What do you NOT want to see replicated on kbin?

Or the fediverse in general.

I wanted to ask everyone their personal least favorite communities on reddit.

Whic subreddits do you absolutely not (personally of course) want to see recreated as magazines here on kbin, or as fediverse communities in general?

My pet peeve is CMV. I always felt while the idea seemed doable on the surface, the implementation within that particular subreddit with the delta system, the requirement for the top level comments to oppose the OP even if the "view" is an established expert consensus on something like climate change made it impossible to have meaningful conversations.

I haven't checked if we have a CMV magazine here, but as soon as I see one, I know I'm blocking it.

What is your "instant block" community?


I wasn't ever a fan of UnpopularOpinions. It seemed like a license to say horrible shit and then feel good about the upvotes but people just upvoted because the opinion was awful.

CynAq avatar


It's kinda similar to what I dislike about CMV but blatant. I think CMV created this whitewashing effect on horrible opinions by presenting them as a discussion against them, while giving them a megaphone into the mainstream.

UnpopularOpinions is similar but a bit more honest, I guess, lol!

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I don’t think it was all that bad… actually there were some pretty good discussions in there. That said I don’t think everyone engaged in good faith, and sometimes you’d get things like “CMV: women should have basic human rights (Delta(s) from OP)”.

Alto avatar

It was one of those that started out as legitimately pretty good but was ruined when it got big. Almost as if there's a pattern here...


Agreed but for the opposite reason lol. Whenever I see UnpopularOpinions on All it's always very popular opinions being upvoted.


less likely for that to happen if theres no reason to karma farm


/ r/The10thDentist was better


American politics seeping into every damn thing. And to top it off, with a clear bias in one direction. I resent having the feeling like there's an astro-turfing effort going on, even when I agree with whatever stance is being pushed. Reddit is really tainted with that sort of thing.

Hopefully it doesn't take hold here, or at least stays contained so I can decline subbing to magazines that would pertain. I'd rather not have to swim in the "political party A is evil and political party B is angelic" muck in unrelated magazines.

Dick_Justice, (edited )
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That's hard to avoid on such a huge site where something like 50ish percent of the userbase is American. I totally agree with you though - it's super irratating to be on a sub, talking about friggin Spider-man's webfluid or something, and some dumbass in the comments has to relate the debate back to some American Republican talking points or something.

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it's super irratating to be on a sub, talking about friggin Spiderman's webfluid or something

Having recently watched the latest Spiderman movie, wut?

@Dick_Justice@lemmy.world avatar

I'm just making up a throwaway example. Once upon a time there was a debate about whether Spidey's webfluid should be organic or if he should have webshooters. I'm personally in the webshooter camp - it's one of the great examples we get of Peter being a genius who was so smart he could invent something so spectacular at such a young age with limited resources and no help. I really hated the organic idea. I thought it dumbed Pete down and was contradictory to the established character. And, I'm just saying, those kinds of discussions are the worst place to run into some idiot that can't help but interject their personal politics, or mention their favorite candidates/pols for no reason. I always thought it must be just exhausting to be so totally consumed with poitics that you have to try to bring it up in every conversation, no matter how much of a non sequitur it ends up being.

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Organic spideyfluid would be A-OK if he shot it out of his ass! Shooting it out of wrists doesn't make any goddam sense!

Bloonface avatar

If Spiderman shot webs out of his arsehole I might actually go and see one of those dumb films for a change

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

Well... a cat spits out a web ball in the latest Spiderman... does that work?

trash avatar

Much like Brown Widow from Ventrue Bros.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Ventrue Bros. sounds like an awesome Vampire chronicle.


This is the VtM campaign I didn't know I needed.

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

And, I'm just saying, those kinds of discussions are the worst place to run into some idiot that can't help but interject their personal politics, or mention their favorite candidates/pols for no reason.

Oh~ yeah, that sounds annoying af.


I find your lack of respect for the hyphen in Spider-Man disturbing

@Dick_Justice@lemmy.world avatar

Oh no, I broke rule number one!!! Damn you to hell, autocorrect!!

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Spiderman is Tatsuya Yamashiro.

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I said this the other day. Post on Reddit about English something. First comments were about american culture. Had to scroll until I found opinions from the UK.

Everything becomes murica. It's infuriating. I get reddit is basically America and it's a large population but so is India or China or Africa. Doesn't just need to be America all the time.

Bloonface avatar

That's not just a Reddit thing, it's an Internet thing.

Americans absolutely dominate the English-speaking Internet.

But then the population of the US is greater than the population of Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada combined, twice over.

@hydra@lemmy.world avatar

They were also the origin of the Internet. It is frustrating for me as a Latin American discuss about tech and being told by Americans to just buy cheap refurbished tech from eBay, Microcenter or something. The access to markets isn't remotely the same.


Murka murka murka, murka?

RyanHakurei avatar

Funny thing on Reddit there quite literally was an astroturfing campaign paid for by CTR/Shareblue. That's why r/politics turned into the toxic cesspit it remains today.


Pretty much all of the ironic "oh we're just pretending to be bad people lololol" ironic circlejerk subreddits. Best case scenario, they eventually attract people that don't recognize it's ironic, worst case the mask just falls off. PCM is probably the worst of the bunch. Writing fake tweets to mischaracterize political opinions you don't like is just such a bizarre hobby.

00 avatar

PCM in parts just became "women bad" for younger people lol


Please excuse my ignorance, what's PCM?

00 avatar

No worries! It stands for PoliticalCompassMemes. The political compass is a simple (but wrong, if we deep dive into it) model of representing political positions in the current political sphere in mostly US/western politics. People started a meme subreddit about it and it quickly turned rather right wing with memes that devolved to "Ugly woman is left-wing and bad, Chad man is right-wing and good" lol

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

Unless I'm thinking of a different sub, I never noticed that about it. Granted, I've only seen a handful of posts on the front page and browsed it a few times recently.


Thanks for the clarification!

RyanHakurei avatar

Political Compass Memes and he's bsing lol. Ironic people bash the hardest on one of the few non-toxic subs where you could at least have a little fun.


Yep have to agree PCM can be pretty funny and most of the people there understand that many of the worst takes and straw mans are jokes


Also, "ironic" use of fascist and Nazi tropes, like naming a subreddit "r/pcmasterrace". Yeeeeaaaaah, no.

SpaceCadet2000 avatar

For me all the dank* and *circlejerk subreddits.


Counterpoint: I'm a fan of highly specialized memes, and they worked well to drag the shitty content away from the main subreddits. tf2circlejerk kept me invested in my lost love for the game.

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

r/PublicFreakout's constant unrestrained 'isms, especially towards trans, women, and African descended. I only was subbed for the occassional interesting post and to call out the bs for those who couldn't see it.

r/JustUnsubbed's (iirc) noticeable political shift towards (i'mma say it; cover your eyes, children!) the Right after the recent situation with the game that shall not be named and she who shall not be named. Also, see above.

People shitting on and lying about subs specifically made for marginalized groups. e.g.: When r/BlackPeopleTwitter was blessed by Black Jesus with his "Country Club Thread" flair, people elsewhere started calling them racist and supported their claims by over exaggerating the filtration system as "only Blacks allowed" when there was a whole-ass stickied post explaining that people just needed to claim to be Black, BIPOC, or an Ally and prove it by whatever means the mods dictated. My Afro-ass asked if I could just get the Ally userflair and was told (privately and kindly) that, and I'm going off memory here, "Just like we don't allow Blackface we don't allow Whiteface." 🤷🏿‍♂️

Could probably go on, but I'm busy. ✌🏿


I didn't like the filter. I shouldn't have to submit a photo of my arm to "prove" I am mixed with black, my skin tone also isn't dark so I might as well be lying. I never participated because of the filter, it brings up painful memories surrounding my heritage and skin tone and childhood. I think it's an odd choice to prevent most of reddit from commenting and preserve a safe place. I get that it cut down on racists, still don't feel comfortable about it. I don't know what other tests they put people through, the photo test was the one talked about a lot.

There is an ally flair I remember seeing but I don't want it. I don't want a label because if I say I'm mostly Latino, I've had people tell me that makes me white and not a POC and will never know what racism is and I get basically shut out. But also I've had people, even family members, be racist to me about being mixed with black. I guess I don't belong in the conversation.

I've also had run ins with some of the black power mods, yellow rose, and she expressed not wanting me to participate at all because I believe while white people can't be systematically oppressed the same way in America, you can still be racist to them. She runs the main sub about racism on reddit, they only talk about white supremacy because that's the only type of racism in their minds. It makes me just not want to talk about my experiences because they aren't valid. I will never be black enough or white enough or Latino enough.

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

Shit, never thought about how the skin test could affect a mixed person. 🤔 Thanks for the comment.
I assumed the Ally tests were more thorough and harder to trick, but never looked into it.

Yeah~ I don't doubt anything you're saying. I'm visibly a brotha and "dark-skinned" (actually medium brown back home, but whatevs), so I was spared that shit. Definitely got some other shit, but 'eh. 😅

I will never be black enough or white enough or Latino enough.

Reminding me of (iirc) a Hispanic-American dude who explained a similar situation due to skin tone. As I recall it, he was "too light for the Black kids and too dark for the White kids," so he had nowhere to go growing up. Nobody wanted him at their table. 😐
Also, dat's fucked. Since we can't spoiler tag text, I'mma just speak my unsolicited opinion on it: You're racially all three and culturally which ever ones you identify with. How society treats you is a different matter.

You'd probably benefit from F.D Signifier's "I need a break so here's me reacting to Tik Toks" (timestamped) video and its many~ comments. Nebula version.
Also, here's his Black Men and Colorism on Screen video. Nebula version. Haven't watched it yet myself, but chances are it'll be... relevant atleast.


Thank you for being so understanding, I definitely relate the the guy you are talking about. It's embarrassing to admit for me, I was much darker as a kid (if you saw me at this time you would believe I'm a POC) because I went in the sun a lot and didn't cover up or use sunscreen but I lost what was a tan the whole time when I started avoiding going outside altogether. I will check out the links you sent :)

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

So~ having recently seen The Blackening (2023), I'm just gonna say that that movie will probably bring up bad memories, make you uncomfortable, and valid you at the same time. Happy Juneteenth.


Kinda the same reason I never participated there. I'm half white but before I had an obviously black hairstyle, I got "what are you?" a lot, so any kind of skin test would just be me once again having to prove I'm black enough to have an opinion. Fuck that.


Technically, we're all African descended.

Ni avatar

I think in many ways the repetition of posts and worse replies. I know there was a bit of a hive mind going on, and in some ways it could be funny and a force for good, but I'm enjoying not reading the same set top comments to things!

Kara avatar

I hope to never hear "I also choose this guy's dead wife" unironically again

Ni avatar

Hah, yeah I've got to wonder how many times I read that. Someone else reminded me of the amount of times I'd read red flag on reddit as well. Hopefully we can build a whole new community here, a fresh start!

parrot-party avatar

I don't think I've heard the dead guy version but I have heard the "I choose this guy's wife" already.


Google en passant

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... every single time

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Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!


Even when there’s a specific prompt to send a private thank you message that gets sent to you via PM when you get the message telling you someone gilded you…it’s like nope, gotta make an edit instead!


Edit: wow, 100 upvotes?

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Edit4: my most upvoted comment is about my leg hair


Politics... Any politics. I like news to be informed. But those subreddits became echo chambers and spewed hate one direction or another.

holo_nexus avatar

There was a definite change in the way discourse was had in r/politics, r/news, among others over the years. But I would say that’s just a societal thing as of late.

Unfortunately, I do believe it’ll happen here eventually.

RyanHakurei avatar

There was a definite change in the way discourse was had in r/politics, r/news

There was a huge astroturfing campaign carried out by CTR/ShareBlue during the 2016 US election cycle. Someone even exposed this and was permabanned like 2 days later.


I understand what you're saying. However, echo chambers aside, I found reddit very useful for political discourse. Even for subjects that had a hive mind response, there were often a few comments that presented the other side in a very well thought out way, with details and citations which would give some folks a reason to rethink their knee-jerk response.

In addition, one of the biggest problems in the US is that lack of political engagement by younger folks. So having those news articles and discussions on a popular forum gives them that visibility into the world of governance and allows them to both develop a desire to vote for change as well as having better knowledge of the issues and how different political figures have acted and what they really stand for.

So I welcome that discourse and having political subs.


This is a great point and a great thought. Having political discourses is important and accepting opinions from all angles without getting agitated.

What I saw in the all of the political subreddits were largely conformation to one side of an argument or another without real exchange, and if there ever was a contrary opinion, most of which were hateful themselves, and if they weren't, they were downvoted or banned.

Tin foil hat on for a second, I think this is due to how society is, as was mentioned above, and I think it's also somewhat led by various political groups to get to a hateful conclusion to galvanize supporters on such a big platform.

Politics in general has devolved into one-dimensional hate-slinging and I guess, I miss when Reddit was first starting out and there were more of those conversations, without the anger behind them. If we can't have civil discourse in our communities, and opinions are only presented as wholly-good or wholly evil, is there benefit to having those conversations?

These are tough questions. Like I said, you make excellent points, and maybe the answer isn't cut it all off. But I can't think of a way to foster the type of community you describe in our society without heavy moderation against anger and hate.


You're absolutely right that a good politics sub (I don't think I'll ever get used to the term "magazine", but "sub" is nicely generic) requires good moderation.

But if kbin largely consists of reddit's most active users and moderators - the ones who care about the community as well as principles and values, then I think we have an excellent start.

MeowKittyWow avatar

I hear you, but politics are literally unavoidable. Also, for some of us, especially members of minority groups conservatives have it out for right now, literally just existing openly in a space will sometimes have folks crying politics.


I understand the freedom and acceptance that you're wanting. And I think having those communities to help causes are important. So like was mentioned above, maybe the answer is not cutting it off, but fostering civil discourse to keep the hatred out for one side or another?

I guess the root of the problem is demonizing. For instance, I would caution against what you consider "conservative" and who is really coming after your rights. That mentality again, is supporting the belief that each side is morally monochromatic. If you want to substitute that with the Republican Party, I dont think that's inaccurate. But there are many who hold "conservative" views fiscally or in other areas that have no issue with supporting minority rights and actively champion those causes.

In my opinion, the greatest lie that the powers-that-be have performed this century, is that one side has all the right answers and you have to be on one side of the fence or the other. I dont think either political party are working for the benefit of their constituents and I think we as a people need to come together to find real solutions, instead of being fed our opinions by those political machines and blindly joining their ranks. There aren't 2 sides to any issue, nor are there only 2 options for solutions. There are always more to be considered.

MeowKittyWow avatar

I think replying to every single point you made would be way off topic, so I'm not going to.

What I will respond to is your very first comment. The far right, worldwide (not just republicans) is practically frothing at the mouth about trans people lately. Their rhetoric is borderline genocidal, with open calls to "exterminate transgenderism". No civil discussion can be had when one of the sides is literally out for blood.

There are many issues that you can take many perfectly reasonable differing opinions on, and have a civil discussion over, but this isn't one of them.

BasicWhiteGirl avatar

Not to sound like a prude, but porn.

There's no shortage of it and most places have it in some way.

It'd be awesome to be a classier/more serious version of Reddit.


It'd be awesome to be a classier/more serious version of Reddit.

Those things are not mutually exclusive. You can have higher standards for the serious subs we host as well as having porn related subs as well.

Just subscribe to the ones you want and ignore the others.


This sounds like something the fediverse should be able to solve easily. For people who don't want to be anywhere near porn, you can start a fediverse site and just not aggregate porn, and then like-minded people can go there, and nobody has to be cut off from everybody else just because of differences of opinion about porn.


Wallstreetbets is a cancer that only promotes an aristocrastic world.

pory, (edited )
@pory@lemmy.world avatar

Not a community, but I never want to see those garbage spam bots again. You know the ones: "every word in your post is in alphabetical order" or "you used should of instead of should have" or "our dictionary bot recognizes your post has having 17 syllables so here's a bastard haiku". "hi, enjoying Reddit, I'm dad!" "reply good bot or bad bot to vote on the bot", "are you sure because i'm 98% certain that actual tag to the person's username that gives them a notification isn't a bot", none of that fucking garbage.

I appreciate that my Lemmy settings allow me to not "show bot accounts" but what I really want is the ability to completely block those accounts from responding to (and ideally even reading) my posts.

@dan@upvote.au avatar

What is "CMV"?

CynAq avatar

a subreddit called Change My View.

You post some opinion on something with as much detail as possible as to why you have that opinion and the commenters try to change your view in some way.

The rules are; the OP has to demonstrate they are open to changing their view in some way, the top level comments must be aimed at challenging the OP's view so you can't say you agree with it, and the overall discussion must be civil. The partial or complete view changes have to be certified with a delta, a kind of award unique to that subreddit. The OP or other users are required to reply to the comment which changed their view with a description of how their view changed and the command !delta, which awards a delta to the user who posted the parent comment.


Anything that's full of zero-effort memes, snarky one-liners, or puns that were played out twenty years ago. All of that I am very happy to leave behind on Reddit, hopefully at least.

I instantly block/ignore any of the communities whose only purpose is ragebait and focusing on drama, like /r/AITA, /r/unpopularopinions and their ilk.
Already did that "back there" but I have much less patience for any of that lowest possible common denominator content now.

niktemadur avatar

A constant stream of memes romanticizing and/or normalizing depression, alienation, hopelessness, or any other of those dark states of mind. Often after switching from Home to All, I'd scroll and just keep bumping into these damned things.

It's the volume that I find corrosive and even suspicious, to the point that sometimes I've suspected that the prevalence of these memes may be a deliberate, artificially inflated thing, just one more bot tool in the box for bad-faith actors to nudge as many people as possible to a passive, apathetic, unengaged state of mind.

@Phoeniqz@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Also I think that many creators of those memes didn't/don't understand correctly what depression even means in comparison to sadness.


That is the best way I've seen this written and mirrors how I've felt about Reddit for a while now. Everyone is terminally despondent, and the sheer volume of posts like that seem either intentional or like people are trying to fit in by being as depressed or more so than everyone else.


Furry porn.

@wetszn@beehaw.org avatar

I’d really appreciate not having to see any of the shitposting/edgy humor communities. The majority of the content posted is mostly misogynistic (see women ☕️ “meme”) or dismissive of the LGBTQ+ community. I think there’s already a self titled “shitposting” community on here and from the little I’ve seen of it, it seems ok. Only time will tell if that community becomes rife with the same dumb & edgy content from the subreddit equivalent. Also, no more FDS/Incel or just generally hateful communities.

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