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We boost here


Interestingly enough, boost for reddit app is still working… For now


The Infinity app is still working as well. My Slide app is not.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what's the difference between boosting and hitting the upvote/downvote looking buttons?

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Boost is like retweeting something, you can have followers in the fediverse. Boosting makes something more visible to everyone, so you upvote/downvote things you personally like/dislike and boost things you think your followers/everyone would like

Think of this place as a cross between email, Twitter and reddit. All communities can interact with each other and are independent


The upvote doesn't represent an upvote on Kbin, so if you get a normal flow of upvotes/downvotes and no boosts, you'll have a negative reputation.

reputation doesn't actually do anything, of course, but it is there.

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It only doesn't count as an upvote as far as reputation is concerned, upvotes are still upvotes in determining post ranking.

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Thank you. I was wondering.

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@AnonTwo @ernest is aware of the issue:

Hopefully this will be changed soon, as the current system is confusing can be off-putting.

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Boost is a kbin upvote, while upvote is a Lemmy upvote. So if you want promote some good content on kbin, you have to use boost

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@zcd @Calcharger @BingGoose Boost is 2x the reputation.

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You're like, one week late on that buddy boy

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@Calcharger better late than never.

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oh haha my bad you're a dev, thank you for the info!

Sorry I just thought you were a rando haha

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@Calcharger Even if I was not a kbin developer, I hope we can all respect each other :)


This is awful. It’s confusing.


I’ve read it’s a work in progress and may be changed at some point to be consistent across the Fediverse. Poor guy is slammed with feature requests and bug reports with Kbin.


Kbin is basically still in alpha. They're fixing stuff like this. It'll be fixed soon.

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It is currently broken which is why it functions in such a terrible way. A fix has been made, but not yet pushed to live. Hold tight :)

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Lol, the developer has acknowledged it doesn't make sense at the moment and it will be changed.

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Thank goodness for that at least. It can't come soon enough

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It'll work itself out eventually. Kbin is still super new. Ernest is hard at work every day

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From what I can see the upvote / downvote both work as you'd expect now (as in upvoting curates content). There was apparently a period of time where 'boost' was the upvote mechanic but that's been changed

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There's definitely room for improvement, but I like what I see so far and don't have a problem learning a new paradigm. I'm sure that as the platform matures things will become more consistent.


100% agreed on all points.

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This is from the various services trying to talk to each other in ways they weren't originally designed to do, really. Our "upvote" is a mastodon "favorite" (like) while our "boost" is functionally a retweet/reblog. Kbin tries to bridge the gap between threaded content and microblogging, and it gets about 90% of the way there; all it really needs to do is change it so that upvotes are the ones that contribute to reputation instead of boosts, which are functionally useless outside a fully microblog-style environment.

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I just gave you a Boost and a Favourite!

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And an upvote?!


What’s the conversion to Stanley nickels?



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thanks, very good info worded nicely!

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Fuck u/spez

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When RIF died today a part of me died. But with death comes rebirth, and here we are. Forcibly pushed out of our comfort zones and into the brave new world of the fediverse. I have a feeling I will look upon this day with the same joy and reverence as the day my friend download rif on my phone for me all those years ago. It felt weird at first then became something I used almost every day. I have a feeling the same will happen here. We're all about to create something beautiful. Oh yeah and fuck spez


This was Mastodon for me (from Twitter). Now I'm all over the Fediverse. Wasn't even a Reddit user but am enjoying kbin/lemmy


Quite enjoying the Kbin experience after 11 years of reddit. I thought it would be harder to switch.

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I'm happier here. I feel like I'm surrounded by intelligent people again. The reddit userbase had become hot garbage during the past 5 or so years.


Same for me. I feel like the reason kbin in particular feels so much like coming back to a long lost home is because it appeals to the old guard of reddit, people with 10+ year accounts who really just wanted an aggregated collection of forums for niche interests. Reddit kept getting shittier as that format got diluted and they tried to push it towards being mainstream social media.


Anyone have the numbers of today's new users for any of the kbin or Lemmy instances?

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This site gives an idea of how Lemmy & kbin are growing.

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2.1k new accounts made in the past 72 hours.

1.4k new accounts made in the past 72 hours.

const_void, (edited )

Amazing! Long live the fediverse. Fuck Reddit!

Mysteriarch, avatar

Even better would be if they spread out over more instances instead ofself-centralising on a few ‘flagship’ instances. But no judgement, it’s understandable; just keep in mind you can always move to another and connect with the same communities!


Open to suggestions chief. I know nothing about this brave new world.

Mysteriarch, avatar

Just check and see if there’s an instance that speaks to you. It’s theme (or lack thereof), politics, location, size, who it does or doesn’t federate with, etc. But like I said, no pressure, it’s normal to have to find your footing first.


Thanks! I’ll have a look.

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I like this one:

Good graphs to look at are: Active this month, Total Posts, and Total Comments. You can also look at these graphs on a per server basis. I’m on so I’ve been following that server closely. Very happy with my local admins so far.

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Goodnight, sweet prince.


Deleted my Reddit account today. 12 years I was a user. No more.

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deleted my account with reason: fuck u/spez

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Deleted my account of 11 years just now as well after verifying PowerDeleteSuite didn’t miss anything the past few days. I thought this would be my hardest non-federated social media account to delete, since it was the last one standing and the one I used most. After what I’ve seen this month, it’s an easy delete. My time there is done.

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Is PowerDeleteSuite working since the API change? I would like to edit all of my comments but didn't get round to it before the change.

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No idea. Give it a try and report back? It’s easy to use, shouldn’t take too long to find out :)


im boosting this as well..

do i need to scroll to the end of the page just to reply a post?


For now, yes. Fuck u/spez

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Yes, the intent is to encourage reading comments before commenting.

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Sorry didn't read that. ;P

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I want to compare this to how I felt about Digg, but it’s different. Digg was a platform that was okay, but then the redesigns happened and I didn’t care about wanting to leave.there wasn’t anything there that I really cared about. I remember finding Reddit in undergrad, creating the University’s subreddit, and watching it grow. I was active on subs I cared about, topics where my passions lie. Now it’s all gone, and time to start again.


All we can do is learn from our mistakes. No more centralized social media; Fediverse or nothing.

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I absolutely mourn the loss of a useful tool and my awesome communities. but I'm pretty excited to be watching something new grow out of it.

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I think reddit is making the same mistake that digg did. Making sweeping changes while disregarding their bases wishes.
I feel they are cocky.



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  • zcd,

    Surprise you motorboatin SOB, you just got boosted!


    Hell yeah


    Funnily enough, boost for reddit is the last one holding out and closes after today. I was really confused by your title hahah


    fuck u/spez, the power tripping pig boy

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    I could use a boost! I'm already in the weeds!!


    It’s dangerous to go alone, take this

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