👋

@niclake@mastodon.social avatar

Time to re-do my .

Hi! I'm Nic. I'm a Ruby dev living in the Quad Cities. Our daughter is now 2, we still have cats, and I still enjoy video games, sports, reading, music, spreadsheets, keyboards, and woodworking (although I lack the time to do many of those anymore).

Looking forward to checking out the Elephant Site once again.

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